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  1. Allan; Castillo was the name I saw. When I get home this evening I can take a picture if that would help...Moab (aka Allan)
  2. I found small (appropriately 1.5” x 1.5 x 6”) pieces of boxwood online at Esty. I ordered one and the piece is beautiful...Moab
  3. Make sure the back/far end of your fence is not closer to the blade than the front of the fence. This would increase chances for binding and kickback...Moab
  4. Absolutely Ken. Plain copier paper. I started working in mm a few years ago and as my mind ages mm are soooo easy. Obviously mm can't always be used. Also, a few years ago one of our forum members posted one they did for angles. It works great...Moab
  5. In order to make minor size adjustments on the chopper I added a small graphic to the floor. The increments allow me to more accurately make 1mm (or smaller) changes to the position of the stop. I
  6. Tony; thank you for the wonderful build. Great photos and explanations make it so helpful and interesting...Moab
  7. Welcome aboard Harland. This is a great forum with some great craftspeople who are always ready to give assistance...Moab
  8. Looking very very good. I don’t do any cad but some of the results, including yours, are spectacular...Moab
  9. Here’s my two cents. My skipper during most of my first tour was a four striper from the Academy. A great CO. HE defined the difference between the two as follows: Any vessel that can be carried on a ship is a boat. I’ve given up discussing this with individuals since there seems to be about 100 different definitions. I have no idea which is correct...Moab
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