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Roar Ege - Billing Boats


Roar Ege - Billing Boats
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My old Roar Ege model from Billing Boats. Well.. It is nothing special, I really don't like the fact that it is made out of plywood.

Don't think it was very common among the Vikings😆 Anyway, I remember I had fun building it!


Kronvold, you did an awesome job on this classic Billing Boats kit. 


On the plywood parts, it's really not noticeable unless you look deep down inside. Most people wouldn't notice, and frankly, it seems a small issue to me when I look at how nicely this build turned out.


I know it's well done when it makes me want to try building the kit too! 🙂  And, it does.



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Hello!  Beautiful work on this build.  Do you happen to have the rigging instruction sheet?  My father built this several years ago and unfortunately, much of the rigging was damaged or fell off during a move.  I can figure some of it out from your photos, but the original instructions would be very helpful.  Thanks and again, great work!

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