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  1. Far better indeed! I wondered how I would tackle this problem with their Cap Horn/Potosi kit. Now I know. Are these commercially available? Bill
  2. As John Tilley used to say, you are truly making a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Well done! Bill
  3. Corporate service to the customer isn't what it used to be. Oh well. Perhaps I could loan you the part for your brother to copy. Let me know. We can keep that idea as a standby. Bill
  4. Ian, I did not see your response until today. Anyway, the part number in the Cap Horn kit is part 75 for the curved railing at the stern. The other two railings for the poop are 73 and 74. I recommend that you contact Heller and ask for the Cap Horn part. It is in production while Preussen is not. Bill
  5. Ian, I will check on that detail issue for you. I also found Heller's website, which is up and running. According to their online catalog, Cap Horn has been reissued but Preussen has not. Given that they are virtually the same kits except for the one mast, that railing should be available to you. I have copied their "Legal Notice for you, including their email address: Legal notice Heller Hobby GmbH Erlenbacher Str. 3 42477 Radevormwald Germany Telefon: +49 2195-92773-0 Fax: +49 2195-92773-29 E-Mail: info@heller.fr Managing Director: Heinz Eng
  6. Chris, Your work is amazing, especially for a beginner! Please don't get discouraged; you are building masterpieces. I can't wait to see the entire collection together, even the Queen Mary . . . Bill
  7. Beautiful work! I am impressed! I especially love what you did with the lower hull plating. Great job so far! I once ordered the Heller 1/150 Cap Horn only to discover that no such ship existed. The kit is heavily based on their Preussen except that she depicts a five masted barque. The Flying P-Line did have a near sister to Preussen that was one of only a very small number of such barques named Potosi, so I have been building her as that ship. Your work is inspiring me to proceed with the conversion! Again, WELL DONE!!! Thanks! Bill
  8. Chris, I am glad to see that you found her! Do you have the entire Airfix series of liners yet? Bill
  9. I have read all three and agree somewhat, However, in the HMS Shannon v. USS Chesapeake battle, both ships were very similarly and evenly matched, except that Shannon and her crew had years of training and experience under Captain Broke, a gunnery expert, while USS Chesapeake was under Captain Lawrence, who had never sailed with or drilled his crew. Many of the crew were also new to the ship. As would be expected, Shannon won that battle in close to 15 minutes.
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