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Boomkin Question

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Hey Group,

I am about to mount the boomkins to the stem of my Confederacy and have been trying to find some information as to how high on the stem they would have been mounted.  I have seen photos showing them mounted anywhere from resting on the beakhead deck to almost the top of the stem itself.  These are spars curve downward so changing the height they at which they are mounted on the stem changes their appearance.  I don't own Lees Masting and Rigging - maybe there is some info there ?  Any info is appreciated.


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Hi Chris,


Here is what Lees writes verbatim "usually the boomkins butted against the beakhead though sometimes they butted or were bolted against knightheads on either side of the bowsprit,this latter method being used mainly after 1800". He does not mention anything as to how high they would have been mounted. Unless some other forum member can give you better info,I guess "its up to you ;)*. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


Dave :dancetl6:

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