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I'm about to start my first build (Caldercraft's 1/64 Ballahoo), and I'm already unsure how to proceed.  Here's the problem:


The walnut keel is 4mm thick, and the inner and outer planking layers are each 1mm.  If I were to sand the false (ply) keel back to let the outer planking sit flush with the keel at the stern, there would be no ply left.  I'm thinking of sanding the plywood down to about 1.5mm, and then sanding each layer of planking.


What do you folks think.  Am I headed in the right direction or am I setting myself up for bigger problems later?

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I suppose you don't want the false keel to be apparent on the finished model, and would like to cover it up with veneer.  I would make a rabbet groove so that the first planking would be flush wiuth the false keel.  I would also sand down the rear part of the false keel so that it would be thinner at the edge, and thinner in its lower part that at its top?  I would finally, as said cover with the second planking.  This is what I did with my Dutch Whaler from the Sergal kit, and it looks good (to me, at least ;)



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You have rhe right idea. I think that plan will work well.



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