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  1. Sorry for the inactivity, i have been deployed in Africa on a UN-mission so for the past year and a half i have not been able to make any progress on the ship. But iam back now and have resumed the building! So expect more updates here in the near future! For now some pics from tonights sitdown!
  2. Been running straight into something i have been dreading. On account of this being my first go at a wooden modell overall i have been doing mistakes in the early part of the build that you wont know are mistakes untill you are affected by them in later stages of the build, or have experience from previous builds so you know what to look for. I think i managed to clean it up good enough and build around my mistakes! I have yet to learn all the names of different parts of the ship and on account of me being Swedish if i do know them its usually in swedish and not english. But i will try to describe at the best of my abilities and you will just have to bear with me haha. the seats for the lower and upper trim for the side windows on the stern were not aligned or leveled at all and so i had to add some filler pieces to the lower trim and take some material away for the top ones. This also made it so that the photoetched brass pieces could not be used. I had not planned on it anyway and wanted to build my own in wood, i did however use the brass pieces as a ”backplate” to mount wood ontop of to make the process easier. I also used the windows in the brass as i dont have anything to substitute it eith at this time. The Stern piece has also gotten some work on it. Same here, i butchered the photo etched brass for the windows,
  3. Sorry for the lack of update, been scratchbuilding myself an upgrade to my ”workbench” is she not gorgeous? And the lighting is so much better then before. and i now have superb ventilation so no more toxic fumes inhaled on a regular basis!
  4. Technicly not crown jewels! But still as astoundishing! Its really sad since they will either end up in some private collection or tore apart and melted etc, such a shame
  5. Amazing build and great attention to detail and not just "settling" with something ok! Its admirable! Looking forward to seeing this done. Has given me alot of tips for my build and the one that will surely follow after that! Cheers from Sweden!
  6. Hello! Iam posting this mid build after finding this amazing forum. I want to share my thoughts and progress even if i start mid build, Have not been great with documenting my progress so far but plan on documenting for the pourpose of this thread! Short about me, iam 26years old and am currently working away from my "home" so iam only able to build during my weekends and even so the ship has to fight with my spous and family over the few hours i do have at home each week! Building experience recap from the start to were i am today. I have been building plastic models since i was a child and do dare to call myself somewhat of a "handyman/savant" when it comes to most things fiddly and such and iam extremely tenacious and detail oriented. So i decided to occupy my free time after tearing a tendon to my left thumb with a wooden ship kit. Not just any ship would do! A simple little sail boat paah! No.. i was going big, i wanted sails, cannons and details! Something that would occupy a small table completely... And boy if i could smack myself in hindsight i would. I do not recommend anyone who is not entirely sure about their tenacious spirit and hard head to ever buy that "perfect" ship as the first one. Please do yourself a favour and buy a small one to finess all those techniques you have never tried before. Allthou in my case i managed to pull trough and overcome all those times when it was just to overwhelming. My worst memory is from the tediousness of the second layer of planking... but anyway, i have fallen in love with this kit. And the company. But enough talk for now, time for some pictures! I do apologize in advance since these pictures was not taken with documenting in mind but will have to do for now! Cheers and hope you like my Candelaria so far! Decided to go with the "fake nails" pencil trick this was how the hull looked after the first layer without a heating iron, like you can probably see a heating iron was bought after realizing how hard it was to plank thick planks without it. Yes there was a ton of sanding and filler used to smooth it out for the second layer of planking! decided to paint the "Galjonsfigur" swedish for the decoration in front of ships! I used vallejo's "old gold" paint with actuall metals in it. And some acrylics and washes. Ready the cannons! I do like the look of these directly from the box, been thinking about maybe blackening them with some washes maybe. Not decided yet. the wood has gotten a custom mix of stains. And here comes a long jump after spending enourmous amounts of time comming up with excuses to not sit down and finish the second layer of planking. This was were i had the hardest time getting through and finishing. But its now finished and boy am i proud! last picture for now. I got the brass etched upper stern galley and iam not gonna spend weeks dragging myself through planking 2 individual layers of wood with strakes and fillers to simply slap an etched piece of brass to the back of it and call it a day... so iam scratch building one from wood. If your intrested in how i made the decorations iam happy to pass on the experience, took me the better part of a day to finally find a way that worked for me haha! Wont be able to update untill next weekend untill then, Cheers!

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