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  1. Spring cable, a technique used to rotate the ship around in place:
  2. Experimenting with it, yes. I thought to try to implement things absent in the old game - and those I would really want added - like anchors, towing, boats, tricky sail maneuvering, if I ever get to it. The general idea is to recreate the old functionality with various additions, but that's too broad to consider it seriously at the moment.
  3. And shifting the rig from normal state: To storm-riding: Topgallant masts lashed to the port side of the masts proper, topmasts lowered, main yards on deck, topsail yards on tops, flying jibboom stricken. I will, in all probability, add staysails and maybe even studding sails at some point.
  4. Boat can be launched and separated, and move a little (but transfer from the deck to the launch position still needs to be done). Anchors have two positions (stowed and catted), and the next stage will be to actually drop it with the cable.
  5. Sorted out the buoyancy settings, extracted the masts from the original and made first attempt at camera control - I can move it up and down now, exactly as it was in the old game.
  6. Haa-hm. Don't get any hopes up, though. I have no idea about how the bloody thing works.
  7. That's previously captured Unite, not the Surprise. As to the Surprise you can check this topic here (there is a midship cut on the linked page, although may be somewhat inaccurate, but it can be a starting point): https://modelshipworld.com/topic/5146-hms-surprise-by-navis-factorem-finished-175/page/4/
  8. And, just to show off, a reworked version of my special favorite, the Liffey: Showing the complex French mid-18th century hull form combined with British decorations. The amount of iterations this model has passed is innumerable
  9. Completed another monstrous frigate, even larger than the Vernon: the Emerald of 1848. The model is of the original, pure sailing configuration of the ship, making her a pinnacle (more or less) of the class development before the transition to steam. The real ship and all her sisters were completed as steam screw frigates.
  10. Colossus full and razee (haven't pinpointed a separate name for the frigate, but technically the closest analogue is the Grampus ex-Tremendous) Pique and Vernon
  11. Thanks The chosen style of virtual block models keeps the models simple enough to be able to finish them relatively quickly and be able to perceive the designs and the ways they developed one from the other, the evolution I find most fascinating. And they work, turn, sail and fire. Also, I am constantly tinkering with the ships until I am satisfied with their look or in case I find some new information or picture, and their appearance changes slightly from the posted screenshots, so here is a bunch of more updated screenshots (shallow and calm water allows to see the u
  12. I can only offer my condolences, but I have a feeling we are straying completely off topic here.
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