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  1. Hey Vic! The old adage about loving your work making it feel less like work, definitely applies, here. I am fortunate to have significant chunks of time to home-in and focus, but even incremental progress in the smaller 15-30 minute windows adds up. The truth is, though, that it is hard to sit and work at something like those lattices for much longer than an hour, without a break. I’m driven forward by the gradual materialization of something that I could see quite clearly in my imagination.
  2. If it were solid timber, John, they could conceivably laminate several pieces of spruce, for example, as would be done for the figurehead. That assembly could then key into the wales, just as I made for the model, and then be through-bolted into the hull framing, so that the quarter gallery structure, itself, weren’t carrying the weight. This approach would allow complete freedom of form. Maybe though, as you suggest John, it was all light framing and thin plank. I have no idea, really. Painting of the stern continues at a snail’s pace. It is all crisply done, though, so the ti
  3. Bonjour,


    Si je peux vous être utile, je reste à votre écoute et ferai en sorte de répondre à votre attention. Je suis membre et administrateur du bureau de l'association des amis du musée de la marine de Paris (aamm). Je suis également modéliste et très intéressé par la construction navale et historique 


    Bien cordialement 


    Francis GRAVIOU 

  4. Matiz, do you use some sort of charring iron to waste away the V-shaped reliefs in the capstan barrel?
  5. This is off to a very promising start, and it is one of my favorite French ships. I will gladly follow along.
  6. Closer examination of the oil portrait also seems, albeit vaguely, to show this vertical plank detail.
  7. It is remarkable how much life has changed since the Pandemic began. Going forward, I’m sure life in American cities will be different in ways great and small. As crazy as it all has been, I’m very happy to still be healthy and working, and that my family has also been as lucky. Well, I look forward to this project of yours. The Charles Galley is such an interesting subject. That is a curious detail in the VDV drawing, re: the apparently un-planked framing. Perhaps the drawing shows the end stages of a refit in-process?
  8. Well, I'm 2for2 2night; first Matiz's 74, and now this! Allan, I'm happy to have caught this in the early stages. I'm really looking forward to seeing your journey on this one.
  9. Well, just where the HECK have I been - missing out on all this superb craftsmanship! Matiz, your model is wonderful and your lines are sublime. I'll be looking forward to updates, from here on out!
  10. Yes, this is excellent! All POB builders would benefit from a look at what you are doing, here; so many of the un-realistic POB planking conventions could be avoided, if one were to see just what is possible with a little extra care and layout.
  11. Marc and John, thank you so much for your kind words. And John, I am equally enjoying the work that you are doing with this fabulous Heller kit. Your figurehead has me considering how I will color the other robed figures that inhabit my upper bulwarks. It has been a bit of a hectic week, as I consider moving my family, yet again, in the never-ending quest for a reasonable three-bedroom apartment in NYC. Slowly, I have been assembling the QG open walk and painting the stern. It is fiendishly difficult to get into the recesses of this stern window plate, and I really w
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