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  1. Here is a post I made a while back about my plank bender.. Bender
  2. I would like to see more resolution in most pictures.. So many of our members' pictures are small and lacking in detail..
  3. I thought I read somewhere on the forum that the max was 1200 x 1600.. Has that changed?
  4. I'll have to check that out.. I agree, Frankie's model doesn't look like it came from the kit, but could be based on the Chapman drawing. I think the question remains, would 3 pound swivel guns be unworkable as drawn by Chapman?
  5. There is an add image interface at the bottom of the " Submit reply " box.. See: " Drag files here to attach, or choose files ... ", which will open a dialog on your PC/device .. Maximum is 1600 x 1200..
  6. This is Mamoli, folks.. They created a model based on a Chapman drawing.. It has little other basis in reality, especially where the physics of the cannon as modeled are concerned.. The thing to consider here is whether or not the Chapman drawings accurately represent the possibility of a 3 pounder piece..
  7. That angle is common with laser cutters that have not been focused properly.. There will always be a slight angle, but negligible on a finely tuned laser.. You can diminish some of the effect of the angle by reversing adjacent parts...
  8. This is a model I built a few years ago as a gift for a relative. I lean towards creating an art piece, rather than a historically accurate model. However, I now strive toward a more accurate scaling of various details, which were not provided in this kit. I hope to be able to compare this effort with present and future efforts, as I take advantage of all the valuable information I have gleaned from Model Ship World.
  9. This may not be the right place, but I would like to see a reminder about creating albums in the Gallery. Maybe it would be a good idea to not offer the option of submitting images without an album, or at least make the album option the first option on the list..
  10. When you get up to speed with your new camera, here is something you might try. I have found, that with a still camera, phone or whatever, it can be tricky to get just the shot you want with regard to light, focus & etc without a lot of planning and setting up. I will often take a short HD video; moving around, zooming in and out and so forth, then open the video in media player, full screen HD, skip through and find the shot I want, then take a screen snip. I then open it in an image editor to crop it ( I often just use " Paint " ), which does a great job of resizing.. Might seem like a bit of extra effort, but you might be surprised at how it helps to get the exact shot you want.
  11. I hope you will continue to contribute... Controversy at it's best inspires research..
  12. Keep in mind you need to take any comments from Mamoli with a grain of salt. While they created kits of well documented ships such as Victory and Constitution, they marketed any number of kits that were no more than the figment of someone's imagination, while loosely based on actual historic drawings.. I think the Marseille is one of those, and merely based on the Chapman drawing. Chapman does list the ship as an unnamed privateer. That doesn't compute to a training ship in my mind. Some notes on Mamoli kits: The Mamoli we knew over the years went out of business as the result of a fire, or so I heard. Dusek acquired the rights to their kits and is reproducing them now in limited amounts. I do not know if any effort is being made to clarify or correct any of the documentations as it was presented by the original Mamoli Co. I do not believe the Marseille has been resurrected by Dusek.
  13. I was wondering about that also. Mamoli's story was that it was a training ship, but they had a way of making stuff up about their kits. Chances are, Chapman's drawings are the only only information we have on this ship, and in the absence of another source, what was going on, is open to speculation.

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