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After 17 years I came a across a box with virtually all the parts to the USS CONSTELLATION wooden model kit I once started and never got around to working on. Now retired, I looked at was done, and must say it was done poorly with no forethought and planning.


I had gotten as far as placing the frames to false hull, the decks atop and catwalks, and about 40% of the distorted planking.


I decided to remove all the planking. In doing so, some of the nails did not all come out, and were clipped off, meaning the remnants of those nails are embedded within some of the frames. I then sanded frames, and see the frames are not all even for re-planking. Have read some, so far on how to best plank, but given the condition of the frames, I don'tknow if re-planking will provide good results, or to just scap what was done and order the parts from Artesania Latino, as I have already ordered and received the new planks.


I prefer the challenge of the former, and therefore ask people in the know, like yourselves, what is best to do in obtaining positive results by replanking to the existing frames?


I have attached three photos of the now 'unplanked' frames I would like to replank.


Look to hear from some one(s) on the matter.


Thanks in advance. Best regards to all. Vince.




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Is this a one or two layers of planking kit?

In any case, re-planking is possible if you take the care to check which planks are under level and which above level. One and the other can be fixed by either sanding down or adding pieces of scrap planks vertically over the frame.

Not sure if this will help.


Best regards.

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Vince it looks as if the bulkheads have not been "faired" so you need to do that before planking.Go to the site below and read over the instructions for planking.  Should help you understand what it needed.  There are other planking tutorials in the Resources" section, jut click on The Nautical Research Guild Home Page at the top of this page.   Keep the photos coming (set up a build log)  then we can always talk you through most problems, some of us have already had them, we all had to learn.





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Tom is right, the moment I saw you bulkheads I thought that you had not faired your frames enough. Fairing the frames gives a smooth run of planks, avoids any lumps, and provides a larger surface for gluing. And yes, start a build log. 

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Agree with above advice but would also suggest you add another 'filler' block on either side of the keel on the bow end. Given the condition of the keel at this point, I think it will make planking a lot easier. Just make sure you add it before commencing fairing in the bulkheads.


The following YouTube clip may also give you some help with the fairing in process.


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