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  1. Yes Tony, I'm very fortunate that the Hatton and Hart photographs of the Tennessee exist. I have looked at them for countless hours and I'll still see something I've not noticed before. I never tire of looking at them, looking back in time to an era that was so short lived.
  2. Thank you Mark, Pete, Phil for the likes and thank you Paul for the likes and the kind comment. The more I get into making the new mast, the more I wonder what took me so long to relegate the originals to the boneyard. Working from the photograph of the mizzen, I noted something I've not seen replicated in a model before, (that's not to say it hasn't been, I'm just unaware if it has) there are two approximately ten foot vertical boards on either side of center of the mast. I assume (there I go, jump in and correct me if i'm wrong) they're there to protect the mast when a yard is lowered to the deck going from perpendicular to the ship to parallel to the ship when the yard needed to be repaired or replaced. My old brain is working on the next step, the crosstrees. From the attached photo looking at the main mast, it appears to indicate the trees were connected at the ends? I'll gladly take comments as any tree that I've seen before have the ends open.
  3. As he should be, she's beautiful! May God grant her clear skies and gentle winds.
  4. It's been awhile since I've made an entry as I was off learning a bit about rigging while restoring a Swift model. The original mast, bowsprit and jib boom were grossly out of scale and have been scrapped. I've started making replacements that I hope more accurately represent those that the USS Tennessee carried. I'm working from a photograph of the mizzen viewed toward the stern but doesn't show the top. I'm going with all three mast having the same construction making a best guess for the tops and above. I want to take this opportunity to thank Rob Wiederrich for his help and support and for his Great Republic build log which I've spent many hours viewing.
  5. I do want it and would gladly pay for it except I didn't see it listed at the NGR store. Guess I'll pm Kurt and he can direct me. Jonathan, thank you again.......Keith
  6. Jonathan Do you have the "Reconstructing USS Kearsarge, 1864" in PDF format and if so would you please provide. I'm working on a model of the USS Tennessee and I'm working from photographs. While the Kearsarge is not exact, it is of the same time period and there should be a lot of crossover information that would be immensely useful, thank you..........Keith Black
  7. The dory is easily a centerstage stand alone model. It's beautiful work especially considering the scale........ it's magic I tell ya, there be wood fairies in the shed!
  8. One wonders how the planking was attached? Maybe screwed and plugged but there is no evidence of plugs, at least none that I can see. A very sweet job of planking to look exactly as the original.
  9. Pretty cat, I hope he/she fits in and becomes a good friend. Nice work on the Sirius, hats off to making the deadeyes.
  10. I'm surprised not to see a rag tied on some part of the hose to lessen a leak that's gotta be there. The shut off valve is inspirational!
  11. Bad skipper, looks like he's spending the boat's share of the catch at the pub. Heck, he won't even fix a simple broken window. I bet he hasn't changed the oil since the start of last season!
  12. Gregory The carriages from the model Frank posted photos of are very different from those shown in the YouTube video of the model made from a Mamoli kit. The cannon from the model Frank posted photos of very one to another suggesting to me that they are scratch built and not from a model. What say ye?

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