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    Remember, this is 'interests'. Not 'activities'. Some of them used to be activities, but the body deteriorates over time. And the mind? Well, it, er, changes.
    Kite-flying. Orienteering. Cross-stitching. DIY. Astronomy. Computers. Model ships (duh!). Philosophy. Morris dancing. Folk/country music. Cooking. Beer (or Real Ale, to be precise). Belly dancing (because my eldest daughter is amazingly good at it!). And a few other things ...

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  1. And there was me thinking Grannie Weatherwax was the original ...
  2. I just youtubed Alice’s Restaurant. Good, yeah, but I can understand why radio stations might have got bored with it after two minutes ...
  3. Yep, enjoyed that. Thanks for posting it. But have to admit the Admiral and I still prefer the Willy Nelson / Highwaymen version.
  4. Loved it. But that was some sting in the tail!
  5. My brain could do with being scanned for faulty segments, plus a defrag.
  6. Blue suede shoes. Can’t remember who recorded that one. Somebody famous, probably.
  7. Oh yes. Remember them well. Never bought one though. It was the Amstrad PCW that dragged me into the computer era. It was a rather dull, useful thing at first. But then someone wrote a really challenging Batman game for it, and then it became FUN! Anyone here remember it? There were other games for the PCW. I vaguely remember one that was supposed to have me flying all sorts of aerobatics in a fighter plane, but I could never get to grips with that one ...
  8. Goon show episodes. There was one when the announcer referred to “the street of a thousand households” and I remember giggling at that. But I also have a faint recollection of one little encounter that mentioned a ‘fog chicken’. My 60-year-old memory says it was incredibly funny, but for the life of me I can’t find it. Does that trigger anyone’s memory?
  9. City of New Orleans. Willie Nelson / Highwaymen.
  10. My guess is that he just copied the clouds-and-ground bit from some other painting he’d done earlier, then just guessed what a Halifax ought to look like and dubbed it in. (It’s what professional artists do. I used to do the accounts for a few professional artists, and most of them were happy to talk about the shortcuts they took.) Anyway, regardless of the features of the ‘aircraft’ he painted, its attitude looks just wrong to me. Chris, you said the painting was done by “one of our artists”. Hasn’t anyone asked him about it?
  11. Child of Nature. John Lennon, bless his soul.
  12. Thanks to a friend who alerted me to this. The World Health Organization has decreed that dogs cannot get Covid 19. This means any dogs held in quarantine can now be released. To be clear -- WHO let the dogs out....
  13. Yeah but why? They don’t live in Canadia!
  14. And I still wonder why, since people from America are called Americans, people from Canada aren’t called Canadans. Or, from another point of view, why aren’t Americans Americians?
  15. Not sure if it was Terry Pratchett who said something like “If it’s a million to one chance, it’s odds on that it might just work”
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