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  1. Hi Paul, no ofcourse not, you're very welcome! The more the merrier and I can use some extra hawk's eyes who spot early errors! I'm only working slow as I'm quite unexperienced, only tried to build Corel's Victory some 30-35 years ago and unfinished as there were errors in gun port placement due to poor instructions for beginners back then.
  2. Thanks for the nice words and likes you all, advice (which is never too late, as more hull filing and sanding will follow after this one!) and tips! Here a little update where I stand now. Slowly progressing towards the end of chapter 1. Scary business to saw parts of the bulkheads away…
  3. Thanks Keith and shipman, I'll have a look. Sad your helpful chap passed away chipman...the good ones always go first we say in Holland...
  4. Hi shipman, I have a question: which brand are these one and two ball stanchions and where can they be obtained? I have a Revell first edition of Nannie Dee's Cutty Sark lying around as well for building sometime in the future and following with great interest. Compliments to Bruma for this lovely build! Thanks, Frank.
  5. Hi Mike, thanks, yes they are. I now realize I should have taken a picture from the front directly as well for you to judge for that yourself...
  6. Hi Mike, That again looks so awesome and clean: beautiful inspiring work. That shine of the red paint on the inside of that transom in the last picture looks so nice! I specially like the aft gun port hinges: now I clearly understand how they open vertically as I always thought they would open under an angle... Thanks for your always clear explanations and well thought through steps you took and describe so clearly, also with the little accident with your rudder, action you took to solve it and decision to place it back later when it's safe to do so... This will not only be a reference but also a great help when we get to this point. Frank.
  7. Hi Hubac, I was having the same thought. Though the printed freezes look awesome, how will they look in ten years from now? Will they look fainted or perhaps there will be only a white printing paper on the freezes left? Perhaps this risk will be less when letting it print at a professional printing shop with dito ink on high quality paper? Is oil painting them a totally bad idea? Frank.
  8. Hello Slors, I'm going to follow this very interesting and nice build of the nicest Victory kit on the market at the moment, my fellow countryman. Keep up the good work and posting. Regards, Frank.
  9. Hello again Marc and welcome Julia! Congratulations with your beautiful daughter to you Marc and your wife! Now I feel ashamed I haven't checked your build log for so long and only see this until now. Very understandable you weren't active last months/year, as it takes a lot of responsibility caring for such a new beautiful young life. But I hope by now you have enough sleep again in the night :-). I know I had not the first months with all of my three daughters... Take your time and enjoy! Frank.
  10. That really looks very good Matt. I had to scan the two port side pictures over and over to notice what you meant with that cracked the port side beam clamp. Did only notice it but the fourth time, and only because you wrote that down.
  11. Thanks Vladimir, I hope so and am enjoying the ride already, but don't forget, I'm just a beginner, I only started Corel's Victory 35 years ago when I was in my twenties, but never finished it as the gun ports sat 2 millimeters too low and some in front of the bulkheads... :-). The instructions were so bad and made you do things in the wrong order, that for a beginner one just got stuck. I now already see lots of things I would have done differently when buidling it now. I will follow your build as well for sure to admire and learn!
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