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  1. Hello. Is this kit already available in France for sale with sewn sails and pearwood hull with imitation treenails?
  2. And here are the final photos of this little boat. A really nice kit to build!
  3. It is a Swedish type gunboat of 1801 The Master Korabel Kit is 1:72 scale. I'm not going to show you the presentation of the kit out of the box, there are on this forum several topics which already show all this in details ... As I have already completed this build, I simply show you some steps of the construction or the personal choices on the painting or the presentation medium. And of course, most importantly, the final pictures of the completed model! 😃 I chose to do a weathered model. A boat a little old, used on his paintings and the hull, moored to a quay also a little old and wooden as at the time ... 😉
  4. Wow, thanks for that great comment! 😉 I did my best to give maximum realism to this vessel, and with the small workshop that I have ... respecting the buildings of the 18th century. Of course you can take any ideas you want: this is the concept of the forum! 😃
  5. Some pictures a little more worked: Victory 1737 by Ekis_G, sur Flickr A frigate like La Flore shows the monstrous dimension of the admiral ships of the time like the Victory ... (same scale at 1:84)
  6. Well, as I get dangerously close to the end of this personnal Victory, I post a lot of photos !! More photos of the set will come later. But for that, must I go into studio photos with lighting, clean background, etc ... For the moment, it is-almost-end of construction (I still have a lot of windings of rope to put everywhere). I pierced the underside of the support, inserted 2 internal threaded rods to have the possibility of fixing from below with 2 nuts if necessary ...
  7. I have advanced quite a bit on the rigging ... There are still some ropes to tie on the right, on the left, the mizzen yard to put on, but this complicated rigging already has a good face! 🆒
  8. Hi, I'm Ekis, 53, from France (more exactly a few kilometers from Versailles). I work in advertising. I read this forum for many weeks now, and I often find very good information about our hobby. I decided today to take the plunge and join you as a member. Excuse me in advance for my English: I read it much better than I write it! I am a fan of wood kits, especially the sailing navy 18th, but also other things if the kit is original. My current project is HMS Victory. Not that of Nelson, but the previous ship designed in 1737, wrecked in 1744. I start from an existing kit of the Victory 1803 (AL) version, and I adapt so that it looks like the one of 1737. I respect all the rules of hulls and rigs of the 18th, but I wish a boat according to my desires also for colors and some amenities. The thread is here: HMS Victory 1737 by ekis Thank you for your welcome ! 😉
  9. Few new things to show: rigging this type of ship is long and repetitive. I do not have much time right now to move on, but it's progressing slowly ... So just a few close-ups for details. Few comments, the photos speak for themselves: the Victory has hair growing! More than a hundred shrouds to put in place ... it's a bit of a job. The props of the low masts are in place, the rear davits port and starboard too (but removable, it is simply to be certain of the passage of the stays). The next shipyard is already waiting for me: high masts, yards and sails ... But the masts of hune and parrot have already received their pulleys and various other stays while waiting to be in place. Still tight shots. Things are moving forward, but nothing spectacular ... The skiff in front of the castle, the nets were filled with more than 300 hammocks, the shrouds received their platforms. And many little things that take time but do not jump in the eyes... It is ultimately that all these details change a model, I think. After finishing the shrouds, I start the ratlines! I have for a long time ... I also added the ladders (we do not see it very often on the models, but it was necessary to be able to climb somewhere ...) All ropes used are tinted: either with indian ink for stays and shrouds, or with a mix of bitumen/turpentine for usual maneuvers and stays. It allows to have nuances and not a uniform industrial color ... I like it! Well, I must admit that I add annoying permanently on this boat voluntarily! 😛 I continue in the long and monotonous work of ratlines and preparation of shrouds ...These are just pictures of build. I finished the hoists of the boats, not easy to do ... I planned a system of quick disassembly to dismount them easily as I did not advance the sails of forestay and the passage of all the descending maneuvers masts. Otherwise, my big fingers do not pass! The Victory will have to go down to the basement of the house to continue mounting the upper rigging. Otherwise, it does not pass the door of the attic ... But in the meantime, I can still prepare things. The next step is to prepare all the yards, cut them, paint them, mount the dozens of pulleys and other bits used for routine operations. Besides, I would like a vessel with the sails carved. It is a difficult exercise, rather than stretching a deployed sail. Until I took care of the yards and sails, I had to do the four main anchors ... One of them is equipped with a net: it allowed when it was along the hull to have one or two sailors to do depth surveys without being hindered by the hull. And then, while I was there, a 2nd boat is mounted on an individual support. But this one has an anchor below. This is how they were moved farther away from the ship to anchor in a safer way. The boat will be attached to the boat by the cable of the anchor and a mooring end with a hook. And now, the last big yard with yards and sails! Some views of the job in progress ... It is really a considerable time this type of rigging !! I still have many, many hours to spend on it, but it goes at its own pace. As a reminder, all the sails will be carved, which adds time to spend on each one so that it is presentable and relatively realistic (taking into account that I use the sails of the kit AL which are of a quality say more than medium ...). All the lines of each sail are to rethink from the plans to be able to moor them properly once folded. Speechless Before I started assembling the sails on the yards, it was necessary to cut them correctly: it's done! It remains to fix them, to prepare the ropes for each one ... and to put them on hold until the top of the rigging is in place. But first, there were still and always details to finish ... Set up the spritsail topsail, And all the ropes that pass through the bowsprit racks, Tarred canvas protection of rudder head, rail with nets for the front platform: And finally, for fun, a 18th century buoy (image found in my archives to reproduce it): That's it, and now I'm immersing myself in the rigging of the yards ... It's a big job at the base, work on the octagonal part of the yards, aggravated by my choice to show these sails furrowed ... It is necessary to work the folds, to think the bolting otherwise for that seems realistic. I am obliged to put invisible threads to create gathers, etc ... I focus on each yard to prepare everything before building the top of the rig. Go, pulleys and ... ropes! A few close-ups of the bowsprit, the rigging of the yards, the flag pole at the stern. And then, finally, all yards rigged with high masts: a bunch of wires everywhere !! Finally, again the stern ports finished with their string shutters. Now, I'm tackling the preparation of dozens of wraps on the toggles with all kinds of threads used. Here is the current status of the shipyard: ropes everywhere, the stays in progress (the 3rd floor of the masts is also to be done) ... I put the 1st of the 3 jibsails, the spancer (english?), and the rear flag. The following: the end of the stays and ropes all over with the installation of staysails. Some images of work on the site, with some ropes! Sorry for the background of the garage where I migrated to finish without worrying about the volume of the Victory to pass the doors (my workshop is usually in the attic)...

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