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  1. And I'm sure everyone visiting your house and taking a look at your Winnie will find a beautiful model!
  2. That's the problem with all of us as rather authistic perfectionists I think. Looking at your own work, you have an attachment with every little part that was difficult or did not come out 100% as you anticipated. I found a method for avoiding that: don't look at it from a very close distance for a few years, work on a few other models and maybe then you can look at it unbiased and without prejudice because maybe the lesser spots will be forgotten by then...
  3. Simply stunning and beautiful Mike, your model as well as your findings and tips, these ones included on the rudder trunk and benches, are a reference for us all.
  4. With plastic aircraft modeling this wouldn't be a problem Jan, but a frigate doesn't make any loopings I'm afraid... You're makeing nice and steady progress! I'm already offically lame in my right arm form sanding the bulkheads..
  5. I’ve started sanding now after checking for a straight keel and ship again and square bulkheads. I think next update will be next weekend after fairing and sanding the bulkheads of the hull. And after sanding the bulkheads and after more sanding and sanding...
  6. Thanks for the tip Fred and Mike. This is very much appreciated! Luckily the pictures with all bulkheads in position were taken only in a dryfit session without having read Chucks instructions yet. The bulkheads are now glued on in the correct positions and 100% square. I don’t even dare glueing anything on without having read Chucks instructions and checking all of your build logs again and again. Thanks, Frank.
  7. Everyone thanks for the likes and encouragements Edwards, JJ and Greg! What you see is only the test fit of the bulkheads: I'm now glueing the frames on at a rate of two per day, one in the morning, one in the evening to not only giving the glue sufficient drying but also hardening time. Always with the squares in place, wood will always work and do its own thing and I just want to be sure to have done everything I can to minimize this. Yes, I'm very pleased with the laser cut bulkheads, the sanding job ahead seems enormous, so no need having to do that on baltic birch or other very har
  8. Rigging? I thought Winnie was going to be a contemporary model when finished? Or do we have the possibility to take it further with masts and rigging if one wishes to do so? But not under guidance of Chuck and other experienced builders I guess?
  9. Better repair and do it better righr now, than looking it from your lazy armchair in a few years from now and thinking you should have corrected it back then... She's looking very nice to my eyes Greg!
  10. This Easter weekend, inbetween visits, church and dinners and after the house was nice and quiet again, I was able to finish the keel and the working plank. Unlike the instructions, I first glued and then screwed the t-squares in a straight line in the middle of the plank against the keel (and checked and double checked with my straight steel ruler) on the working board for extra rigidity. Also, I test fitted and minimally adjusted a few frames and glued on my first frame nr. 28 under 90 degrees. Happy Easter to you all!
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