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  1. Sorry to hear that. But best to take care of business. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery.
  2. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Hope the MRI results show nothing major. Hoisting those beers can be tough. But I can relate to your feelings of guilt. Spring cleaning and yard work has my progress delayed and my Bluenose is feeling neglected. Here's wishing you a quick and complete recovery.
  3. If anyone is going to purchase a lathe or mill, or if you have recently purchased either of these I highly recommend viewing these videos. Very well done and very informative. While they are based on Sherline products, many of the topics will apply to other brands as well. http://www.minimachining.com/
  4. Nice work! Well worth your time and effort. I've learned, and continue to learn from your build log. Thanks for sharing. Dave
  5. I believe this process was covered somewhat in an issue of the Nautical Research Journal.
  6. I assume your using a lathe. Wood or metal lathe? Brand? I have a Sherline lathe and could be of some assistance if your using that. I set the cutting edge of the tool even with the center of the piece I'm turning. Speed & feed are determined by the material being turned. Your lathe manufacturer should be of help with your questions.
  7. Wondering if anyone is using a pantograph to copy sections of build plans? Some items on my build plans are shown at twice scale size. Thought it might work using a pantograph to trace at scale size, cut out the item and then glue / past scale size drawing to whatever medium being used (wood, plastic, metal) before fashioning the item.
  8. How wonderful to have such a beautiful hand down. And knowing the history makes it even more precious. A family heirloom for sure! Thanks for sharing.
  9. I have been very happy with my 2 sided japanese pull saw. One side for soft wood and one for soft wood. It's a flush cut saw so the blade is very flexible. 5 inch blade isn't too cumbersome. Cuts quick and clean. https://www.amazon.com/SUIZAN-Japanese-Flush-Hardwood-Softwood/dp/B07T9K59D1
  10. Hey Ed, my first ship build as well. Welcome to the wonderful, tedious, maddening world of model ship building. I'm almost positive I got the port lights at Modelers Central. They are in Australia so took a while to get them. You may want to ask around on one of the forums for someplace in the US. Many years ago I lived in Sugar Grove. Now I'm just south of Huntley. Dave
  11. Your ability to think outside the box always amazes me. I squirrel away your great ideas as I'm sure I will adapt them to my build at some point. Great work as always!
  12. Seems like there is always something that causes work delays. There are many weeks when I only manage a few hours in the shipyard
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