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  1. That is a bark. Although it doesn't follow the rules exactly it still fits the definition. I.e. a three or more masted vessel with square sails on all masts but the mizzen.
  2. They are all called gaffs with a modifier such as fore sail gaff, fore topsail gaff etc. There is also a standing gaff that is always set. The fore sail gaff is usually a standing gaff.
  3. Best to use a brass brush and carefully remove as much rust as you can. Then use very fine emery cloth and light oil to get the rest. Naval jelly might be a but to harsh.
  4. Midwest's apprentice series might be a good place to start. Midwest no longer makes boat models but they can be found on eBay at reasonable prices. Level one might be to simple for you but level's 2 and 3 are very good. Model Shipways makes several kits that make good first builds. The skipjack Willie C. Bennett is a bit complicated but is a good one. Look through the build logs here and get a feel for what it takes to build one that you like.
  5. Dumas makes a 1/24 scale shrimp boat model. It is intended for RC but may be what you are looking for. Here is a link to their site. http://www.dumasproducts.com/product_info.php?products_id=1209 They also have slightly smaller one that is also cheaper. http://www.dumasproducts.com/product_info.php?cPath=136_49&products_id=241
  6. great looking kit and the price is reasonable. Do they ship to the US?
  7. Easy way is to google Master Korabel and hit the translate button on the google citation for there website.
  8. If you are interested in a Skipjack model look at the Model Shipways "Willie Bennett". Best Skipjack model available and a great first build.
  9. Hi Yes I paint the end grain of all my green wood. The strawberry guava just doesn't do well when it is drying. I have been looking for a tree that died standing hoping that drying out like that will make the wood more usable.
  10. Hi I have some quava drying now. What type of quava are you using. Here in Hawaii we have several varieties of quava some with very different qualities. What I have now is white quava which looks to be very good. There is also yellow, red and strawberry quava. The last is really hard to season. Seems no matter what I try it splits badly.
  11. Great looking rope. I hope you do decide to produce it as it looks so good.
  12. Another good site for finding books is bookfinder.com . I have found some very good deals on rare/out of print books there.
  13. How fast are you running the wood through the saw? If you are moving to fast it can result in poor results. Try moving the piece forward at a slow pace, experiment until you find the speed that works best. A dull blade could also be the culprit.
  14. Another thing you can do to make the Dremel drill stand better is to fill the column with something to stiffen it. A wood dowel of the right size or poring in epoxy thickened with sawdust will do the trick.
  15. I find the Dremel drill press stand adequate for 90% of the drilling I need. Bolting it down to a solid surface helps. For the more precise work a small bench top drill press is the way to go.

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