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  1. Your build is really coming to life and looking good Matt. Also your report is a pleasure to read and follow. I’m very busy working as well with long days and wish I could spend more time in my attic building, so I recognize the feeling I guess you sometimes must have as well. Keep up your good work! Frank.
  2. Hi Tom, my build has just started as well. I hope you are fully recovered soon and that our builds of POF Winnie models can go alongside, as I'm sure I can learn a lot of you and your years of experience!
  3. Scuppers, in Dutch almost the same as in German: ‘spuigaten’, that is the ‘holes’ along which surplus or superfluous water on the deck(s) can flow back in to the sea. In Dutch we also can get things ‘of our chest’ by ‘spuien’, that is ‘get rid of’ thoughts that bother us. Not to mention all the thousand expressions we have with ‘wind’ in it!
  4. Thanks Edward and Vladimir! I finally am able to get started now. My first two bottles of Titebond came in last week and despite the lockdown here in Holland I also finally managed to lay my hand on a thick multiplex plank of 30x90cm (11.81”x35,43”). So here also my first picture of the stem and knee and extension following Chuck’s instructions on the first pages of chapter one. No tweaking the joints in between removing any char it says, but it seems the laser does not always cut exactly square in a 90 degrees angle as I would like it to, as on one side some joints are v
  5. You’re making progress fine Matt, and the roofs and all the rest as well look very, very good to my eye. You’re about finished when I will be able to get my workboard.... I only freed the laser cut parts of the false keel and frames thusfar...can’t start without a workbord ofcourse.
  6. Hi Marc, Almost a year since your last post, I hope you're okay and healthy in this pandemic? Frank.
  7. Yes Tom, everything here in Holland is closed till at least the 8th of February. Luckily this week I received chuck's big beautiful box with yellow cedar for all three chapters in one, I'm happy as can be! I have to find me a building board now, maybe even online when all the hardware stores keep closed. I really hope you can keep modeling and that your back cures soon, as I'm following and reading your Winnie build log meticulously as well to learn from your mastership. I find it a real pitty you will / cannot not continue on your solid hull Winnie project. Frank.
  8. Wow Tom, that's real artisanal and beautiful work! You're a true old master! I'm very much enjoying your build story and your extensive explanation.
  9. Wow, what a sharp build real beauty and though I haven't even started myself, there's so much to learn from you Mike!
  10. Hello Ron, Thanks, this build group feels like a local model club with all the warm welcomes! Yes, I'm stil looking for a decent build board, which at the moment is difficult to obtain in person with a total lockdown in Holland, without any stores open. I don't want to order that online as I want to inspect it in person to be 100% flat, not twisted etcetera... That's a good tip which I'll keep in mind, hopefully I can get such a pre-made laminated shelf. The cigar boxes here are very ugly nowadays, with ugly dirty pictures of black lungs, people with perforated necks from e
  11. Hello Tom, Ofcourse I'd like to get started right away, but don't worry I'll take my time, maybe I won't even be doing a plank a day, but only a plank a week, Not untill it's perfectly spilled and bent... I won't glue it on until 'm 100% satisfied over its form and position...maybe there wil be more planks in the bin than on my ship eventually... But planking is not until chapter 2, so I even have time ordering the yellow cedar planks in the material list for chapter 2. I read Chuck's instructions and they're very clear. I even confiscated my wife' travel iron already. The solde
  12. Hi Hans, Really very, very beautiful build of our nation's pride! I can only dream of reaching your level of scratch building and building our country's flagship! Maybe you are willing to give me a few masterclasses in the future!? Did you build it from the drawings in and with this book in this picture? I have this book with the drawings, which must be enlarged ofcourse to the scale one would like, but I would not know where to start. Yes, ofcourse with the keel, knees and frames, but where to draw and saw the inside of the contours of the frames? The outer outlines a
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