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  1. Good to see that the project is proceeding. I still have a few years left for my ongoing projects, but building the Prince from a high class kit is still my dream.
  2. Wonderful case for your model.
  3. This model shows a rowing boat designed for King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Ludwig was the Bavarian king, who has built Chateau Neuschwanstein, which is very well known all around the world. The original has never been build, but Ivan Trtanj reconstructed this model only from a picture painted by Frank von Seitz. Ivan Trtanj is well known in Europe as *The pope of carvers* and won several medals in model ship building exhibitions.
  4. I bought mine and other stuff of these guys at Ebay in Germany. Should be in available in other countries either.
  5. Especially for Proxxon machines to buy in Germany it is a great advantage to look here: www.idealo.de Simply type Proxxon and the identifikation of the machine (like MP 400 for the profiling mill) in the search box and you will find the best offers available in Germany. But look carefully for international shipment, before you buy. It always depends on the type of machine you are looking for who is the cheapest provider. For example I have bought the profiling machine 400 MP at SatBerlin (http://www.satberlin.de/) and the surface planing machine AH 80 at SMDV (http://www.smdv.d
  6. A update regarding the Amati plans for the Prince would be very much appreciated from my side. I have to plan my builds very carefully until i will retire :D . After retirement I will have lots of time for modelling
  7. I used Cherry for the second planking. I ordered american cherry especially, because it is darker than the european. After oiling the wood has a nice red and brown colour.
  8. Hey Chuck Thanks for your quick response. I have just placed an order and already paid with paypal. It will still take some time until I will be ready for rigging my SotS. I will order then. Which sizes are available?
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