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  1. Looks great! I really like what you did with the doors too. I might use that technique in my build, thanks!
  2. Finally got around to doing some more work on the galleon, had done some before but hadn't posted any updates. Been chipping away at it here and there recently.
  3. Thanks! Have fun with the planking, it was tough for me but once its done the ship feels pretty nice
  4. Survived the second planking. If there is a next time, i think super glue would be much better than gorilla wood glue for that part. Also when doing the bottom ridge (keel?) It helped a bit to use some more of the pin nails to hold them in place. Certainly made some mistakes, however things are starting to shape up a bit
  5. Im considering maybe using more clay to try and fill in more of the gaps. But i get the feeling its not super important to fill every gap since it all gets covered by more planking
  6. Did some sanding and more planking. Mistakes were made planking, but i hope it will work out in the end. Update: added more photos showing more recent progress
  7. So far the most difficult part has been planking the hull. Im not super happy with my work on it, but figure I'll see how it goes. Hoping sanding will make things work
  8. 😆 Thanks! Sorry I mean that I'm starting to like the ship more than I did before. I'm already thinking about what model to do after this though haha 😆 it is fun
  9. Edit* added a second picture showing some patches. I cut out more than I was supposed to.
  10. First bit of planking. I didn't really wanna pencil in the staggers as the instructions says. Any tips on staggering? When doing a plank floor its nice to randomize things using cut offs, but here the planks are really long, so just went mostly with a pattern sorta based off the picture in the instructions.
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