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  1. Thank you Waitoa! 😁 For the moment, before adding -maybe- details to the different parts already built, I'm just doing what I had originally planned... building after building. When everything will be in place, then it will be time to see if I am still motivated enough to add things.
  2. Thanx all: comments are always greatly appreciated! 😁 @Kurt Johnson : no, for the moment, I don't plan to light up this village... I started this project at the beginning to make a model close to an architect's office, rather than a diorama very realistic in every detail. But today, I still don't know very well what finish it will have. It's partly due to the fact that I discovered some kits and modelers who do great things like World In Scale ! So, I'll see in the end...
  3. I advanced on the lord's house and I will show you this at the end of this post. But first, I built the village forge! Go, the continuation of the dwelling with some arrangements of walls, aging, back door, etc... I will attack the roofs.
  4. Egilman said it all! 😁 Just to complete, I wanted to contrast a little bit the colors, the rigidity and the very luxurious side of the lord's house with an all-wooden house and a roof less straight than those next door. Usually, I reinforce the cardboard of the roofs with structural rods. For this one, I didn't put anything on, I even moistened the cardboard roof to deform it before installing the shingles ! Having said that, the workshop on the ground floor is quite sophisticated...
  5. Again the continuation of the work on the house. The staircase is done, but not yet its roof. The small semi-detached house is on the other hand finished with its twisted roof made of wood carvings and its workshop on the ground floor. The main facade is glued to wedge the staircase, not the other facade pieces. I still have some work to do on the back wall: I avoid to dust too much... And finally, just a blank view (not glued) of all the available elements. I think I'm getting as close as possible to what I had planned with the elevation done on photoshop...
  6. Thanx !! To fill the half timberings, it is in fact a very fine filling paste, which I mix with dust from the stones. It's a long enough work to put it in place, level it, then let it dry and scrape off the excess to bring out the woods. Finally, a stroke of stain with a very fine brush, and voilà!
  7. Thanx Ron ! And indeed, this card looks like solar panels... waiting to receive tiles! 😁
  8. Yes, but just the gate of the watchtower and the gate of the current dwelling ... The fortified gate of the village for example is made of arches glued on the whole structure... 😁
  9. This is also exactly how I treated the larger doors with a pointed arch. Mounting the stones on a separate cardboard box on the facade allows the arch to be properly aligned and sanded quietly. Your door with the 2 columns looks great ! 😉
  10. Thanx Kurt 😉 Yes, of course, there will be an ageing of the whole when all is finished. It serves to bring out the reliefs, to give a bit of life and also to bring out the materials used.
  11. Continuation of this dwelling. I spent little time on the construction, but I still made progress on the stone part of the complex. The façades are important for the design, but I haven't forgotten that everything else on the other 3 sides of each building body is also to be built . And then, I made a little evolution of the project by adding a house on the left, next to the dwelling. I also adjusted the roofs (not glued) or recreated certain parts to make the whole thing coherent. The next step was to make all the façades with wood sides, and above al
  12. Nice! I have one just like it too, and it's really not what I prefer... 😁
  13. Your pillars are not necessarily painted pink. Clay soils can have several shades depending on the stone quarries used. You can always say that your cloister was built with stones coming from the whole region, and not from a specific point of extraction. 😁
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