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  1. Allan, if that's not a candidate for "What Gets Your Goat" I don't know what is.
  2. Siggi Nice detail work making the port lids follow the hull profile, the Tiger is turning into a real beauty. The work crew must have had the day off?
  3. Chris, I'm sorry but I laughed like #ell because it sounds exactly like some of my learning experiences. Has Acetone become your best friend?
  4. I just love it when a plan comes together Keith, great work as usual. Is it possible to see a full length pic of the Germania as she currently sits, please?
  5. Four hours at a time is all I seem to be able to manage. It's a race between my bladder and my shoulders as to what wakes me up. If I slept for eight hours straight I'd either drown or die from pain.
  6. You know you've gotten old when you start sleeping more than the cat.
  7. Yeah, that'll get your goat and your dog, cat, and yourself if not careful. Mountain lions are kinda like polar bears, everything is a potential meal.
  8. Pat, thank you for taking the time to describe in detail source and information regarding the Rigging Warrant. Your post is the essence of MSW, the unselfish willingness to share information to the betterment of all who have interest in the hobby of model ship building. Your examples of both a willingness to share and your beautiful workmanship is inspiration to us all, myself foremost. Again, thank you.............KB
  9. Thank you, Mark and thank you to all for the likes. As this is a temporary mounting board, I think the latest results are acceptable. I'll poly the surface tonight and call it good.
  10. Shopping carts or rather people who leave them next to their vehicle after unloading them is right up there at the top of the list. How hard can it be to push a cart into a corral or God forbid, push it back inside the store? No, let's leave it in the middle of the parking lot to either one, keep someone from being able to get a parking space or two, let gravity and momentum drive the cart into the side of someone's shiny new car. I won't go on about people and carts inside the store, that's a whole other what gets your goat tirade!
  11. Thank you, Keith but the blue is stabbing me in the eyes. I'm about to head upstairs to get the holes drilled and play around with a lighter blue and then white. I'm going to see if I can create a wake effect. As I said, I can't screw this up as this isn't the final board so it makes for a good practice piece.
  12. Rachel, Keith, and Pat, thank you for the nice comments and thank you to all for the likes. As I've needed to work on a particular section of the model, I've merely pushed or pulled the model across the worktable to the required position. During this time I've left the rudder off to keep from breaking it. With the rudder work at hand, when finished the rudder will no longer be removable. I need to mount the model to a board where I can push and pull the board and not the model. I had a 1 x 8 out in the garage, I cut a 41 inch piece from it and stained it blue. I made
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