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  1. Sounds like you're off to a great start. Glad the neighbors and condo board is cooperating, at least so far. Looking forward to seeing more of your handy work. Carry on!!
  2. I thought it best to build the windlass in sections with a 1/8 inch axel through each section. I’m going to post my progress as I proceed. I started off making the windlass drums, also called gypsy heads among other things. Because I had plenty of cherry wood on hand I decided to use it. I first turned down a piece of ½ inch dowel rod to the largest dimension since this piece is slightly tapered. Then turned a slight 5 degree taper. Once that was done I shaped it with Escapement files and drilled a 1/8 inch hole for the axel.
  3. Great work Richard. Thanks for going into detail on how you accomplish your work. I like the clamp you used to hold the .016 flat bar for filing, something you made for yourself?
  4. is there a difference? 😜 Still a beginner at this. But yes, Im a bit of a tool nut. Just want to make my job easier and continue to learn. The Bluenose has, and continues to be, a real learning tool. Maybe someday I'll have enough confidence to build as well as you do. Will be reviewing your video on building a windlass as well before I start that. Isnt it great the way we inspire each other to reach deep down and improve our skills? Thanks for all your tips.
  5. Learning curves, learning curves, learning curves have really slowed me down, that along with what seems like constant snow clearing. Using the grinder in the garage in close to or below zero temps hasn’t been much fun either. LOL First was assembling the new mill, reading all instructions and playing with scrap material and mill attachments until I became somewhat comfortable with it. Second was learning to use a grinder to sharpen and /or make lathe tools. My right hand lath tool needed sharpening and I totally destroyed it attempting to do this. I did have a backup r
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