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  1. I've used sanding sticks to round off square axles but I came up with something that works better for me. I use a brass collet in a rotary tool. Smooth and perfectly round.
  2. While I don't foresee tackling the Winnie, I hope you keep coming with the 10s.. They are a great resource to enhance any kit or scratch build.
  3. With some time to spare, you might hold out for the New kit from Amati..
  4. Don't forget the Medway Longboat There are several Master Korabel kits with pre-cut planks.. Another nice one is the Schooner Polotsk seen in this log:
  5. Here are some planking videos that demonstrate the edge bending method that allows the planks to lie flat around the bow.
  6. I like Chucks idea for using wire. If you want to stay with wood, here is a method I have found for shaping small diameters if you have a rotary tool. These are brass collets you can get at amazon. You just slowly push the stock into the spinning collet.
  7. This works, but can be a challenge to look nice and clean.. Not that this shouldn't always be your goal. Having a rabbet at least at the stem, gives you a little wiggle room for shaping the ends of the planks and having a nice clean look and fit.
  8. The Rabbet ( rebate ) is a groove that the planks fit into at the Stem and along the keel. Here is Glbarlow's Cheerful.. The ends of the planks butt into the rabbet at the stem. The garboard plank sits in the rabbet along the keel. In modeling it can be simulated in a couple of different ways .. It isn't always necessary to cut it.. In this topic, I showed an example of how a thin strip down the center of the keel and stem simulates the rabbet when separate keel and stem pieces are added to the backbone in a plank-on-bulkhead model.. There are probably hundreds if not thousands of examples in the build logs.. Just search for " rabbet " ..
  9. Here is a sample of the Ships In Scale index. There is also a powerful search tool that will search through all the issues to find what you are looking for..
  10. PS Here is some nice work by Moreplovac on his Brigantine Phoenix at 1:72 .. You can skim through the log for more detail..
  11. They ( both magazines ) show up on ebay for $3 or more plus shipping.. Not to mention it would be a challenge to put together a complete collection. That makes the CD collections a real bargain..
  12. Something we bring up from time to time; ask yourself are you making a model of a ship, or a miniature ship? With the rigging, if you are modeling, you want to use whatever methods let you give the appearance of full size rigging. As scale goes down, details are lost, and trying to follow full size practice for making knots and such, results in over sized details. I don't know if this is a good example to illustrate what I'm saying, because the builder is pretty much following full size practice, but it shows what can be accomplished, and is something to strive for. La Créole 1827 by archjofo - Scale 1/48 - French corvette I find small amounts of CA are useful in rigging, to hold something in place, when it will be hidden under a lashing or seizing..
  13. Test fit on the boat.. My rope is more of a hemp color as seen in the pictures previously.. Phone camera wants to make it lighter.. I will be blackening the bolts on the tackle fittings..
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