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Example of Frames that are not at the right angle to the keel

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Here's a pic of traditional framing in which the frames (ribs) are not at the right angle to the keel (on the vertical plane).  I was wondering what could be possible cons and pros for this kind of framing. I am interested in different approaches to framing and its history. I'm new to boat design, and maybe a tad anal. Anyway, as an absolute beginner, I've found it interesting. 

Thank you.


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I am not quite as smart as I might seem with my response.

I am just beginning my first scratch build (in a very long time) and learnt the term myself not to long ago!


There are quite a few free Google e-books available (I've snagged a few) that have turned out to be real gems (for me).



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Please tell. I was trying to get freebies pdfs but not very successful.

So long.


BTW I Got me a kit rowing model boat to follow Chapell's advice to start small t. If I succeed I will proceed further.


Thank you,

Secret Sharer Joshua Pascal M. Fitch Slocum the 3rd

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I typed in - Free Google E-Book and the following website popped up   https://www.google.com/cse/home?cx=000661023013169144559:a1-kkiboeco


I typed in a book name I wanted (example: Anatomy of the ship Bellona) and there it was about third from the top listed as free and downloadable

Some books are not PDF but there are You Tube videos explaining how to convert the file to PDF


Some books are not free but they offer viewing of pages... when I stumble on some pages that are useful I take take a screen snapshot and save it for reference.  If the whole book seems really good and no free e-book version is available I will try inter-library loan (books are loaned to individuals from libraries across the nation (not sure if you have this available with you library system).  It may take a few weeks but then I can view the whole book and decide if I it is indeed that good and I should purchase a copy.


Presently the best real purchased books in my library are the 4 volume set of The Fully Framed Model.  My copies are quite new but to look at them today you might think I've had them awhile.



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