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  1. And Man constantly repeated "representative" to the demonic automatic voice answering service, no representative could be found throughout the land. Man rent his garments and cursed into the void and low and behold a voice from Satan's minion said, "your call will be answered in the order in which it was received, estimated wait time, twenty three minutes" Man stumbled from his tent and sought to calm his spirit in wine from his vineyards and songs from his neighbor's daughters.
  2. Keith, beautiful detailed work as always. Are you going to add the light fixture in the deckhouse ceiling even though there's no apparent means to see it? "Unfortunately the children and grandchild are still in London where more significant restrictions apply which means that we are again isolated from them." Hopefully a safe and reliable vaccine will soon be made available worldwide where everyone on earth can once again be with those they love and return to their normal lives.
  3. I'm afraid they would still think the latter.
  4. Most models, beautiful as they maybe, are static and a bit cold. Louie, yours, one can hear the shouts from the crew and the grown of the oars. Congratulations!
  5. Olha, my wife Maggie, a quilter, viewed your video on making the sails and was impressed with your sewing abilities (as was I) She suggested that you might want to acquire a rotary cutter, she said it makes cutting material so much easier. As always, thank you for posting as I enjoy seeing your work.
  6. Because of coal's jagged edges it can easily hang up if a scuttle is too small. Hauling out the coal ash would be a tight dirty job.
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