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    St.Andrews, Scotland
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    Building models of mostly ships which i illuminate using LED's and Fiber Optic cables. I have a number of models of ocean liners,sailing ships and Galleons on U-Tube. I have a number of wooden ships waiting to build from Artesania, Billings etc.
  1. Looking forward to seeing how your build goes and maybe some photo's as the build progresses. All the best with your model.
  2. You have made a really nice model John--looks good with the rigging all done. Congratulations on a good job. Now--what is your next build going to be?
  3. Hi John, Pity about the plastic figures.The ones i used on my model were also from China but i can't remember much more about them. As regards the flags, the flags on my kit were indeed paper and i simply cut them out and folded them over and glued them together. The words Robt.E.Lee are as you say are not decals but raised letters which i painted using a Sable hair brush and the shading was done the same way with a very small Sable brush--and a steady hand. It looks as though over the years the kit was altered as regards the flags/decals. Maybe you could try looking on E-Bay for paper flags. Hope this is of help to you.
  4. Good Morning John, Hope you are well as we have not heard news of how your build is coming along. Any developments with progress? Also--have you any new photo's to post?
  5. As i have joined this model site recently here is a bit about myself. I am a retired Electronic and Electrical Engineer. I had to take early retirement due to ill health. I build models of ships in all sizes and in plastic resin or wood. I have a collection of ships to build including the QE2, Queen Mary, Revell AIDA, Artesania Endevour, Artisania model of the Titanic Lifeboat and others too numerous to mention. I usually illuminate them with Led's and Fiber Optic cables. At the moment i am finishing off a build of the Cunard QE2 with approx 400 or so lights controlled from a remote control box and divided up in to 18 circuits so i can have many lights on at a time or simply one light if i wish to. The Queen Mary is one i am building in tandem with the QE2 and will also be illuminated with Led's and Fiber Optic cables. Hope this gives you a bit of an in-site to myself.
  6. Looking very good John and best wishes for a lovely model at the end. I also have a kit of the Artesania Latina Mississippi Paddle Steamer to build down the line in the future.
  7. Hello again John,---if you wish to place "passengers" on your model as i did with my own model of the Robert-E-Lee, the kit itself is in 1/163 scale and the nearest i could find in the way of people is to use model railroad figures which are in the scale of 1/150 which is about as near as you can get. After all people come in all shapes and sizes so for me they are near enough. Here is a link to a page from E-Bay which you can look through--- http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_odkw=z+scale+figures&_from=R40&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR2.TRC1.A0.H0.Xn+scale+figures&_nkw=n+scale+figures&_sacat=0 Hope this is of help to you. Bob.
  8. Hello John, Your model is coming along nicely but as you say this is a model that you have to take your time with. Usually when a kit of a ship is built you construct it from the keel up. Gluing the two hulls together then gradually adding the decks as you go and finishing up with the top decks with funnels etc.When i built my own model of the "Lee" i decided to light it up as i do with all my models.That meant i had to build it in blocks starting from the top down and drilling out the portholes and adding the Fiber Optic cables and LED's as i went. This made the kit more difficult to construct as everything had to be thought out before hand and the fiber optic cable and led's had to be glued in place and the wiring taken down to the hull and hidden. It was worth the effort though to see the model finished with all the lighting in place. You are making a really good job of your kit and it is nice to see it evolve. Keep up the good work and i look forward to seeing the finished model.
  9. I have built this model and filmed it and posted it on to U-Tube. Here is the link to it if anyone would like to watch it-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0lPPBs5ajQ&list=UUA1bRq37mchz6J17CWOSiNA I built it and lit it up with 2 circuits of lights using LED's and Fiber Optic cables. Your model is looking good and i hope maybe you will also film it and put it on U-Tube for us to look at. All the best, Bob.

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