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  1. What a beautiful and different approach! It takes guts to dare doing it like that! Following with great interest Jorge! Keep your updates coming! Frank.
  2. That doesn’t only look great, it’s unbelievable: I thought there was going to be a little metal kit as well… I’ll put away my soldering iron for now then. Frank.
  3. A small update before I’m off for a week Holidays at Lago di Garda, Italy. I finished fairing the transom. I managed to get the rounding in it on Chuck’s advice and everything came out equally heightwise starboard and portside. Except for fairing the underside, which seems a bit more complex and which I have to look at again. Hopefully this afternoon I can still finish the q-gallery framing.
  4. In fact that was all that was needed exactly, I just got rid of the laser char on the tops and bottoms and then it fitted exactly on both the plans and my transom. Yes, I’m afraid to make mistakes in this early stage that cannot or are very difficult to correct later Thanks, Frank.
  5. I first formed every filler as an exact copy from the ‘picture’ in the paper plans, and still on the real transom the ‘drawing’ is different than on paper: mysterious! 😀
  6. Not exactly how I want it to be outlined yet, but is this roughly what you tried to tell me Chuck? My plan is to start with the center pair, line them up and glue the filler piece inbetween (while again checking the lining up of the (two) stern frames and window sills/fillers). Ofcourse try to twist the stern framing as little as possible, so the second strip on the second photo for the third stern frame should better be clamped on the left side of the false keel, for less twist. Then the next pair and glue the next two filler pieces, then the outermost pair. I see in other builds people use the stern outline piece also to line up, check the window outlining.
  7. Beautiful progress Bob, keep that beautiness and ofcourse the updates going, always a real pleasure to watch and read! By the way, I took a sneak peak on google maps at Delray Beach and those are some nice surroundings! Any Dutch immigrants there?
  8. Thanks, yes that’s a clear explanation Chuck. I’ll try this tomorrow by first daylight as it’s already dark now here (21:37h local CET).
  9. No it’s not pushed back, it’s shadow working in the picture due to some residual laser char… Thanks for the tip however when in fact they would have been pushed back by a 32nd. But luckily all is flush from bow to stern…
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