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  1. There are a few copies on clearance at Amazon UK for about $5US. Update. Looks like Amazon UK has sold out of the clearance priced books. They only had 4 available when I ordered mine.
  2. A good rotary tool, a disc sander and a jig saw. Many great models are built with nothing but hand tools and many a failure has been produced with lots of power tools. Go slow and buy what you need when you need it.
  3. Depends on how large a boat you are talking about. Several manufactures including Model Shipways, Master Korabel and I think Dusek make PoF models of open boats.
  4. You could build a strong back or carve a plug to build the hull over. These are pretty common practices in building small boat models.
  5. I believe that is the older version. Later ones have an arrangement to tighten the fence on the table that uses a lever for the rear but the adjustment knob is on the front so it is much simpler to get right. there was also a version that used a rack and pinon along the front of the saw to give fine adjustment of the position.
  6. Interesting thing about this is that Seeley introduced the first fence that was clamped from both ends. For it's time it was a major improvement. My apologies to Ron for getting off the subject of the Dremel saw.
  7. Another table saw option if you are willing to do some searching is the old Sears 8" 103.21040 series sold under the Craftsman, King and Seeley names. I believe they were manufactured by Seeley. They were produced in the 50's and are all cast iron and machined steel, belt driven and come with full size motors. I picked mine up off of Craigslist for $50. They show up on Ebay from time to time and parts seem to be available. Bigger than a Dremel but small enough that they can be used in a small shop. Only down side is the arbor diameter is only 1/2". So far I have not had a problem finding blades that fit but it is harder than finding saws with 3/4" holes.
  8. Except that the paint is black instead of yellow it appears to be identical to the Chinese x-y tables sold on eBay and outlets like Amazon. Price for the small ones on Amazon are $32 Prime. https://www.amazon.com/MultifunctionWorktable-Milling-Compound-Drilling-Adjustment/dp/B07DK8JJ16/ref=pd_cp_469_4?pd_rd_w=g36Ng&pf_rd_p=ef4dc990-a9ca-4945-ae0b-f8d549198ed6&pf_rd_r=J89P9P92WCRXFDN566QA&pd_rd_r=3e64a588-801f-4460-b1e8-706bb346b604&pd_rd_wg=ECCJu&pd_rd_i=B07DK8JJ16&psc=1&refRID=J89P9P92WCRXFDN566QA
  9. Is that the Amati kit? If so there instructions leave something to be desired in my opinion. You might want to consider a first build from one of the manufactures that provide really good instructions like Modelshipways. There are other companies that provide usable instructions.
  10. All of the small belt/disk sander models are much the same. Provided with good quality belts and disks they all will do the job. For a really small sander take a look at these; https://www.ebay.com/itm/Micro-Mini-Electric-Belt-Sander-DIY-Polishing-Grinding-Machine-Fixed-Angle-D8X0/192920703022?hash=item2ceaf8502e:g:JsAAAOSwY2Rc2wZwhttps://www.ebay.com/itm/Micro-Mini-Electric-Belt-Sander-DIY-Polishing-Grinding-Machine-Fixed-Angle-D8X0/192920703022?hash=item2ceaf8502e:g:JsAAAOSwY2Rc2wZw
  11. Before you pluck your money down check out Don's Airbrush Tips https://sites.google.com/site/donsairbrushtips/
  12. Here is a book on the subject aimed at model builders. Might be a good place to start. https://www.amazon.com/Photo-Etching-Workshop-Practice/dp/1854862375/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=photo+etching&qid=1559513506&s=books&sr=1-2
  13. https://www.instructables.com/id/Stop-using-Ferric-Chloride-etchant!--A-better-etc/ https://makezine.com/2017/08/08/photo-etching-and-soldering-your-own-brass-model-parts/ Here are a couple of websites that will get you started in the right direction.
  14. If it is a knock off it might be from the Bluejacket/Laughing Whale model of the Spray. http://www.bluejacketinc.com/kits/spray.htm

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