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  1. I have one recommendation for you. There is a website dedicated to paper modeling, www.papermodelers.com. It has individual sections for modeling in every genre, including one specifically for ships and watercraft. Members have really helped me on occasion! And, the work there can be incredible! Bill
  2. Bradley, Thanks but I do know this. I have been searching eBay but am not yet ready to purchase. Bill
  3. Hello! I just found this build. OUTSTANDING WORK, and GREAT SAVE on the false keel! I'm impressed! Anyway, the kit now lists for $399.00 on Model Expo. It is a current listing. Bill
  4. Heinz, Your English is much better than my German! And, you are doing an exceptional job with the Victory. Given that I have a goal to purchase this kit, that goal is still far off from reality. Bill
  5. You are never too old to venture into this hobby! I have a good friend over on FSM who is 90 years old and builds some of the most impressive models I have ever seen. It is a real pleasure to see his works, especially his newer models. If you are tempted to build this model, go for it! Bill
  6. Rob, I just found this build. Great work so far given your learning curve! Impressive! What happened to Y.T.? Bill
  7. Excellent model! Did you scratch build her? Bill
  8. Your paint job is spectacular! I have read of techniques like yours but have never seen it in photos. I will follow from hear! Bill
  9. Finally!!! An accurate model of HMS Beagle! The Mamoli kit is simply a carbon copy of the old Revell plastic model, which is a modified HMS Bounty. Occre did a great job in designing this kit. That said . . . You are doing a commendable job on your second ship, but it will need some touching up of the paint on your quarter galleries. I am very impressed with your hull and deck planking! Bill
  10. Far better indeed! I wondered how I would tackle this problem with their Cap Horn/Potosi kit. Now I know. Are these commercially available? Bill
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