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         Hi to you all,


         i'm currently buiding the Hermione la Fayette-AL and I'm not sure on the start of my planking.

                The planking plans supplied states to start from the bottom of the fenders and up to the deck, weather this is  correct i'm not sure. Also is this the 'wale' and should these planks be 'tapered' ?

                I've been racking my brains over this question for days because I do not wish to crash my planking by a mistake witch may mess up my correct positioning of my gunports.    :(


                     can some body help with this dilemma?

                                                                                   thanks Kier

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For planking help -  at the top  : Home page - Resources - Database.


The Wales were not tapered much if at all.   Their function was not as fenders.  They were a band or bands of thick timbers to support the frames and strengthen the hull.  Their location is key, so they would be the first outside planking to be applied.  Up until about mid 19th century, the Wales stood proud above the regular planking.   Near the end of the wooden ship era, some ships were planked with transition planks - in a cross section view , the outside planking was a smooth curve - keel to caprail - if somewhat fat looking in places.

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