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  1. Improving of head rails and cathead support Before finishing rest of external hull details, I tried remaking of head rails and cathead support. When I firstly finished these areas, I was satisfied with the result. https://modelshipworld.com/topic/2926-hms-bellerophon-1786-by-fake-johnbull-amativictory-models-172-vanguard-kit/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-81205 But later it became apparent that the curve of cathead support and ekeing rail is too acute than it should be by comparing my model with plan of Elephant. Elephant plas is shown in green line. Also moul
  2. Jason, Thank you for your kind word😄 Although details of preventer plates are obscure from a distance, they look nice by looking closer. Much closer inspection of Victory in Portsmouth reveals preventer plates are made from square metal rod, not round rod as I did, but I think round copper wire are enough acceptable in 1/72 model. Regards,
  3. James, Thanks for your kind word😄 If you find something to be added into superbly engineered 1/64 big kit from my post, it is very appreciated. Regards,
  4. Alan, Thanks again for your kind word😄 I don't know whole appearance of Bellerophon figurehead, but I’m looking forward how you interpret his appearance on your superb POF model. Another subject of decorations of Bellerophon is stern statue which is said to be also salvaged from actual ship. At this stage, I don't employ him yet. But when I finished other important areas of the ship, I want to add him to stern. Regards,
  5. Chains Next step is installation of chains to channel. But I want to tell about some modification to channel firstly. Correct reasons I don’t know, but some deadeyes and chains are omitted in kit design when comparing actual plan of Slade designed 74 and kit design. Perhaps kit designer Chris Watton want to escape that channel edge are occupied by deadeyes of slightly larger size from manufactures' stock and deadeyes being crowded each other. OTOH, AOTS Bellona and NMM Hercules/Thunderer model (contemporary Georgian style hull model
  6. Channels Channels are basically lasercut walnut included in the kit, but I added some modification. Curved strips cut from 0.5 mm maple sheet were laid down to represent actual channel construction. Outermost strips were glued with larger size, then cut along outline of kit parts after glue dried. Both ends of kit channel parts were cut and thicker walnut pieces were glued instead. Then undersides of end pieces were tapered towards outboard as dummy effect of reduction of thickness of channel towards outboard.
  7. Figurehead In Royal Naval Museum Portsmouth, remains head of figurehead which is said saved by Rear Admiral Maitland (former captain of Bellerophon and Napoleon surrender fame) when Bellerophon was dismantled. Although whole figurehead isn’t preserved, helmet of figurehead is different from kit part. So I tried improving it. Kit figurehead part seems to be aluminium diecast and hard than white metal. But I could remove excessive portion of helmet with electric tool. Other details are formed with epoxy putty.
  8. Gun barrels One of my disappointments of the kit is size and shape of cannon barrels which are coming from stock store of Amati. They are smaller than they should be and muzzle shape is also bad comparing with many reference sources. Best resolution should be turning brass rod and chemically blackening them, but my first attempt of turning with electric drill turned out to be sad result... The advent of free 3D modelling software and 3D printing are gospel for me. Although the popular Fusion 360 was impossible to install to my PC (I’m still usin
  9. Bruce, Alan and Mark, Thank you for your kind comments😄 I'm now preparing text about gun barrel making. Please look forward it. Regards,
  10. Daily life and other modelling projects had been preventing me from building of Bellerophon, but some progress has been achieved while I had been offline from this forum. Bellow is records of how I made gunport lids, gun barrels, channels and chains. At the re-start of my building log, I’m going to write about gunport lids firstly. Gunport lids Gunport lids were individually made because they have different sections according to their position and running of wale. I firstly cut backing of lid from 0.5mm maple sheet and glue outer panel of 1 x 5mm waln
  11. Maybe this is not from period you are interested in, but I found spar dimensions table of Santisima Trinidad of 140 guns. But in my humble opinion, if you found fortunately old Spanish source, great care would be required when using them because they may be recorded in "Pie castellano" or "pie de Burgos" which is shorter than international foot which is familiar todays. "Pie castellano" namely "Castilian foot" is old unit used in Spain until 19th century and 1 Pie castellano equals to approximately 278.6mm. https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pie_castellano I
  12. Hello Jock2000, The object you are asking seems to be "Pom pom gun director". I found Trumpeter kit instruction by chance(https://issuu.com/modeland/docs/03709), and instruction shows the object to be glued corner of "director control tower platform". But I believe there should be single 20mm Oerlikon MG in this position when she adopted atructive camouflage. Above image is from Pontos grade up set. And my 1/700 model of Rodney(https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNVs5uetAQMQkkC2WQZiGWTZbEHBS4RZXcPzqHA1inJubKjROC32A-155Dr
  13. Embossed transparent acrylic board with printed sea surface underside of it.
  14. Thank you for your comment. Please enjoy attached images. Although smaller size, some of other images of the diorama can be seen at our club website. http://ysmc.la.coocan.jp/kenkyuukai/ken1807.html Maybe photographer of our club will post more images after exhibition closed.
  15. Sidewheel steam frigates led by Commodore Matthew C. Perry of U. S. Navy are popularly known as “Kuro-Fune (Black ship)” in Japan. The influence of Perry Expedition to open Japan is so great, we Japanese living in modern world still use the term “Kuro-Fune” when we faced with economical impact from outside of Japan or even when foreign TV personality comes to Japan unexpectedly. Although sidewheel steam warships were destined to become obsolescent soon by screw propeller warships, the visual impact of gigantic paddle wheels may give much more impression than screw ships of which ap
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