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  1. Thank you for your excellent review...Moab
  2. Thank you for this superb kit review. I’m not ready to build a model like this but I’m sure your review will help others who are. Again, thank you...Moab
  3. Mike; welcome aboard! This is a great forum...Moab
  4. Perhaps I don't know how to properly use one but I've destroyed/wasted/threw in the garbage some very good wood. I've seen videos where individuals make using one look easy...but not for me...Moab
  5. Thank you for posting their website. The rasps look superb and the website is one of the best sites I've ever visited...Moab
  6. I absolutely love everything about your schooner. The skill and beauty of your craftsmanship are breathtaking. Thank you for including us in the journey...Moab
  7. Thank you for this great build process. I’m learning a great deal from 834 and everyone who’s been posting ideas and suggestions. I’m continually amazed how this forum has brought individuals from across the world....Sweden to Australia to Virginia and points in between. It’s a real tribute to this site bringing modelers together...Moab
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