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  1. thanks danny!- i have a ton of different scalpel blades- they are indeed far superior to x acto- anyway i've been swamped at work so i'm stuck in a holding pattern- i will be back soon and bugging you all for advice. kirk
  2. i typically build 1/700 scale WW ll IJN- plastic/ photo etch, but wanted to try card (and a slightly larger scale!) it's nice avoiding all those fillers/ sanding plastic et al. there is definitely going to be a steep learning curve though.
  3. under normal circumstances i wouldn't rush through a build like this as things inevitably get out of alignment. i found that i struggled with all the tabs as i couldn't really see what i was doing most of the time when marrying parts together- although its nice to have a larger gluing surface they simply get in the way. i'm pretty sure i read in one of Dab Vadas' build logs that he doesn't like them- and if his beautiful, immaculate and dazzling results are any indication of this- well then i'm convinced. when i start to build the auxiliary carrier i think i will dispense with the tabs and go for more internal support via thicker card stock i am currently reading and rereading some card build logs expanding my repertoire as it were. i can already see myself having a dedicated 'paper model toolbox' as the need for cleanliness is obviously paramount.
  4. after about 4 hours i managed to produce the following- it seems to have worked because i didn't squish all that work
  5. my initial response to JSC is one of amusement as the instructions are pretty vague... if present at all. it seems the builder is assumed to know what they are doing lol. anyway.... i cut, i fold! i have these old photo etch bending blades, they are plastic, relatively true and worked pretty well for all those small bends
  6. i figure i should start my first log with with an introduction of my perspective on model building. i tend to see models as a representation of the real thing more than a reproduction. as such true 100% fidelity is not my primary focus. now obviously i still attempt to be as accurate and faithful as possible when building a kit, but i want to have fun and not get bogged down. there are already enough details on a ship of any scale. so i managed to get stuck waiting for the internet repair person to show up at my house the other day and as is all too common in this scenario i had to wait all day- the good news is that i got into the kit! pictured here is my initial layout on the kitchen table- a new cutting mat (as my old ones are filthy), scalpels, steel rules and some glue- included is my tool box which holds practically every tool i ever use- files, drill bits, saws, mandrels, pin vices, hold and fold, and all manner of goodies i have collected over the years.
  7. Greetings to all who are interested. here we go, my first build log and my first attempts at paper modelling. the full title of the kit seemed too long as the kit includes a second model: the destroyer SHEFFIELD. i'm starting with this one and using it as a 'throw away' so i can figure out how exactly to tackle this card thing that has so intrigued me. i will then move on to the container ship.
  8. ACK!! ok busted. at least i caught your attention! i hadn't named a kit because i hadn't quite decided on which one to tackle, but took the plunge last night - it's the 1/400 JSC kit Destroyer Sheffield And Atlantic Conveyor Cardboard Waterline Model. i will start a build log for it and expand there.
  9. wowsers- thanks so much for posting such an awesome array of photos for your build process. very well documented and written- a pleasure to read (catch up on) as i am a newcomer to the site. i am about to embark (pardon the pun) on my first card kit- so following your story has been very informative. i recently purchased the shipyard kit 1:96 Papegojen and am trying to figure out what exactly i should augment the kit with - for example- the age of sail site has a laser cut block set (MK005). this would seem a requisite if i am going to mast and rig- any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome. i should mention that i have also purchased a couple of JSC 1/400 scale paper kits and am going to whet my hands on them before tackling the papegojan! i will start a build log for them to document my own trials.... looking forward to your next round of posts kirk
  10. THANK YOU for sharing this build along with all of its trials and tribulations. i am about to start my first card model and reading through this has been very informative. i will start my own build log soon. in the meantime- great work, well documented kirk
  11. Greetings all. new to the site and happy to be here. i'm not exactly new to ship building or modelling, but there is always more to learn and i have a million questions! i tend to respond to subjects aesthetically and thus my interests cross many disciplines, eras and subjects. i build air, armour, space, sci fi etc but my real passion lies in the ship yard. i have typically built in 1/700 scale with WW ll IJN as a subject- there's just something about those giant pagoda towers and aircraft carriers- and have a few that i am currently working on. i look forward to sharing some of the process with any who are interested. i have yet to rig a ship and i think that is where a great deal of my focus will be in regards to the questions i have. A new area of interest is in paper model kits. studio time has been extremely limited the last couple of years with work, family and the typical excuses so i wanted to be able to build without the need for fillers, airbrushing etc. something i could literally do at the kitchen table and encourage my 8 year old to participate in. i have recently purchased a couple of JSC 1/400 scale kits and think that i have a reasonable shot at deciphering the instructions- however i see a bunch of questions and assistance rearing their heads in the near future. i have included a couple of photos from recent builds of 1- the Yamashiro, the fuso (nearing completion) and a couple of others showing scale and detail shots. looking forward to sharing my work and hearing back from those interested.

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