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  1. At the moment, it's a painting and decoration workshop in view of the next big terraforming works...
  2. I look at each of your new posts with a lot of attention: you build fast and well! But I have to admit that I have no idea what your final project will look like... I have no idea where you want to go! 🤣 I'm very curious about what's next! 😉
  3. Well, I think the first third of the village is done. It will remain the sides of the pedestal to be painted in matte black. A burst of photos to celebrate that ! 😜
  4. Good job ! But you're going to keep going, right? You really have to !
  5. Come on, some pictures of the back of the cloister under construction...
  6. I warn you right away, considering the time I spend doing this dio inch by inch, you're going to get a lot of gusting pictures ! 😁 And to continue, here are some views of the inside of the cloister rather finished ...
  7. The beginning of the diorama... Very long hours to be expected! 😁
  8. It's absolutely certain : once the construction starts, you'll know how to do better and better ! 😉
  9. For the farm, you can also get inspiration directly from the manufacturers of the following kits: https://sierrawestscalemodels.com/ho-scale.html It gives a lot of ideas about materials and weathering. 😁
  10. I'm transforming 3D objects into real things from the Middle Ages. It's long but it's progressing. 😉
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