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    Remember, this is 'interests'. Not 'activities'. Some of them used to be activities, but the body deteriorates over time. And the mind? Well, it, er, changes.
    Kite-flying. Orienteering. Cross-stitching. DIY. Astronomy. Computers. Model ships (duh!). Philosophy. Morris dancing. Folk/country music. Cooking. Beer (or Real Ale, to be precise). Belly dancing (because my eldest daughter is amazingly good at it!). And a few other things ...

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  1. Actually Magrat Garlick was my favourite character, but only when she was just a junior witch. Not as Queen of Lancre. And I did regret that Twoflower never turned up again after the very early episodes. I’m sure I’ve got an illustrated version of Cohen the Barbarian somewhere. Must try to look it out and re-read ...
  2. Oh yes, I clearly recall seeing communications like that too! Would be difficult to use that format on Twitter these days, wouldn’t it? 😀
  3. Probably. If not those exact words, something very like them. To be honest, it was just that flowery intro line that printed itself indelibly in my mind!
  4. In the years immediately after WW2 I had a pal who got copies of Mad from a USAAF airman friend of his dad's. It was some time in the mid-fifties that Mad came out with a UK edition, and I think they repeated the 'one grunch' gag in the first issue of that.
  5. A little bit of history for you. Well, more like just reminiscing really, I suppose. Sixty-one years ago, after my National Service in the RAF, I started work as a young Executive Officer in the Admiralty in London. I was in the Manpower Planning and Complementing Division, and it was frequently necessary to write letters to Commanding Officers of ships and auxiliaries of the Royal Navy to tell them crew changes. I could never just say "Dear Sir, we're reducing your crew by one Leading Seaman". No. The wording of every letter would have to start "Sir, I am commanded by My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to acquaint you that", followed by the factual bit. After a year or so the wording was changed from "acquaint" to "inform" (which even back then I saw as a regrettable nod in favour of 'progress'), and it remained like that until the Admiralty was subsumed into the Ministry of Defence, and I left HQ London to work for the Admiral Superintendent of Portsmouth Dockyard (in the office block right under the bowsprit of the beautiful HMS Victory). But I often wonder what level of formality and politeness remains in today's official naval communications...
  6. I had one grunch but the egg-plant over there. If you remember...
  7. Spoilsport! (sigh). But OK, if you insist.
  8. Thus spake Granny Weatherwax, celeb of the Discworld. Nor am I. Not yet anyway. Just thought I’d let you know!
  9. Oh, right! Yeah, I’ve got a wife like that! But we’ve worked out how to share the chores, and life’s good!
  10. Julie Mo, you never cease to amaze me. Lovely, neat little table. What CAN’T you do?
  11. You’ve been reading too many bank statements! But anyway, Happy Birthday! I’m about ten years ahead of you, hoping to last until July for my 84th. Loved your Clement Clark Moore parody!
  12. Yes, but there’s something actually charming and, well, human about that. The TV studio is a rather artificial place. I like humanity. I also love perusing - and criticising - the bookshelves, and the pictures on the walls, and wondering just what there is through that half-open door.
  13. Doesn’t anybody believe anybody these days? I thought the World Wide Web was supposed to be the panacea that saved us all from falling into a morass of mutual discord and got us all T O G E T H E R ? I’m beginning to fear that the internet Itself is a bigger threat than the little physical health issue we’re discussing ...
  14. Sorry, but even those statistics aren't particularly reassuring. If that death/survival ratio is maintained, there could be approximately one billion deaths worldwide by the time the virus has run its course. For its first run, that is.
  15. But those of us who are older are human too. The virus is going to be around for quite a while, and waiting for six billion doses of an effective vaccine to become available could mean committing the older generation to solitary confinement for the remainder of their years. I say six billion doses, because you can bet the older generation won't be anywhere near the top of the world's priority list when - if - such a vaccine manifests. (Unless you're a politician, I suppose) I would rather be able to cuddle my grandchildren, and take any consequent risks, than just curl up in the isolation of my bungalow, waiting for some natural consequence of old age to remove me from the list of problems the younger generations feel they're lumbered with.

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