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  1. Thanks to all for very informative information. There are several ideas that I will add to my building process. Dave
  2. Always good to walk away, sip some wine and let things simmer in the back of one's mind. A solution usually pops up.
  3. I'm looking forward to getting proficient with it. Over the next few days I'll attempt to make the deck pumps from a brass rod. Working on the drawing now.
  4. Ah, linen tester! Readily available and economically priced. Thanks!
  5. Thanks Pat, I will in interested in seeing it. D
  6. Druxey, that's what I have been using but find it a bit clumsy in some situations. Thought there might be a better method I wasn't aware of. Too bad they don't make these in a smaller size. D
  7. Thanks betaqdave. That will work when transferring directly to the workpiece. But how about when that divider distance needs to be translated to a decimal measurement? Using the lathe I need to dial in the measurement so I need the measurement from the plan in decimal form. Dave
  8. Im wondering what tools and techniques others are using when taking measurement from ship plans. I'm slowly, very slowly, moving toward scratch building and finding taking accurate measurements from ships plans a bit clumsy. For instance: I will be making my own deck pumps for Bluenose, turing them from brass stock on a Sherline lathe. This is a small part and the lines on the plans can be quite thick. Do I measure from the outside of the line? The inside on the line? The center of the line? What tools are others using to make the very fine measurements accurately? Tha
  9. I'm really impressed with your progress. Crisp, clean, well defined. I'm jealous 😜. Carry on Patrick!
  10. Jig was a great idea. When I did my deck o made somewhat of a mess with the graphite. Never worked with boxwood or pear but I'm sure looking forward to it. The hell with the sanding, you can do that when you feel like it. 😄😁
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