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  1. Peter....checked out the website on feast watson and would like to try it, but could not get any ordering information on website.
  2. Thanks, Chazz, ....Will look into those scrapers from microwave, sounds like they can save a lot of work and preserve the area you are working on. Definitely worth a shot. ...Thanks again....Charlie
  3. Hello all.....hope all are well.....Thinking of applying a matte finish or liquitex after sanding my second walnut planking. Two questions.....Will a thorough sanding remove some small glue residue? What grit sandpaper would you recommend to prep planking before coating? .....Thanks, Charlie
  4. Hello all, hope all are well. On my last two builds I struggled a bit when installing deadeyes Is there a preferred method to install them? I have seen wooden deadeye adjusters advertised. Has anyone tried them? ....Thanks...Charlie
  5. Thank you all for the planking advice.....funny thing...it initially doesn't seem hard to do....but I am learning that every build Is a different adventure. .....Charlie
  6. Thank you all for the information on planking. Your knowledge plus certain books help immensely. Never realized the complexity of planking a ship model, but do enjoy the challenge. Anyway, this is my fourth build. The first three....Eagle, swift and Dallas came reasonably well despite mistakes. Now I started planking "black.Prince". I was doing ok....probably 8/9 planks from the deck down when, I then decided to plank from the keel up to meet somewhere in the middle for the final plank. I did that, but the keel planking was out of symmetry with the previous planking. Was thinking of remo
  7. Hello all, hope all are well With regards to planning....I have read that you can plank from deck to keel or keel to deck. Is it acceptable to plank half from the deck and half from the keel with the final plank somewhere in the middle? .....Thanks ...Charlie
  8. I have used this method since reading about it in "ship modeling simplified by Frank Mastini. I find this book to be very informative in easy to understand language. In it it says: apply carpenter's glue no more than 4/5 inches in length. Push plank tight to assure no cracks are left between planks. The heat produced by the plank bender in a back and forth motion, evaporates the water in the glue for a faster set, steams the plank and forms it to the curve of the hull to ensure a perfect bond. The trick is just a few inches at a time so the glue don't dry. Any fillers should also be applied us
  9. Thanks to all replies.....as far as glue usage, I only use yellow wood glue, when gluing wood to wood. My only exception is when I need a real quick bond in an area where clamping is not feasible. I wipe the excess glue when fitting each section of a plank with a damp sponge. Possibly, overwiped before applying heat. Basically I have had good results rolling the glued section with the heat of the plank bender. Seems to make the planks bind tighter.
  10. Hello all, hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving..........I was assembling the second planning on black Prince.....spreading glue on a three inch section...pressing the plank securely to the glued section...wiping any excess glue with a damp sponge....and heating each section with my plank bender. I was moving along quite well, but I did notice a small water stain on one plank. My question is ...is there any way to remove the stain? I thought about lightly sanding the spot, but am not sure if that is a good idea. It's not a big spot and really don't want to open a can of worms. Just thoug
  11. Hi all.......is there a preferred way to reducing the circumference of a mast without the use of a lathe? ......thank you....Charlie
  12. Richard....good luck with your new vessel, I'm sure it will come out beautiful. Like I had said previously, I am on my fourth build and learn a little more each time...sometimes the hard way. Anyway, the challenge makes it worthwhile..good therapy and the hours fly by. Stay well....Charlie
  13. Great job on the "Dallas" Rick. I completed mine last year....did not come as nice as yours, but kind of proud the way it came out. Pretty challenging build for me as I am a novice on my fourth build. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the challenge, even with the several frustrating moments. Currently working on the black Prince.
  14. In the starting stages of building "black Prince" . I am not a complainer, but the instructions for this model leave a lot to be desired. Anyway, as I have only built three vessels previous, Can anyone who has built this vessel provide any useful tips? .....Thanks...Charlie
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