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  1. Well, great that you are able to help out. What a recource for your son. We will wait here til you come back 😉
  2. Coming together nicely there Henke! Precise work on those bits and pieces 🙂 Sorry to read about your personal burden. Hope you and yours can find strength together! Keep it up!
  3. Great progress GL! The word tabernacle comes to mind for the "mast erection" part. I don't know if that is correct or not. Cheers!
  4. What everyone else said! Excellent build and well performed!
  5. Nice progress Jim! The planking does look very good.
  6. Vaddoc, seems like you're in for a challenge here 😉 About scarfing, on a lapstrake boat of any size I'd assume every strake is always two pieces. It would be really hard to get a watertight fit in stem and stern at the same time with one full length strake. And since the strakes are in two (or more) pieces the scarfs are always staggered. Probably a couple of feet apart. (maybe that was not the question though). Trust your eyes and not so much the mathematics in the laying out.
  7. The answer would be - it depends 😉 Ships configuration changes over time. First as built, then the first owner adds something. Later maybe a change of career and other alterations are done. Then a ship can go from working boat to leisure craft and yet more alterations are done. If you could set a date on the pictures you've found I guess you will see that they depicts the ship at different stages of its service life. Finally, just make a decision and go with that. In this case you are the master shipwright and have all the power to decide 😉 Keep it up!
  8. David, you're doing a fine job with the rigging. The ratlines looks absolutely smashing, nice and even all the way. Well done!
  9. I hear you wefalck. 🙂 Instead of 1:30 I could go with 1:60 or the more common 1:64 or why not 1:96? However, I'm not really into these miniature jobs (yet). With greater skill down the line - maybe.
  10. Okey, I see. Well, as you've noticed I work in 2D. It works for me and I'm reluctant to invest in the time needed to learn all the features of 3D.
  11. Indeed Mark. My guess is that the boat has "some" degree of weather helm and the way the mizzen is sheeted counteracts that. A section of the book is about the sea trials, I will look into that and see if there are any remarks about balance.
  12. Welcome Vaddoc. As for printing there are a couple of alternatives. One is to use the local printing shop and another is any of the online services available. Cost and ease of use will be the decisive points. The loose plan is to gather as much as possible on an as large sheets as possible and then cut it up myself. If sheet size is a limitation I'll just have to split items so they fit.
  13. Hi guys! No progress to report. Quite the contrary. The software I use crashes on me regularly, which makes progress painfully slow and no fun at all. It probably has to do with an old and slow PC with too little memory. I probably also need to update the software (TurboCAD De luxe). Both actions require funds, which are a bit scarce at the moment. This will probably be sorted come July. "Sorry for the inconvenience" 😕 Or as another well known character says: "Ayll be back!"
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