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  1. Well done: the apse with its circular roof is well done! 😉
  2. Those Preiser action figures are nice. You must have spent a long time painting them... I'm not sure if I'm going to put them in the village: I'll decide when the construction is finished. But I had also spotted the "Mittelaltermarkt" pack to paint.
  3. No, right now, I'm brushing the stones, and I wash them with water with a brush. And as I age the buildings after the wooden pieces are laid, I can't put anything in until everything is done, including the vegetation. PS: I've taken a few days of vacation, the village will be on break for 2 weeks.
  4. Thanks Emmet! I've been on board for a while now... and you can see this finished model by going back a bit to the previous page. 😉
  5. I think it's going to be really hard to continue with the original stones... 😁
  6. These are very thin transparent protective sheets for pharmaceutical patches ! 😁 It so happens that the relief cross of these sheets perfectly matches the cross-mounting of the glasses of the time on the windows ! But you can find a slightly tinted rhodoïd paper on packages of all kinds of products when you do your shopping ! 😉 @Kurt Johnson In fact, it's exactly the same thing in French! If a religious person speaks of the "Maison du Seigneur", then everyone will understand that it is the church... But if we say the "logis du seigneur" , then there's no doubt about the most luxurious house of the local owner... (And don't apologize all the time for the second degree in your posts, I can very well tell the difference between a serious person and a note of humour...! Even in English). 😂
  7. 🤣 Oh, that's a good question for a french guy like me ! How does a British and an American/Canadian translate the house of the local lord in this type of village? Is there a difference in words?
  8. Thank you Shipman! Why a 1940s movie set? It doesn't seem credible to you for really being part of 18th century Royal Navy History? 😃 (Of course, apart from the white flags of the French Royal, which are a friendly joke to all catches of war between our 2 countries throughout history...) 😂
  9. Just a little remark about moving threads by historical periods: I know it must have been a huge job to sort it all out, and that's why I've been waiting quietly while I let you breathe a little... 🤪 But this HMS Victory is the one before the other... And her life is from 1737 to 1744 (date of sinking), and not in the period of the sub forum 1751-1800... ☺️
  10. The idea to make this lord's house is simpler than a complete creation: I use pieces of real and still existing houses, and I make a Photoshop montage of them to try to have the right proportions... The point is simply to be as close as possible to what existed to build correctly. But I have to use the constraints of my stones and the cardboard base, even if I transform a little to make the whole thing look good... And like you, I love architecture, whatever the period! As long as it's creative and adapted to life. 😉
  11. Of course not. These are pictures of town houses, villages in France and England. But I only put a few pictures: I have dozens of them from all over Western Europe! ☺️
  12. I take inspiration from everywhere, including my own imagination, but yes, I do have some images... ☺️
  13. Looks like you're falling into a big addictive trap! 🤪😁

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