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  1. Finished rebuilding the L'Egyptienne. Well, not exactly It was a long attempt to make a British frigate if they did build on her lines (on the occasion they didn't, as it was considered too expensive, but the project was considered for some time). I used the NMM plans with a British style stern (as it was actually fitted to her) and slightly straightened the gundeck forward, enclosing the forecastle and adding bridle ports with a late-war head. More or less the changes are similar to the process that most French frigates were subjected to und
  2. Vernon, with Albion in the background View on Pique around Vernon's stern Both ships are slightly updated, and I liked the view angles enough to post them.
  3. Thanks for posting her lines! Do you know, if they show the shapes of the frames, or include the plank thickness? Anyway, here is a schematic of her movie configuration I found some time ago - a plan for smaller-scale model used in the movie, actually, but it may be of help recreating the altered Napoleonic style appearance:
  4. And ships of the line. The Cambridge and the Christian VII are in the middle of a rebuild, hence the black deck and missing forecastle ports.
  5. The frigate range as it is now. It's all the ships I already posted, but I've been gradually polishing them to a single standard.
  6. Seeing the direction of your previous work on Sails of Glory, I would almost think that you, @Aidedecamp and myself could discuss some cooperation.
  7. Experimenting with it, yes. I thought to try to implement things absent in the old game - and those I would really want added - like anchors, towing, boats, tricky sail maneuvering, if I ever get to it. The general idea is to recreate the old functionality with various additions, but that's too broad to consider it seriously at the moment.
  8. And shifting the rig from normal state: To storm-riding: Topgallant masts lashed to the port side of the masts proper, topmasts lowered, main yards on deck, topsail yards on tops, flying jibboom stricken. I will, in all probability, add staysails and maybe even studding sails at some point.
  9. Boat can be launched and separated, and move a little (but transfer from the deck to the launch position still needs to be done). Anchors have two positions (stowed and catted), and the next stage will be to actually drop it with the cable.
  10. Sorted out the buoyancy settings, extracted the masts from the original and made first attempt at camera control - I can move it up and down now, exactly as it was in the old game.
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