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  1. Glenn; thanx for the continued great photos and descriptions. The build looks awesome...Moab
  2. I've been using Rapid Fuse for few months and like it. I Just purchased another small bottle. I find that if I purchase the small bottles of any CA glue they don't go bad on me. Previously I purchased larger sizes thinking I'd save $$$ but they usually went bad before I finished them. This depends on how much modeling you do and how much glue you use. Another thing I've discovered is a little goes a long way. You dont need to use a lot of glue to get a strong joint. Another CA I like is Mercury. It has a small fixture at the inside top of the cap that helps keep the nozzle open.
  3. ...without the odor. I think I read a recent post with a recommendation but can't find it...Moab
  4. Brian; looking great!! Thanks for the detailed explanation and photos. Have a wonderful holiday season and Stay Safe...Moab
  5. I'm 77 and my hands/fingers are becoming a bit of a problem. I'm considering purchasing a scroll saw and any info anyone can offer is appreciated. I don't have a dedicated shop so the smaller the unit the better. Noise and vibration are also concerns...Moab
  6. Bob; I totally agree. I purchased this plane a few years ago and LOVE IT! I made one adjustment and called lie-Nielsen before making it. The throat is not adjustable (I assume because it’s a small tool) and shavings were clogging the plane (probably my fault). I was able to file the throat area enlarging the opening by about .3mm. No more clogging. It’s a great pleasure to use...Moab
  7. Ron; where did you get the boxes of small bits?...Moab
  8. Although more expensive carbide drill bits are superb for clean and accurate holes. They must be handled carefully since they are brittle and will break if pushed slightly sideways. I still use hss for most cuts but for accuracy and clean cuts I always use carbide bits. Amazon and other online merchants usually carry them. I purchase most of mine from a small online site called Drill Bit City...Moab
  9. A miter box is also very helpful when making certain cuts. I also like Zona saws...Moab
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