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  1. Making progress, just about ready for rigging. Made a ship's lantern, not sure of final placement, I may run a line between the mast and hang it? Got the cowl vents made and galley stove smoke stack added. Still need to purchase two anchors and the water barrel/cask.
  2. Wayne Old houses will make you think you're headed to the poor house that's for sure. The list of needed repairs is endless and just when you think you've finally crossed everything off, it's time to start over again. The first thing we had to do was replace the furnace and hot water heater, then all new plumbing, then new roof, exterior paint, and complete electrical gut with all new wiring and 200 amp service. The furnace and hot water heater are both guaranteed 10 years, they were put in 9 years ago. It's just about time we'll have to redo or think about redoing a portion of that list shortly. Thank you for sharing, would love to see a current exterior photo. Keith
  3. Very nice touch with the removable chain between the stanchions Rob. I was wondering how the flukes were going to clear and then saw that you had made provision for that very fact! The GR is so believable, in all the pictures you have posted in this build log, when I've reduce my size to scale I'm convinced I'm on the real Great Republic. Thank you for the journey.
  4. This is a beautiful tile from Motawi. (I do not work for nor receive any financial compensation from Motawi Tileworks) We already have a couple of their tiles but I've asked my wife for this tile as my birthday present for the obvious reason. We've had the pleasure of touring their facility, neat place and great folks. https://www.motawi.com/products/handcrafted-art-tile-grueby-arts-and-crafts-magic-ship
  5. Thankfully Paul, having had a stroke you're now in relative good health and have the manual dexterity to continue with the hobby. Both you and I are very fortunate compared to a whole lot of stroke victims. It's a fine looking ship and you should be proud!
  6. Gabe was so very kind as to send me the kit drawing for the Swift which I received today. The NRG is a beautiful tapestry whose threads are woven by the hands of it's many wonderful members. Gabe, thank you..........Keith
  7. Michael, quote is from the first post of this build log. The man's work is phenomenal but if he was that quick I would swear he had help from a host of wood fairies!
  8. I've watched both videos a couple of times and what impresses me the most is his exquisite sense of touch. His ability to land those tiny bits with little or no adjustment is absolutely amazing!
  9. Knowing a little of what I speak, once metal has pitted, the only way to remove pitting is to sand to a level surface with whatever grit is required to get the job done. This WILL change the shape of the metal. My thought is to clean the surface by whatever means works, lightly oil, and leave/live with the pitting. I have antique firearms (small caliber) that have pitting, do I wish it wasn't there, of course but I'm not about to try to sand them out. I look at pitting as being a part of the history of an object. If it's a body panel or some such, that's why God made Bondo.
  10. By all means Steve, please ramble on. Thank you........Keith
  11. Our house never had a fireplace either. There were three chimneys, one for the wood cook stove, one for the parlor and one for the dinning room. The cookstove chimney went into the basement while the other two were hung on upstairs walls. Parlor and dinning room stovepipes ran through the ceiling and into openings in the chimneys above. Waste heat from the two stovepipes warmed the upstairs.......Keith
  12. Lou What beautiful homes, love the Vic, the curved porch is killer. Everett is gorgeous country, I lived over the mountains in Thorp and Roslyn for several years. Have you had a chance to trace the history on the Vic? I bet she could tell some stories like, the first time an automobile drove past, newspapers that landed on that curved porch telling stories of far away China and the Boxer Rebellion, and on and on. Are you fortunate enough to have some photographs of the house in her early days? Thanks Lou........Keith
  13. Henry Once upon a time, coal was cheap. So your house must be 120 years old give or take? KB
  14. Mark Sorry to hear about your mom, hopefully she'll take to living with her daughter and be comfortably in her remaining years. I hope the selling of the house goes well, the very best to you and yours...........Keith

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