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  1. Great puzzle, Dave. What ship is that?
  2. Well that's a bummer, Justin. Each of us has to personally make the call as to what is acceptable and what is not acceptable when it comes to the our models. I've struggled with this at some point with each model that I've built. Last night I heard Lionel Richie tell a heartbroken contestant on American Idol that, "When you win, you win and when you lose, you learn." I thought that was a very wise statement and a great way to reframe our disappointments. I look forward to continuing to follow your build.
  3. Did you hold the ship in your lap while you chiseled the bulwarks? I like to hold my model in my lap when I'm sanding the hull but chiseling would be tricky!
  4. Beautiful model! I have the POB on the shelf for a future build down the road. Thanks for explaining your paint and stain scheme.
  5. I carefully sanded the laser char off from areas that would be visible when I built the Medway Longboat. Otherwise, I only lightly sanded any surfaces that were to be glued if the laser char was heavy and dusty on them. I would just hit those areas lightly with sandpaper so that the char that remained was solid and not loose or too dusty. Those joints glued up nicely even though I did not completely sand off the char. I did a small test where I glued up some scrap pieces of wood with char and some pieces with the char sanded off. Then I tried to break them apart and both were very
  6. Great job and great post, Glenn! Your build log will be very valuable to future builders of the Cheerful.
  7. Wow...I didn't realized just how big that model is! You should be able to add an impressive amount of details to her.
  8. Nurses...our unsung heroes...
  9. I just got caught up on your wonderful build log. I want to add my sincere condolences to you on the loss of your husband. I can only imagine your grief. I would be like a small boat adrift in the vast sea if my wife were to pass away before me. I do believe that time helps to heal great wounds and I hope you will find inner peace in due time... As for your magnificent model, it is simply a masterpiece of art and is certainly one of the most beautiful ship models I have ever seen. Your creativity and skill has few peers. You are indeed one of the finest ship modelers the world has
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