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  1. I had a similar problem. My cap rail with the 1/16" strip along the outboard edge is 3/8" wide. In the scheme of things, the added width isn't noticeable, especially after it's painted black.
  2. Timber heads look good. Maybe tweak the starboard side one second from the left a little bit?
  3. Your build is coming along nicely. Regarding the transom, to avoid the problem curve, I trimmed the first counter plank (5/32” x 1/16”) to match the transom. I beveled the edge of the 5/32” plank that will abut the 1/8” x 1/16” plank. The transom edge is already beveled. I know this is an after thought, but it may be helpful to others following your build. Keep up the good work and persevere.
  4. Wow, that's a lot work there. I'm admiring your build and stealing some of your ideas. Verrrrry professional.
  5. Nice job on the tenons around the mast. Great idea on drilling counter clockwise - wish I had thought of that.
  6. Nice detail on the deck fittings, especially the gallows bitts. The deck fitting are a nice break from the carronade rigging. Looking crisp and clean.
  7. Rigging the Carronades: Note: The instructions say to use tan .028” rigging for the breech ropes – the kit doesn’t come with this size line. The closest kit supplied line is 0.021”. I ordered some .025” rigging rope from Syren. I didn’t like the quality of the cotton/poly .008” tan line, so I also ordered some .008" rigging rope from Syren. First, I cleared all the deck fittings. Then, I started making the tackle hooks from 1/32” brass eyebolts. I flattened the end of each hook using a punch and tapping it twice with a hammer against my work bench vise; then I blackened them. I dec
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