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  1. I love cats but one thing I've learned since taking up ship modeling is, don't pet the cat while rigging!
  2. It seemed logical because of the area you were working in. Really looking forward to seeing those come to life.
  3. Thank you Michael. That would be the ticket if it was for the US market though I'm considering it for the novelty aspect. Again, thank you.
  4. Thought I'd buy a 2020 calendar with a model ship theme. I searched our store and then Googled and nothing! Anyone else tried finding a 2020 model ship calendar? There's tall ships and sailing but not models. If there isn't one out there someone is missing an opportunity, if there is one please provide info.
  5. Dave I apply poly over acrylic paint without issue. It doesn't seem to matter how dry an acrylic painted surface is, if it hasn't been sealed you'll get some paint removal with a wet Q-tip. Painting is too tedious a job not to lock it in once done. Keith One note. Above I said I applied poly over acrylic paint without issue. That's not exactly correct. When poly is applied over white acrylic, it yellows. I've only ever tried Minwax polyurethane so I have no knowledge about other poly manufactures. Minwax says their product dries crystal clear, it doesn't dry crystal clear. Obviously this isn't a problem with black or a yellow acrylic but I can't help but believe that the same doesn't hold true for all lighter shades of acrylic paint.
  6. Gary I'm humbled by your comments, high praise indeed coming from someone who's work I much admire. I'm glad the subject interest you, I wish more would take on projects from this period. Thank you to everyone for the likes, it helps one keep going when doubts start creeping in. Keith
  7. For whatever reason, work has progressed slowly these past couple of weeks. I've spent a lot of time with very little results to show for it. I will say, I've had to do a lot of looking at the H and H photos and MSW build logs. The jackstaff with the thirty-seven star union jack adds another color other than black and white. Getting all the eyelets in the dolphin striker, bowsprit, and jib boom was a bit fiddly. I'm now ready to add the corresponding attachment fittings to the hull and hopefully in a couple of weeks the bow will be finished and I can go back to making yards.
  8. You once asked me if I had an onset of early perfectionism, sir, you embody the word! It's a pleasure to watch from the sidelines.
  9. Bow surgery completed. Now working on bowsprit 3.0, the bowsprit is pinned to the deck and is removable. The banding is temporary, just getting feel for placement. I like the looks of this bowsprit much better, now the bow looks a lot more like that of the real Tennessee.
  10. Roger, sir I would agree with you one hundred percent if we were talking about raw wood but we're not. This is a polyurethaned surface, you can't screw it up with acrylic paint unless you apply it with a belt sander. Acrylic paint laid down on a polyurethaned surface can be wiped off with a wet cloth. If you don't like it, wipe it off and you're back to square one. You're out a little paint and time but you know that method won't/isn't going to work and it's on to the next solution. I've been successful doing this on furniture, the Tennessee's deck and a on a Swift model I restored where I had to match the front hatch cover's natural wood to a new rear hatch cover I made from a different type of wood. I had to use acrylic paint because the new rear hatch cover wouldn't stain to look like the other. One caveat to this method is one must use a very fine paint brush and also, you need a good eye for color.
  11. Keith, I had a similar situation arise on the Tennessee deck. The deck is also polyurethaned so I was able to mix craft type acrylic paints to match the decking and touched up my boo boo area. What's so great about painting on top of poly is, if you don't like it, it will wipe right off with a wetted Q-tip. So you can have as many goes at it as you want till pleased or give up on that being a solution. No harm, no foul. If you are able to mix colors to match the decking and paint to your satisfaction, just be sure to poly over the paint to seal. I hope this might help because I feel your pain.

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