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  1. In fact, I see that you form a 45° angle on each tile in a very regular way on the front side. For the village, I preferred to make the angles more rounded, but more importantly, I sanded each tile on the front side so that they look thinner when they cover the ones below. The thickness seems to me more in harmony with the scale of the buildings. I also used different sizes of tiles for different uses and houses. I also deliberately left some broken or badly cut tiles to show roofs that are not all new. Here, if it helps you, I put some pictures to illustrate all this. Good luck ! It's long and quite tedious to do, like the sails of an 18th century sailboat... 😉
  2. The continuation of the construction of the Nordlandsboat... It is almost finished: only the flags are missing. The shape of this boat is really beautiful, the rigging simple, but really efficient! I'll make some final pictures then.😎
  3. Thank you Popeye! The principle of the tiller is simple: the tiller is on this side most of the time, for a right-handed helmsman, but if a helmsman prefers the other side, then it is enough to change with a simple pin on the rudder. 😁
  4. It starts to look like a sailboat ! The rigging is quite simple, but extremely efficient and smart: nothing is random or too much, all the maneuvers are very accessible, the lowering of the yards and sails, and even of the mast is fast and simple...
  5. Before building the rig (the 2 sails are not there yet, and I'm waiting to receive some stitching wires), I had to work a little on the presentation of this boat. Of course, as usual, I don't like the "thing" that is used as a base in the kit: it's ugly and it "crushes" visually this Norwegian fembøring. It looks like a big barge! So, I made a new base to give it an airy look, to bring out its streamlined lines, without the base being too obvious. So I made it, piece by piece, with 3 simple bays (including the brackets), and painted it in matte black like a part of the hull. It will be off-center along the length of the boat to make the bow stand out even more! 😁
  6. Small photo complement with a few more things like the rudder, the chimney and the carpenter for the scale.
  7. Thanx! 👍 No, the nails are not included in the kit, but I couldn't make a Nordic boat hull without putting the nails on the strakes. So, I went and got all the nails from other boats already made which always (unfortunately!) require to build the planking with nails... For the hull, I used a mahogany colored wood stain (water based), then two coats of hard coat ("fondur" in French, I don't know what it is called in English).
  8. The colors continue to make this Nordland even more complete. The cabin roof "with clinkers" questioned me a bit to know how to do it (the kit, of course, asked for everything flat without relation to the reality of these boats). So I finally proceeded flat to compose the offsets and keep a regularity. Then, I had to glue this "plate", adjust, cut, glue, paint. The bulwark rails are in place, the chainplates, the positions of the oarlocks, the dressing of the blue strake with black bands. The rudder is done, the whole rudder will soon be in place. It's going well!
  9. Thank you for the links and for the answers! 👍 It would be nice to put the contact information for the transportation companies you use here. For poor Bleriot, it's too late, but another time, it might be helpful.
  10. For the moment, you are the only one who had the kindness to answer... But if you know someone closer, don't hesitate to communicate the phone number! ☺️
  11. Thank you very much for your reply, it would be my pleasure to accept your help with this problem. I will send you a PM for contact details.
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