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  1. There is much discussion about ratline technique, but it is difficult to do a search because the subject appears in many different topics, including many different build logs. You will probably get many suggestions from our members. Here is a technique I like, offered by Jersey City Frankie Glued Ratlines ( Scroll down to post #118 ) I also like what Frankie said in another topic about tying them: The thing about knots, is that they can easily appear way out of scale, depending on the scale of the model and the size of the rope used. Here are some actual ratlines from Victory and Constitution.
  2. My kit also only has two plan sheets. No Sail or mast construction. There is an instructions booklet with three pages of very sparse English instructions, the bulk of which is a parts list. I will be happy to copy and email you those three pages if you feel they would be useful. I would not expect the instructions to be much help to anyone who does not have experience with a few other kits and some considerable knowledge of model ship building in general. While it may be a bit of a chore to filter it out, all of the information you need should be found here as MSW. Not just the Enterprise logs, but any number of other logs that have a lot to offer in the way of technique and how to progress. I'm sure there are others, but one Enterprise log that caught my attention is the one by src.. Enterprise by src - Constructo - 1:51 - or Lessons in Adapt Improvise and Overcome I see 10 Enterprise build logs in the Index of wood build logs. Two of them show finished.
  3. I have what I believe to be a complete kit.. I'll have to check and get back to you later..
  4. I like the natural look and the subdued colors. The darker colors provide too much contrast with the lighter wood of the hull, and draw attention away from the model as a whole. On the contemporary models with darker wood tones, it is not as much of a distraction..
  5. Any insight as to what materials and methods have enabled this art to last for almost 300 years. Winchelsea model. Circa 1764.. Has it been restored at some point ?
  6. Syren ( semi kits..) Model Shipways Caldercraft Amati/victory Vanguard Master Korebel Dusek BlueJacket Not necessarily in that order.. P.S. Since many kits are of fictitious ships, who is to say if they are accurate or not?
  7. Because it was a full time job, and we don't see all the throw aways before they got it right......
  8. Strange .. Your link wants me to log in to see the item.. If I click on my eBay bookmark, I am logged in. I searched for " Byrnes Model Machines 4" Table Saw " and found it...
  9. How did the parts compare to the plans? I have the AVS plans and am considering a scratch build someday.. I don't think I'll bother if parts made from the plans don't go together well...
  10. Dave, Speaking of your FA build. When will you be moving forward? I have that kit on the shelf and feel I have a lot to learn from your experience. Gregory
  11. I see that you are building a scratch Victory.. You might check out this Anchor kit from Syren.. Boxwood Anchors for Cheerful While it is 1:48 based on the cutter Cheerful, and a bit small for Victory, you could use this kit as a basis to fabricate your own.
  12. Just curious.. They appear dark all around, not just the inside edges, and unlike some of your other thin boxwood pieces. like the lantern. Is that just the lighting? The dark color provides contrast that I find attractive..
  13. I'm trying to understand what you are referring to, and who is " James " ? I don't see any posts in " all caps " quoting you or addressing anything specifically you have posted.. Are you responding publicly to private messages you have received?
  14. Why stoop to their level? Just make a concerned comment in one of the build logs of a pirated model..

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