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  1. I purchased the Colin Archer as my first attempt at planking a hull. I did not see a rabbit cut in the keel and I was at what point the strakes should end at the stem and stern end of the keel. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks, Tom Anderson
  2. Since this first plank on bulkhead model I am probable asking dumb questions. The keel and frame are completed and I m going to try to plank it. The wood strips in the kit are 1.5mm x 4 mm. There are 7 frames approx. 1" apart. and the model will be approx 10 long. I would like to replace the existing strips with strips that are 1/32" x 3/16", which are approx. 1/2 as thick. I thought they would be much easier to manipulate. Do you think this would be a good idea. Thanks in advance. Tom Anderson
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