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  1. Firefox is indeed strange .. throws an error 500 for me ... all other browsers are fine. 2 Possibilities .. we have some connection hickups over the atlantic (I feel the site sometimes a bit laggy today) and/or Mozzilla ****** it up a bit, at least I know about some other problems they have with the newest version. Conclusion atm: Use a different browser 🙂 Cheers Dirk
  2. Bill it is simply wrong, sorry :-), it is not about how you simulated or built them, the Orientation of the gratings needs just to be turned by 90 degrees. 😉 Here is another picture as I might not able to express myself well 🙂
  3. Your gratings should have the direction shown with the green line. The continuous woods (red line) should be NOT orthogonal to the middle of the ship but in line. Dirk
  4. I use Vallejo Surface Primer 74602 and it works flawlessly with Tamiya paint.
  5. Unfortunately no. The kits are very rare and veeery pricy! Would love to build the Nostromo though. Dirk
  6. I use Vallejo primer and Tamiya acrylic colors. And yes, airbrush. cheers Dirk
  7. How could I miss that ... 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Today I finished the Sulaco. Here are the final images. It was a fun build with a very rare kit with lot's of potential to build a unique ship 😉 Thanks for watching. Dirk
  9. I totally forgot the Main Hangar Doors ... #wip #alien #usssulaco #halcyon
  10. Prometheus is a different Ship Popeye. The Sulaco is from Alien 3 bringing Ripley und the Marines to the lost Colony.
  11. I'm close to finish my last build, the USS Sulaco from the 2nd Alien Movie. Thanks for watching. Dirk

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