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Dana, Danish Fishing Ketch by catopower - Billing Boats


Dana, Danish Fishing Ketch by catopower - Billing Boats
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This very simple Billing Boats kit was a project I took on, specifically to illustrate how you can make a decent looking model from a simple kit, but building mostly straight from the box. It's certainly not my best work, as I followed most of the shortcuts shown in the instructions, plans, and kit photos.


I have to sake it does make a nice diversion if you're an experience modeler and need something simple to work on for a while, or if you're beginner trying to get a taste of ship modeling. Also, I've seen there's been some interest in the build, as there are those making micro RC boats from the kit.


When things open up again, I think I'll probably put this into our model club display case on board the Eureka at Hyde Street Pier.


Nice to see another Dana build 😉

I had a similar goal with my build in that it was the first ever kit that I got at 10 yrs old. I scrapped it in my teens when changing rooms. So to get going again much, much later I bought the very same kit and built it once more.

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A really nice and sharp looking model.  Know what you mean about simplicity.  Sometimes I get tired of shaping every piece of wood....and knock together a plastic kit.


You’ve shown a simple kit can lead to a good result.



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