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  1. Gary, what a pleasure it is seeing this latest addition. Shame the Packard can't be included as you did such a bang-up job on it...... oh wait a minute, first piece for the next diorama!
  2. Brian, I think it'd be a great piece of history to add and is a lot cheaper that the following. Even though the first link isn't signed "Jr" both are clearly the same hand. https://www.ebay.com/itm/373256469929?hash=item56e7d1bda9:g:XtAAAOSwXS5fe4PX
  3. Brian, I was originally unsure but seeing it done I like it a lot. As Mark requested, more photos if possible, please. You need this for your Cairo collection. https://www.ebay.com/itm/154046974912?hash=item23ddea4bc0:g:kwsAAOSwuhZeY~OY
  4. One of my mother's favorite expressions. Phil, Hannah is looking quite the lady, great work.
  5. What's wrong with neon turquoise? In all actuality it looks pretty close to what aged copper sheeting would look like, see attached picture of USS Constitution hull before restoration. Will, your copper sheeting turned out great, it has that "not quite new" patina. 👍
  6. Chris, have the directors considered adding a section for Card Build Logs? It's a fascinating medium and you and others totally amaze me with what you're capable of doing. It sure would make it much easier to drop in and check on card builds.
  7. Steven, you're right, I can't navigate these silly roundabouts they're putting in everywhere these days.
  8. OD, welcome to MSW. It's likely a prewar decorative model made in Bavaria. I think they're best suited for a child's decor, bright and fanciful. Their only historically significance is they created a interest in building model ships by those same kids whose imaginations were carried to far away places.
  9. Pat, understood, thank you. Because of all the issues associated with it being a windless, are there other possible options? I don't know what those options would be, I'm clueless in Seattle.
  10. What I don't understand is why would the placement of "what is this" and the hatch matter? Considering the hatch cover is going to be on most of the time?
  11. Siggi, I posted, then I checked on the last time you had visited MSW and saw that you were in and out of MSW as usual. I Knew you were OK so I deleted the post. I too have had the summer blahs so I understand completely.......Keith
  12. No, but I'd bash the heck out of the kit. The idea of having a set of plans to work from versus working from old photographs is sooooo appealing. The transition period of 1850 to 1900 going from sail to steam, wood hull to iron hull, and cannon to gun really fascinates me. I've pretty well painted myself into a corner with all the research I've done on that fifty year period, I think it would be wasted if I tried venturing off into another time period.
  13. Glen, you did a grand job on the Alabama so much so in fact that if there's still enough sand left in the glass once I finish the Tennessee I'm seriously considering the Alabama. There are very few kits offered in the early steam era plus the 1:120 scale is the same.
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