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  1. Might want to take a look at "The Search for Speed Under Sail" by Howard I. Chapelle.
  2. Has anyone received a kit from CAF models? If so please post a review and/or build log. Thanks
  3. The Billings Blue Nose II 1:100 kit is actually a good kit for beginners. The instructions are getting better but still need some work. However there is plenty of help here on MSW so if it was up to me I would say go for it.
  4. CAF is a great addition to the model kit world. Are any of the other Chinese manufactures working to get legit?
  5. Not necessarily lost. I was involved in a couple of dredging projects where historically significant fines were made. Nothing that made the news but significant to the archeologists. The projects were critical so they couldn't be stopped but what was done was a delay of the project to allow the archeology crew to thoroughly document the fine and recover any artifacts that required preservation. The results allowed the find to be studied and information preserved without stopping the project. Don't know if that is the case here but it should be and I assume the archeologists involved are pushing for at least that much.
  6. Encouraging news. https://drive.google.com/file/d/186Bel9RqfsmEx55FDum4xY_IlWSHnGbj/view
  7. The suggestion of going with a Midwest kit is a good one. The Skiff is a level 1 model that goes together easily and looks good when done. A little more complicated is the Dingy. The Crabbing Skiff would also be a good one to start with. Makes a very handsome model that is fairly simple to build. Although Midwest no longer makes the kits they show up on eBay regularly at reasonable prices.
  8. Just my 2 cents but I think the Wen is the better value and for what you would have paid for the Proxxon you can get the Wen 10" which is a quantum leap forward in performance over both the Wen 3939 and Skill 3386.
  9. There are two WEN 9" saws. The better one is the WEN 3939T 2.8-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw with the ball bearing guides. The 10" is more powerful and has a larger throat but costs about $100 more. As far as cutting thick, hard wood both will do the job but care has to be taken in feeding the wood to the blade. I think the Proxxon is way over priced for what you get and no more capable than the cheaper and larger band saws available.
  10. Don't know if it is available to you but I find the WEN 2 speed 9" bandsaw very useful. Amazon sells them in the US for under US $300 including shipping. It isn't going to be as powerful as a 12" or 14" bandsaw but is completely adequate for resawing 1" hardwood stock.
  11. Boxes get discarded, plans get kept if they are usable again, left over wood goes into the scrap box for future projects.
  12. An alternative to MDF is hardboard. Hardboard is produced using a different method from MDF or HDF and the result is a hard, dense material. Most hardboard found in big box stores has one smooth side and one textured side but it can be found with two smooth sides. Often used as a substrate for painting it is very stable. The down side is that it is very difficult to find in any thickness other than 1/8" but it can be laminated. Just as with any manufactured material there are different grades. The best grades can be found in art supply stores. If anyone has used it for modeling it would be good to hear what your results were.
  13. Looks like it is the same saw sold by many outlets including Home Depot, Lowes, Dremel and Harbor Freight and many others. Minor difference between labels but all the same basic saw.
  14. There is a formula on line for an acrylic thinner for airbrushing that is basically 50% water and 50% rubbing alcohol with a small amount of retarder and flow enhancer added. It is reported to be identical in use to Tamiya airbrush thinner. Not sure if Tamiya actually uses this formula. However I have read in a couple of books about airbrushing that alcohol is a very good solvent to use with acrylic paints. Also there is this is something to consider to prevent fadeing of your paint. https://www.amazon.com/Krylon-K01305-Coatings-11-Ounce-UV-Resistant/dp/B00397STRW?th=1
  15. Question about CAF kits. I see a lot of CAF kits on eBay that are not shown on their website. Are these kits legit or are they on the banned list?

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