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  1. Here are some drawings from Mondfeld. The illustrations are for a double wheel, but you should be able to adapt the design for a single wheel.. You can also check out the excellent ship's wheel kits that Chuck has at Syren Ship Model Co.
  2. I understand why a painting would not be a primary source.. However, I have often seen them referenced here for other details, including colors, for other parts of a ship. Why not sails? P.S. I notice in James' review of the cutter Alert kit:
  3. I would also think that contemporary paintings would be a good indication of color..
  4. To find out what someone is willing to pay, see if you can display it in a consignment shop and put a price of at least 2x the price of the kit, and see what kind of offers you get.
  5. If this is one of the older Mamoli kits, and not laser cut, they are notorious for having out of shape parts. It looks like you are coping well...
  6. If they are not synthetic, you might try wetting them down with water.. They might shrink some.
  7. A good compromise between a scratch build and a kit is Chuck Passaro's Cheerful starter package... You can download the instructions and see step by step what you will be doing, before buying the package.. In addition to what you get in the starter package, you can see that Chuck offers a lot of options for purchasing additional parts and mini-kits for details or build them all yourself from the very detailed full size plans.. There is also an extensive build log here at MSW, that documents Chuck's development of the kit.. You will also find many completed and in progress, build logs here at MSW for this ship... Check it out...
  8. Practicing with my laser and my cutting software. Shingled a bird house.. This little house usually has a family in it during Spring, but had moved out for the summer, so I took the opportunity to put on a new roof. Looks like I need to paint, or face an appraisal downgrade.. Oh, well. At least the taxes will be lower, and the insurance too, what with the new roof and all..
  9. Why do I suspect you are messing with me? I'm a " if it looks good, it is good " kind of person...
  10. In what context is it measured by circumference? All the rope I can find for sale seems to be listed with diameter and length. E-rigging for one example.. The rope I'm mostly working with right now is about .6mm in diameter.. I'm not sure how knowing the circumference would help me at this point.
  11. Late to the show, but just wondering Mike; did you ever think about putting Snoopy in the Sopwith? 😁
  12. It may be a question of whether they would have been set together in practice.. Depending on the tack, the gaff sail could be set pretty far to one side or the other of the stay.. However, changing tack with both sails set, would involve a lot of re-arranging of that stay sail tackle..
  13. BETAQDAVE said: "So when you come right down to it, in this instance, how can anyone determine what part or portion of these plans is protected and by whom? Sounds like Lawyers should be kept quite busy trying to determine the age old question: which came first, the chicken or the egg? " You make some good points, but the bottom line here at MSW is that the banned manufacturers have been shown to have copied specific kits/plans from other manufacturers. There is no ambiguity.. It is not as if they are marketing a generic " Topsail Schooner ", the type of which, has been named in any number of kits, and in itself is not restricted by intellectual property rights. However, when they buy an AL Harvey off of eBay, scan the plans, parts and re-box it as it as " Topsail Schooner " there is a problem. That is really all we are talking about here...

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