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  1. I was probably going to go for the 3000. Its the best in regards to pricing, and offers what I need in a rotary tool. Adam
  2. Thanks for all the advice. Mtaylor, I had a look at that sander by Micromark. It looks great, however because its designed for America, it probably wouldn't be the correct AC rating for us in AU. The thing that worries me about the Dremal, is being overly powerful and taking too much wood of in seconds. I guess it comes down to practice with the tool. Thanks Adam
  3. I'd like that! But it isn't cheap though. Maybe if they do another sale. There are others similar to the Prince. San Felipe was another I had in mind.
  4. I am considering purchasing a Dremal, but wanted to get some thoughts before I do. I have never bought power tools for the ship modelling before, so this will be a whole new game for me. My latest build has quite a lot of sanding intricate areas, so a Dremal might make it easier to produce the results I desire. Any thoughts on Dremal, or other mini rotary tools would be greatly appreciated. Regards Adam
  5. Thanks everyone for the kind remarks! Foxy, she is one of the first in the Prince series. Built in 1670. Mike she measures 890mm in length and 890mm high. I am currently working on the Syren, but keep looking over at my Prince, and wonder if I'll ever be able to top it! Such a lovely ship of that era. Thanks Adam
  6. Thanks for the input guys. Augie I will do the same as you did and face it towards the bowel. I am starting to fair each bulkhead prior to gluing them in the BH former, as per the instructions. I will only taper the ones with indicator lines on them. And leave a little remaining for shaving off once they are glued in place. Firstly is to find some suitable balsa blocks to use as fillers. Regards Adam
  7. @ Charley. Thanks for taking the time to look at my build. There are a lot of Syrens on MSW, so help is easy to find. @ Karl. Welcome back old friend! Thanks for tagging along! I have begun to carve the bearding line. I have to admit I had no idea what it meant to produce a bearding line before. But thanks to the detailed instructions it is well explained why it is needed, coupled with the rabbet strip. So to begin it was a matter of curving the rabbet strip around the bow of the bulkhead former. After soaking the strip in water for about 20 minutes, it became like rubber! Basswood is
  8. Ok so building has finally begun. First the basics; A few photos of the contents of the kit itself. I had a glance over the plans and templates provided by Chuck. The plans are rich in detail! A big compliment to Chuck on the varse detail he has provided in his plans. Due to the nature of myself being so adapted to the Metric system, I had to go through each length of wood and label them with the Imperial measurements. The Imperial system is like a foreign language to me, so it will be the most challenging part of the whole build trying to convert everything to Metric
  9. Hi I've had basically the same profession for about 14 years now. Been working as a Store Person for a variety of wholesale warehouses, logistics and manufacturing. Ranging from team leader roles through to simple warehouse floor employees. I have recently decided to make a big change in my career path. Although I love to work in a warehousing enviroment, I felt I was capable of more. So after some study, I have turned the skills and knowledge from my warehousing experience into a new career path of Trainer/Assessor. I start my new career this week training Job seekers, and people who want
  10. Mare Nostrum fully completed! I decided not to do a build log of this model, as it was a small project to keep me occupied on top of the HMS Prince I was building at the same time.
  11. Welcome to another Syren build log! I couldn't resist the Ebay bargain that I found of this kit on the Model Expo site, so I decided to make it my next project. Here is a sneak preview of how she was packed for shipping to my home city. I have to say that the overall care was impressive in the way the kit was packaged! Considering that it had to come all the way from the US to my home town in Australia, it arrived nicely. I have had a glimpse over the contents, and instruction manual/plans. I am very impressed with the level of detail in the instruction manual! The parts are
  12. Thanks all! Sjors, you will have to pull up a front row seat for the Syren! I'm guessing it will have a big following judging by it's popularity on this site. Richard, I still have a plastic ship that my Dad built when he was 15! It is about 45 years old now! Regards Adam
  13. H.M.S Prince is ready to be launched! I have finished her, after about 18 months over long hours of work. Sorry there isn't many photos, but most of the detailed shots have already been posted in previous posts. Cheers for watching all! Now onto joining the Syren club, and waiting on mine to arrive in the post! Regards Adam
  14. Hi Sjors No rush, I just get into a groove and can't get enough of this hobby! It's so rewarding and fun! I think another few weeks before she is done. Holidays coming up, so that will give me more free time. As for the next project, I'm still unsure. I've narrowed it down to about 3 kits. I want to try another manufacturer to compare. How is Corel or Caldercrafts kits? I'm deciding between Euromodels Cocca Anseatica, Model Shipways Syren and Corels Galleon Vanetta. Cheers Adan
  15. Rigging is well and truly on the way to being complete now. I have altered the rigging on the Prince, compared to the plans. You can see the fore mast sails have been curved with the addition of some blocks and line. The main mast sails are left flat. The plans indicate to leave them with a flat profile. I haven't actually completed rigging up the main mast sails as yet, but just wanted to show the difference between a curved profile, and the flat one. I also went ahead and built up my display base. I altered the original one with my own design. The ki
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