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  1. Hi, as I promised, here are photos of current state of my La Couronne. Enjoy ! Michal
  2. Alex, you are Alex whom I know from modellismo.net, aren't you ? I had to rebuild my log here, because it was lost due to HDD failure on server, as moderator said. I believe that I will capture some current photos of La couronne during a weekend and update both posts here and on modellismo. Michal
  3. Hi Alex, it is my first son Vojtech (I do not know if there is any English equivalent for this name). He is 4 years old now. I posted his photo on old MSW and I also do it here, so you can imagine where I was with my build a 4 years ago. Since that time, my second son Adam was born. I cannot make girls Michal
  4. Hi Gary, thanks for such kind words, I am very glad. To be honest, the laser cutting technology was not such advantage in my case, as you can see from one image in my posts, some pieces are not in correct size. Moreover, that pre-cutted pieces are from ugly plywood, when you do not paint the ship, you simply cannot use them, because plywood is ugly looked material and there were edges "burned" by laser. I used only parts from kit, which will not be seen, others I had to remake from walnut. To be honest, galleries were also challenge for me ;-) Btw, do you have any photos of your La Cou
  5. Hi Brian, thanks for the first post to my thread and thanks for comments. Regarding gratings - they do not look oversized to me, I made them in the size as per Mantua plans, I did not ever think that they are oversized. However I cannot remake them yet now, they must be as they are. Thanks for compliment, it is my first ship build and I think that it looks OK ;-)
  6. I improved lifeboat by rudder, made anchor and place the boat to holders. And now please vote, what lifeboat looks better in ship ? Plastic or wooden one ?
  7. last pictures are from near past. Mantua provided very nice plastic lifeboats in the kit. I did not want to make my ship ugly with that plastic pieces, so I decided to build lifeboat from scratch.
  8. March 2011 - entrance to the stern, I made this entrance as per Lusci's plans, I think it is better than a big hole designed by Mantua. Last two pics - hook for alarm bell and catheads. Rollers in catheads are also hand made, it was terrible work
  9. remake of roof for ship entrance doors, ladder with entrance balcony (very precious, I think) ;-)
  10. roof for turrets. firstly I tried to make a "star" and cover it by strips -> terrible job. then I decided to make it in another way, sand them from one piece of together glued walnut pieces...
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