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  1. Congratulations!! Real nice job on the model and restoration of the feline damage. I've been there too as my cat likes teething on the dowels for the mast and one time attacked the rigging thread but it was material on the side and not on the ship.
  2. Hi, new here but not to modeling. I know what people think of Blue Shadow: is it really fiction? I am wondering if anybody ever bashed it or not? I got my hands on the plans of privateer Oliver Cromwell launched 1776 Essex, CT [CT River Museum & Mystic Seaport I believe have the plans too. [if on 95 all within 10 minutes stop off there as nice town on CT River; also stop in Groton for the USS Nautilus and Fort Griswald, across the Thames River is US Coast Guard Academy [ USS Eagle is in port except in summer] -- all free.]. As I see except for the stern and a mizzenmast very similar. Also close to War of 1812 USS Wasp & USS Hornet. Anybody ever bash the "Blue Shadow?" Did is anyone ever make the Oliver Cromwell? I'll post the Cromwell plans site: zip file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B32-8ZWvIt6URzJYWlV4ODRYcnc/view http://www.shipmodell.com/index_files/0POP.html . (My wife is Brit & can't understand why we named a ship after her word the bloody nut Cromwell. CT was a Puritan state (would hang Catholic & Quakers, Baptist, etc. & to celebrate Christmas was a hanging sentence as it was seen Papist at the Revolution time. CT hid the 3 judges that condemned Charles 1: Dixwell, Goff & Whalley and then named streets after them in New Haven by Yale U. ). [if on I-95 all within 10 minutes stop off there as nice town on CT River; also stop in Groton for the USS Nautilus and Fort Griswald, across the Thames River is US Coast Guard Academy training rig USS Eagle is in port except in summer] My friend owns a pawn shop & a high end miscellaneous item store (buys up business [Hallmark's, Jeweler's etc. inventory on closings) I picked up Aeropiccola USS Constitution 40 inches for $75 and Mamoli Rattlesnake for $110; and the Mamoli Blue Shadow for about $125. Are these ok models and did I get a deal or shafted? Thanks Rich from Coastal CT https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&id=D111821FD092AC113D25ABBB0CD73621A9992235&thid=OIP.6bD1bAbSTLgudxJMD8Mm1QHaEw&mediaurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.shipmodell.com%2Fimgplan%2Fplan%20Sloop%20Privateer%20Oliver%20Cromwell%201777.jpg&exph=770&expw=1200&q=''oliver+cromwell+ship+plans' &selectedindex=22&ajaxhist=0&vt=0&eim=1,2,6&ccid=6bD1bAbS&simid=608039940378068243 If you can get this old book from a library it is "old school" model handbook - has numerous plans. American ship models and how to build them by V.R. Grimwood. 1942 Norton, NYC (Book)

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