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  1. Hello Bob! I see, Model Expo started selling our new kit MK0103 yawl 68mm 1/72 https://modelexpo-online.com/Master-Korabel_c_164.html You can also buy this kit in the store CraftySailor: https://craftysailor.com/collections/all?page=2 But most importantly, the entire range of our products is presented in this store (block, etc).
  2. Good afternoon, colleagues! I have an interesting question. Could a clinker-built cutter-brig of the late 18th century be sheathed with copper? There is one older model of a 96-foot-long cutter-brig in the marine museum of St. Petersburg with a clinker. Below the waterline is a dark brown color. Does it imitate copper plating or a protective paint?
  3. Wayne WOW!!!! I am very grateful to you, especially for the last link, where the Russian language is in the dictionary
  4. Gentlemen, thank you for responding so quickly to my request! I'm flattered!
  5. Thomas Thanks so much for the tip! Found this dictionary. I will watch it now Eugene
  6. Dear colleagues, Tell me where can I find ship-modeling terms in German (for boat hulls) ? This is necessary for the correct translation of instructions. I would be very grateful for help
  7. in addition to my post Here is the approved coloring of the ship by the Russian emperor Alexander the First in 1824. This is an official document. I think the color of the board from the inside was on the brig Mercury This color looks like
  8. My regards! Brig Mercury (1820) had a specific color, as painted russian ships in the 20-30s of the 19th century We have a real image of the brig Mercury, which was painted by the navigator (sailing master) Prokofiev. He was on board during the battle with the Turkish ships. He is an eyewitness. This drawing is kept in The Central Naval Museum ( St. Petersburg, Russia) I note that under the gun ports was a narrow white stripe. The presence of this narrow strip is confirmed by other archival documents P.S. All other images of the brig are fake. None of the other artists (including Aivazovsky) have seen the brig in reality. Eugene
  9. My respect, colleagues! The translations for our kits were done by the translation company. If you happen to have any suggestions for improving them - you are very welcome. Eugene MASTER KORABEL
  10. Good afternoon, dear colleagues! I want to bring to your attention YouTube videos for assembling one of woodenkit by Master Korabel - Cannon Jolle 1801 1/72 scale art.MK0202 The videos were made by Alexey Vikulaev The video has subtitles and in YouTube you can choose a translation into any language. Pleasant and useful viewing, Eugene Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
  11. Bob, Model Expo didn`t order this kit. Maybe you should make them pre-order. But GK-Modelbau will have the yawl in store. They ordered ten kits of the yawl yesterday. So I advise you to hurry up, if you need this kit now or or from the next batch. Regards, Eugene
  12. Of course! Boxes of kits that we will officially supply to foreign countries will have nameplate in English, as well as instructions in English. Therefore, it is worth buying the only kit from our official partners as in Europe http://www.gk-modellbau-shop.de/epages/61220080.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61220080/Categories/Fremdherstellern/Master_Korabel in USA https://modelexpo-online.com/Master-Korabel_c_164.html My regards, Eugene

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