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  1. Thanks for this Ab, I greatly appreciate your insights here. I ended up picking up a copy of "The Ships of Abel" from Verloren and it definitely offers a great overview of Tasman's ships. Hopefully now I can look into starting a build of one of these. Again thanks for the help!
  2. Hi Olha, Thank you very much for this. I always find it hard to examine and compare products when looking online, so an actual look at what is contained in the book is greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks John, I will be sure to keep that in mind for any of my further queries I had not considered that the book might soon be difficult acquire, so thanks for pointing that out to me Jaager. I think I'll definitely prioritise getting a copy
  4. Hello Everyone. I recently decided that for my next model I wanted to build a Dutch Fluyt, specifically Abel Tasman's ship the Zeehaen. During my research into this topic I have come across two books and sets of plans that look quite promising. These are: The Ships of Abel Tasman Author(s): Ab Hoving & Cor Emke, introduction by Peter Sigmond Year: 2000 Publisher: Verloren ISBN: 9065500871 Pages: 144 pages Plans: 40 sheets of plans and CD-ROM for the Zeehaen and Heemskerck 17th Century Dutch Merchant Ships Aurthor(s): Ab Hoving, Plans b
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