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  1. B.E. have a look at Shapeways maybe you find there some 3D printing parts. Eleanor looks great! Dirk
  2. Looking very good so I am very sorry to say the hinges were NOT copper (way to weak) but bronze. cheers Dirk
  3. Thanks Bob, JP and the likes. It is really a fun to build. Master Korabel did a great kit. If you get the full pear kit (so a pear deck...) then the only cons are the rigging thread and the flags. The rest is 100% fine to use. Bowlines and anchor done. Buliens a bit simplified (without these wood block like parts) Reefing thread on the mainsail still missing (I avoid that ... haha) and securing all knots with glue. Are there any comments on the alignment of the rigging? Do I have a showstopper in there?
  4. Copper looks great, I btw loved to do it 🙂 Have in mind you need a third pattern for the last belt. cheers Dirk
  5. Thanks Rusty & the likes. very much appreciated 🙂 Finish line is close ... 🙂 cheers Dirk
  6. Hehe @Kurt Johnson but you are right it looks pretty cool with the sail laying. I might adopt it somehow 🙂 cheers Dirk
  7. Working on the running rigging. I will show the mainsail reefed (even if the sail is a bit rough and a bit out of scale .. the usual problem). cheers Dirk
  8. Finished the shrouds. The result 🙂 And some impressions with nice warm sunlight. Cheers Dirk
  9. Thanks Etsinko, Bob and the likes 🙂 Yeah rigging is an important and imo major fun part for bringing the boat alive. I personally like the challenge to explore what is doneable in what scale and how to do it "macro proof" The rope I use is different as at the moment I use all my spares, some Morope, some from Chuck, some from my colleque Alexander. I will starting to do my own rope very soon. Motorized Serving Machine by Domanoff. Chucks is perfectly useable too! Very important for my style to do rigging is CA glu
  10. Thanks Eamonn, Bob, Jeff & the likes 🙂 Glad you like it! Safteyline for the swords. Deadeyes for the Stay. Then I did the stays for the bowsprit. Macros Impressions Cheers Dirk
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