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  1. SS, welcome to MSW. Stow your gear in a build log and join us for the journey.
  2. Allan, I would think the longevity of masking tape would depend on several factors. Natural, exposed to heat, 20 years? The way I've used it, it's painted, CA glued at the ends, and poly encapsulated. I can't even hazard a guess how long it will last in that state. I know it's very hard to remove as I redid the bow gun tracks and it didn't want to be removed!
  3. Joe, I use one inch 3M masking tape for all my banding as I am absolutely the worst at metal working. I lay out a five inch piece on a piece of wood and then cut to the desired width. If the banding/tape is going to be the same color as the object I apply all natural. If it's going to be say black on white, I cut to width, pull up the strip of tape, set it back on the board away from the five inch piece I just cut from, paint it the required color, and then apply. I add a tiny bit of CA where the ends meet. I use poly so eventually the tape edges also get adhered by the poly. I u
  4. Pat, Brian, and Gary, thank you for your words of support and a sincere thank you to all for the likes. These two photos show my impatience to see the mast with all the spars attached even though the six are raw without their bits and paint. I've envisioned this moment for such a long time it's almost surreal to finally see this stage close to completion. Nothing is jumping out at me screaming "stop the presses" so it's on to getting the six tidied up. I promise better photos when the six spars are rigged and hung.
  5. Tom, nice! Did our uncle say where and how he came by this little project he's saddled you with?
  6. Captain Stama, welcome to MSW. Enjoy yourself, just don't spill anything.
  7. In figure 13/2 inboard of the ladders it looks like a window, maybe? or pin rails?, it's hard to tell by the drawing. Obviously OcCre interpreted them as being pin rails.
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