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  1. Those are some crazy (in a good sense) detailed yards you've lined up there. Always impressive work Ed, always.
  2. Sweden is a great place to live in 😉 But then I might be a little biased of course 😄
  3. Mark, about the bleeding issue... I've read, not tried, that after the masking tape is applied one can apply a layer of varnish over the edge of the tape. If the varnish bleeds it will be close to invisible and it will also seal any opportunity for the black to bleed. The varnish needs to be matte or satin (i.e. non glossy) so that it blends with the natural finish of underlying wood, but that I think, comes without saying. Still a lovely model you're building.
  4. Thanks Siggi. Actually, I didn't expect that. Alder, I associate with clogs or matches, now I know better.
  5. Siggi, your planking looks great. What sort of wood are you using for the planking?
  6. Dave, that is exactly what he does. Go to seawatchbooks.com and you will find three volumes from EdT. (maybe you knew this already, and then, maybe you didn't.) Excellent books by the way. I have one of them on my shelf (Naiad vol I).
  7. I'm with druxey on this one... it is just crazy many lines and blocks... pristine work Ed.
  8. Nice chisels also. I'm sure they are a joy to use. Knee surgery you say. Been climbing too many towers, maybe? Let's hope for a swift recovery whence its done. And on the subject of learning... with all issues you learn a lot. As a colleague said at work, "if it was easy, they wouldn't pay us.." Take a break when stuck and as you do, ask the intelligentsia out here for advice. Keep it up, mate!
  9. Mario? You're back! Cant give any technical advice here just cheer you on. 😁 Boy, my chair was dusty... where's the popcorn btw?
  10. That's quite a view you've got from your shop windows there, Mark. Lovely model also ;-)
  11. Vaddoc, you are quite right. I did try both with battens and lines, but the hull is so small and it all was too fiddly at the time. Maybe I give it another go later. Will see.
  12. So, there he was, peacefully cutting pieces for a new mould. Everything was in order and the "flow" was with him. Sanding bulkheads, cutting slots and all. Dry fitted every bulkhead on the backbone to see it was a reasonably tight fit. When all slots were cut (nice fit all over) and a closer inspection was carried out it dawn on the builder that, somehow, someone, had cut slots in the backbone to the wrong side of the station line. Leaving no option to sand a bevel on any bulkhead, bar no 5, which is the deadflat one. Well, it was time for coffee anyway... Returning
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