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  1. Did some rough cutting of the bulkheads. My boards arent wide enough for the whole piece, but its a start. Also I dont think the grain is the right direction, but just using what I got on hand.
  2. Well already made a mistake in my cut and also broke the bow 🤦‍♂️. But oh well. Trying to glue it back on. Destroyed my sheer plans marking the bulkhead lines lol.
  3. I was wondering if someone could help me with understanding keel width. At the bottom of the keel its scaled to be around 1/4" but then the line drawing shows it getting skinnier. I presume the curve from the bottom where it meets the planks represents the rabbet, but the rabbet is just a notch right? So shouldnt the keel be 1/4" the whole way up with the exception of the rabbet? Edit: oh I just remembered about the NRG pdf on understanding ship drawings for modeling, I'll take a look at that.
  4. ok, thanks. So when doing those top lines should it be level across then? without the curve? for making the ribs or bulkheads.
  5. Thanks Roger that's good advice. I had thought about maybe doing a trace onto wood, then cut, trace, cut, etc. from the printout paper to get all the hull lines onto the wood. Frankly my tracing paper lines are a bit embarrassing haha. But I didn't know about the French curve, although I've probably seen one before, thanks! I did also do some tracing in gimp in layers but it would take a lot of pages to get every hull line, and not sure how much ink it would take from my dad's printer. And there is still stuff I don't know about ship building. Like I was wondering about the lines h
  6. Hello, I am attempting a scratch build here. However I'm not sure how far I'll make it in the build, but it's been fun so far getting things together. Some members here have helped me get started with finding plans which lead me to getting "The search for speed under sail" by Howard I. Chapelle. Which has provided the plans I am starting this log with. It was difficult trying to get scans from the book until with reluctance I cut the plans pages out of the book. And afterward spent some time using gimp and freeCAD trying to trace lines and eventually just stuck with gimp, which I foun
  7. This is odd because my kit which is also the buccaneer from OcCre has the wooden carriages and was purchased in 2020.
  8. So far I think rigging has been the most tedious, but as you get used to it, its not quite so daunting. Its been a good learning ship. Also OcCre releasing a tutorial playlist for this ship has helped.
  9. Looks great! I really like what you did with the doors too. I might use that technique in my build, thanks!
  10. Finally got around to doing some more work on the galleon, had done some before but hadn't posted any updates. Been chipping away at it here and there recently.
  11. Thanks! Have fun with the planking, it was tough for me but once its done the ship feels pretty nice
  12. Survived the second planking. If there is a next time, i think super glue would be much better than gorilla wood glue for that part. Also when doing the bottom ridge (keel?) It helped a bit to use some more of the pin nails to hold them in place. Certainly made some mistakes, however things are starting to shape up a bit
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