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  1. Interesting selection here: Watchmakers Tools - Esslinger
  2. There must be some spring tension on the shroud that is causing that. Not sure how you would go about solving it without undoing the lanyard and somehow reverse the tension on the shroud..
  3. How do you think this would affect accuracy? It raised my table by a few mills.. Am I to believe such problems never happen with traditional ( proper ) inserts? I have used this quite a bit and have had no accuracy or safety issues.. If one has the " proper " inserts, of course they should use them. I only brought this up because I tried it on a whim, and had no issues. I don't expect the pro's to stoop to such jerry rigging. I just thought someone who is waiting on their inserts for the Proxxon FET might give this a try befo
  4. I agree. Your input is appreciated.. I found the tape to be quick and easy. It didn't cause any safety concerns for me beyond what already exists. I fail to see why my fingers would be in any more danger than with the use of a rigid insert. In either case my fingers would need to encroach on the blade, and I fail to see how a rigid insert would mitigate that if I were not being careful to keep my fingers from the path of the blade. The tape certainly does not increase my comfort zone.. Now that someone mentioned it, the idea that a bind might cause a cut piece t
  5. Does the Byrnes saw have any vertical play when you loosen it to move it? When you tighten it?
  6. Haven't had that problem.. I can see where it would be more of a possibility if the blade is binding against the material. Time to clean or replace the blade. Will keep it in mind..
  7. I did that with my Microlux. Was easy to make with my laser.. But, one day I needed a new insert and thought I would try the tape as a stop-gap before taking the time to make one, it seemed to work OK, so I thought " Why go to the trouble to make one? "..
  8. I always do.. Haven't had a problem so far with this.. What do you see as a problem, if any, with the tape as a zero clearance insert?
  9. Just a random picture.. I adjust the blade based on the height of the billet being cut.. What do you see as a problem with the tape as a zero clearance insert?
  10. There is a definite need for Zero clearance inserts for our table saws. Replacements are not that expensive, and it's good to have one for different blades. I've been doing this: I put a strip of masking or duct tape over the opening ( over default insert with about 1/4 clearance insert underneath ).. Hasn't caused any problems I'm aware of. Why might it be a bad idea?
  11. Bingo! I do scroll with the wheel.. The click switch appears to be very sensitive. Now that I know what is causing it, I can do it on purpose when I want to.. Thanks for helping with this..
  12. No clicks.. Can't imagine what setting might cause this.. Normally it would take a right click and choose " open image in new tab ".. A lot of work to make it happen spontaneously.. It seems to happen randomly. I'm trying to find a common denominator, like the type of image or something.. I'm working on making a screen capture video just to demonstrate.
  13. No biggy, but this just started recently with Chrome in Windows on more than one PC and I was wondering if it happens to other people. Sometimes when I open a topic and scroll through it, one or more images from the page will open in new tabs without me clicking on anything. Anyone else?
  14. Strange looking collet.. With no more information I would think it is upside down.. The collets I am familiar with look like this: The collet and retainer appear to be upside down. Looking at the manual I'm even more convinced.. If you continue un-screwing, the whole thing should come off if you can find some way to lock the shaft..
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