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  1. Hello. I have now decided that I will purchase the Byrnes saw. You mention spares and accessories.. Which ones would you recommend? Thanks
  2. Thank you so much for all the help! Now I just need to think about what to do!!!😃
  3. Hello. I need some advice regarding table saws. I am about to start building Syren's Cutter Cheerful. I have purchased the wood package, and need to cut planks etc. So I need a table saw! Chuck Passaro recommended a saw from Byrnes. However I am not sure if they deliver to Europe? I live in Denmark. I contacted Byrnes a couple of weeks ago but have not heard from them yet. So my questions is... If I cannot get a Byrnes saw, what is the best alternative? I can see Proxxon makes one called FET. Is it any good? and if so which saw blade works best? Chuck recommend a .030
  4. My old Roar Ege model from Billing Boats. Well.. It is nothing special, I really don't like the fact that it is made out of plywood. Don't think it was very common among the Vikings😆 Anyway, I remember I had fun building it!
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