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  1. The pictures I posted yesterday were taken at the end of July.  Since then I've completed the waterway and am in the process of planking the hull.  Here are the most current pictures of the progress on the model.  Planking is going well.  These pictures are before any sanding or filling, so I think I will get it looking pretty good afterward that.  I plan on painting the hull as recommended.  So I will be able to hide any flaws.

    I am not satisfied with the waterway.  When I complete the hull planking I plan to cleanup the waterway.  I would like to remove the bulkhead stanchions and sand down the entire waterway and then install fake stanchions.  The spacing between the bulkhead stanchions is uneven, although the bulkheads are all at perfect 90 degree angles with the keel.  So, not sure where I went wrong there.  (See the last picture of waterway in this post)

    But, I've read some comments warning not to remove the b/h stanchions until after installing the upper bulwarks.  But, it would be much easier to do the cleanup if they are removed first.  Then I can use a temporary plank to align all the stanchions.  Or maybe leave a few of them for supports to install the bulwark?  Has anyone else done this successfully?











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