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  1. The spreaders have been sanded to shape, primed and painted while the hounds have been reamed to fit the mast per sail plan. To ready about for rigging , all blocks and turnbuckles have been drilled, filled smooth and painted per instruction booklet. The bottom photo is of the gold trucks at the masthead. An 1/8" dia. hole punch cut the round out of the unused 3/64" thick basswood that was supplied in the kit for the transom bulkhead which I chose to carve out instead. Once the trucks are finished and drilled, the taped over mast caps will be gently slid down the topmast to the designated posi
  2. The top photo is the spreaders glued with CA to the hounds and have yet to be sanded to the final shape. In the middle photo are the completed ships' boats and behind them the spreaders sanded to their final shape. The bottom photo is my forest of masts, booms and gaffs all sanded to shape, primed and painted with the first coat of depot buff enamel.
  3. The elongated scratch built anchor shackle was successful and its chain and crossbar installed on deck along with chain sections for the anchor winch. The square yards have been completed and stowed on deck as they were during the 1905 Kaiser's Cup race across the Atlantic. For turning the 3 masts I fashioned a tailstock using a 5mm ID roller bearing. The 3/16 in. dowel fit snuggly into it to get the required tapering for fitting the hounds and mast caps. The tapered sections of the mast are then hand sanded to insure a proper fit.
  4. Thank you Nic, I never knew body putty could be this effective on such a small scale. A one to one paint to thinner mix works well on them too.
  5. The past few days the bowsprit been tapered, primed and fitted to the stem temporarily. The masting techniques posted in the modeling section present a multitude of methods for fashioning masts, booms etc. The vise mounted drill worked out very well for tapering the bowsprit and was handed sanded with 400 grit paper for priming. One other item I noticed on the sail plan is a shackle for the anchor. After several failed attempts at it the latest one is working out so far. The ships' boat hulls are currently a work in progress with body putty applied and fine sanded with 400 grit paper then 000
  6. Well this is the part of the build I eat crow. A couple posts back I stated there were no mentions, depictions or photos of the anchor's crossmember. As the printer was dispensing my copy of the ship's boats details, there on the right was the anchor and crossmember with instructions to lay them both flat on the deck. My apologies to Bluejacket Shipcrafters for implying a lack of information on the sail plan of Atlantic because of my oversight.
  7. Thank you gsdpic, but if it wasn't for your build log I wouldn't have caught it. By the way, I'm considering a plank and frame hull on my next build but on a lesser skill level as it would be an entry level kit to get the feel off it. Your build of America impressed me with all the lattice work of ribs, beams, planks and decking involved in its assembly. It will be a model to cherish for years to come.
  8. Thank you Etubino, all my woodshop classes from high school have come in handy even on this small scale.
  9. Thank you Nic. I just can't say how enjoyable it is looking at less and less parts as I complete Atlantic in the homestretch.
  10. Hi schooner and thank you for your reply. I never considered using CA for the small flaws so I'll apply both where needed on all hulls. As far as the anchor, there isn't anywhere on the sail plan that shows it at all. The instruction book describes the rigging and wooden deck pads for the anchor flukes to rest on and it's davit but there is no mention, depiction, or photo of that crossmember. I'm going with your advice and laying both anchor and crossmember flat on the deck. Thank you and everyone for the wonderful support and encouragement that's been given me.
  11. Another question is the disposition of the anchor on deck. I've assembled it with the crossmember in place. I noticed on gsdpic's build log of America the crossmembers are unjointed from the anchor and laying flat with it. Have I erred again? lol.
  12. The ship's boats are the last pieces to be completed before the masting and rigging begins. I've been filing and sanding their hulls as smooth as I can but there are slight cavitations on the hull surfaces in certain areas that shows up in the paint. I'm thinking of using small amounts of body putty to remedy this. Any one think this is a good fix?
  13. Except for the 2 optional square yards that get affixed to the foredeck area, all deck fittings, hardware and mahogany furniture have been completed and painted. The mahogany pieces, placed on deck for display, are to be set permanently further on down the build. The windlass is yet to be placed also.
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