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  1. I stand corrected with my HMS Prince kit. In my kit, there are three different gun sizes, all barrels are beautifully molded and the barrels are clear. All guns seem to be in scale. However, such is not the case in some of my other ships of the line kits. Bill
  2. Are any kit's guns accurate? One big problem I have with all kit guns I have seen is that they are not to scale and they do not accurately show the differences in any particular armament. For example, no ship of the line model kit shows that these ships usually had 32 pounders on the lowest gunde ck, 24 pounders on the next deck, and 9 pounders to 16 pounders on the highest decks. Yet, kit manufacturers supply us with only one size for all decks. In my humble opinion, they all need replacement to be more in scale. Bill
  3. Obvious, I just found this beautiful build! You did a great job; I am most impressed! I saw that you asked a question on Page 2 about attaching yards to the masts but I never read anyone answering. You should look up "parrels", which differ slightly depending on the nation building the ship. Good luck on your next ship! Bill
  4. This has grown into the most impressiveplastic model I have ever seen! I keep coming back over the years, but I have concluded that I could never achieve or duplicate your outstanding model. Bill
  5. Ian, www.HistoricShipModels.com does sell a full set of cloth sails for the Heller Preussen model. Please check them out! Bill
  6. Great job so far! I looked hard but cannot see any split in the forward part of the gun deck. Bill
  7. I love this method! I am building a small POB HMS Victory and am detailing it as I go. Your coppering method might be an answer to several problems I have had coppering her. Thanks! Bill
  8. Avi, I am fascinated by your approach! You are very painstaking in your apparent dedication to accuracy. I will follow this build with great interest! Bill
  9. I have one recommendation for you. There is a website dedicated to paper modeling, www.papermodelers.com. It has individual sections for modeling in every genre, including one specifically for ships and watercraft. Members have really helped me on occasion! And, the work there can be incredible! Bill
  10. Bradley, Thanks but I do know this. I have been searching eBay but am not yet ready to purchase. Bill
  11. Hello! I just found this build. OUTSTANDING WORK, and GREAT SAVE on the false keel! I'm impressed! Anyway, the kit now lists for $399.00 on Model Expo. It is a current listing. Bill
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