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  1. I was very involved in rock climbing for 30 some years. Many years ago, my climbing partner and I were sitting around the campfire late one evening near one of our favorite crags close to Lake Tahoe, California. A shooting star suddenly zoomed over our heads so close that it lit the area up like daylight for a brief instant and cast our shadows on the ground. It startled the hell out us and we both ducked and covered our heads. It was both scary and wonderful at the same time. We didn't hear it hit anything so we thought it must have burned out before it hit the ground. I still remember it lik
  2. I just caught up on your build, Andy, and your POB is looking really good. She has such beautiful lines and I love the colors too. Great job!
  3. She's a gorgeous model and you created a wonderful build log to boot! Congratulations, Glenn, I've enjoyed following along.
  4. Geez...what a bummer. I hope she heals well and quickly. Oh the things we'll do for our furry, best friends! My wife and I were hiking recently in the mountains outside of Tucson, Arizona, with my brother-in-law and his wife. My sister-in-law slipped on a rock crossing a stream and broke her fibula down by her ankle. We had to call for a rescue since she could not bear weight on her leg and it was too painful for her when we tried to assist her to hop along on one leg. The Tucson Volunteer Mountain Rescue Group were fantastic in getting her out. Fortunately, she didn't require surg
  5. Absolutely beautiful, Ekis, and a testament to your outstanding craftsmanship. The clinker hull is fantastic and the paint and weathering are wonderful for a boat of this era. Congratulations!
  6. Thanks very much, Bruce. That information gives me something more to think about. A few years ago I got into playing and making didgeridoos. I made them from raw logs. The process involves splitting the rough shaped didgeridoo in half and then hollowing out the bore on each half before gluing them back together. I used a Japanese handsaw to do this and it was difficult and time consuming. A bandsaw that could handle a depth of at least 10" would make this so much easier and more accurate. I just may need to find a way to rearranged my workspace to accommodate a larger bandsaw.
  7. I really want a bandsaw also but my space is probably half of what you have...not sure I can accommodate one...🙁
  8. Thanks for the tip on the nail polish. I have generally used just a tiny spot of CA to get a hard, quick set on knots but it has its drawbacks since it dries shiny and will darken lighter colors of rope.
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