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  1. Nice frames. But a bit odd with shrouds inside of the bulwarks. One would think that they'd interfere with the cargo that way. Would be interesting to know why.
  2. KeithAug, that sounds, well, harsh. I will from now on consider 15 degrees completely okay and will not complain more 😉
  3. A couple of days above freezing, add some heavy rain and I think you can figure it out @Nirvana 😉 Now it's back below zero again... too bad with the snow.
  4. Good progress Bolin! One thought crossed my mind and that is about the bulwarks. I guess they will come on later and be carvel planked? One reason I only manage one or maybe two frame pieces a day is patience as well 😉 Keep it up!
  5. Yep, still here, plodding along. Just one fram pair to go. I haven't counted, by my guess is that every frame piece goes in and out of the hull up to 50 times. So each pair of frames, that's 100 times. Multiply by nine, that's.. hm... 900 passes in and out. For some reason I don't think a real shipwright needs that many jumps in and out of the hull. This is the 2nd pair being test fitted. Just one pair to go, the front most one. And here are the other, waiting for final fit and glue. And no, I haven't used the draw knife to bevel the frames! It belongs to ano
  6. Excellent posts Mike! By a quick www search I found a store in NL that currently has the 0,75 l can for just 35€. That is ordinary paint price to me 🙂 What tool did you use to apply? Brush or sponge? Airbrush? That would be fancy...
  7. Nice to see another Dana build 😉 I had a similar goal with my build in that it was the first ever kit that I got at 10 yrs old. I scrapped it in my teens when changing rooms. So to get going again much, much later I bought the very same kit and built it once more.
  8. Yay, it's not finished yet 😉 More delightful work. A side note, what brand is your mini table saw I see in the background?
  9. Very well sir, thank you, now I see them. 🙂 note to self: add to wishlist - mini table saw. probably European brand since shipping from the states is horrendously expensive. In a world of changes it is soothing that your Montague is always there, plodding along with small updates now and then. Keep it up and carry on!
  10. @garyshipwright, another tooling question if I may. Going through the pictures above there are a lot of goodies, but I don't see any mini table saw. A full size, yes, but no mini. So what do you use to mill planks I wonder? Having big tools myself I ponder over future additions (addictions?). 😉 Thanks.
  11. Yes, it's a tedious job to get a good fit towards the planking. Ask me how I know 😆
  12. Copy that @neilm My thought was that it is easier to do the paint job when there is easy access, like having the deck house freed from the hull, and then glue it in place when painted.
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