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  1. Where have you Looked? In stock at ModelExpo .. At Cornwall Model Boats..
  2. A lot of kits ( not yours ), have gratings ( the openings ) that are way over-sized to the point that a foot would likely pass through.
  3. It has it's shortcomings, but I had to get a lot deeper into wood ship modeling before I was aware of that. I came across it in the library before I built my first wood model, and I found the Vanguard on the cover to be mesmerizing. It is the kind of book that can get young people hooked.. Just try getting them hooked with Steel as a first book..😁
  4. I was just thinking, if someone had the information, they might share it, instead of sending the questioner off to a source that might, or might not, have the information they were looking for... Maybe David Antscherl could share. Here is a plan from the book : The Frigate Constitution and Other Historic Ships by F. Alexander Magoun
  5. Has anyone mentioned blade height? I wouldn't have the blade height much higher than the final thickness, and also at low RPM..
  6. If you decide to glue them, just some white glue in the hole should keep them in place, but allow for easy removal if you need to later.. Meanwhile your cutter is really looking great!
  7. It may not always be the case, but I have never found CA to work well on, say, two varnished surfaces unless they were roughed up. I have had success with laser char as long as the loose stuff was removed.
  8. CA needs porous material to work well. If the char is preventing penetration of the grain, it might be a problem.
  9. I've been told the flat coils might have been used for inspection, but not on a working ship. I have never seen a contemporary model or illustration with the coils. Here is what you see on brig Niagra Another method is called frapping, as seen here on Victory. I think the coils are a modeling convention from who knows where. In the end, it is how you choose to present your work.
  10. I was just putting that out as an example of what it cost to ship USPS. Did you see the part about: But thanks anyway, for your help...
  11. Not working that way for me. When I click on the notification, it takes me to the post..
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