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  1. Hello Keith, Me again. The hull's done, but I have been stuck for the past few months on the mast. I have glued a graphite golf shaft to an appropriately long dowel and wrapped the whole thing in white monokote (RC plane covering). I filled the inside of the golf shaft with as much epoxy as I could so the small cotter pins that are used as mast runners have material to adhere to. My current problem is to how to align the tiny plastic 'U' channel on the mast's spine so that it's centered and true. I plan to drill holes for the cotter pins on the supplied 'U' channel after it's centered and glued. Any suggestions? Thanks for your continued support and help, Francis
  2. Keith, Thanks. I will proceed as slowly as I can and use a combination of PVA and thin CA for tacking down the planks and caulking. I hope the CA will not discolor the planking. I will test it first. With these old hands not being as steady as they used to be, it will be sloowww. But, that the nature of the hobby and it's 'enjoyment'. Francis
  3. Hi Keith, All's well with you I hope. I am starting the deck planking and am stymied on how to tack the deck planks tightly with the black cardboard caulking sandwiched in between the planks. Is there a technique you used for this? The caulking is unweildy and I'm afraid to find an unevenly spaced caulking strips when I sand it down. I have made a template as you suggested to make notches on the master plank but I can't bring myself to continue past the first deck plank until I hear from the maestro. Again, my sincerest thanks for your advice, Francis
  4. Hi Keith, I hope all's well with you. I am about to do the deck edge plank in preparation for the final planking. I would like to know how you did the center master plank, i.e., with what wood, how wide, how thick, and how you made the cuts. Sincerely, Francis
  5. Thanks Keith, I am having trouble attaching a couple of photos to show you where I am. They are over the 2MB limit. Is there a way of getting around this? I am almost done with sanding the starboard side and have the port side as rough dragon scales. I am inclined to use a triangle stock as a sanding guide for the forward portion of the hull till it flares and rounds out with the keel. I will keep you posted. I'd rather not start a new thread on the forum since I'll be using most of your techniques anyway. I'd be happy to post pics if and when I can as a testament to your workmanship and guidance. By the way, I followed you in building over the frame that is clamped onto a steel U-channel bar. Sincerely, Francis
  6. Hi Keith, I'm building the same model and I am following your suggestions. I would appreciate it if you can answer a few questions to guide me. This is my first static model but I have been modeling for 50+ years. 1. When sanding down the balsa backing, do I sand it down so that the bulkheads are flush and the keel is sharp to a 'V'? I was thinking of retaining the keel's flat bottom and glueing triangular stock to keep the keel sharp and straight. 2. Thinking ahead, how do I cut the planks so precisely to get the sharp 'V' profile that you had pictured in your build. I am at the point of sanding down the hull but have a few more questions if you'll oblige me your guidance. Sincerely, Francis
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