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  1. This is a very interesting and useful topic. Thanks for getting it started, Phil. I'm working on the original, Pen Duick racing yacht, which is a gaff rigged cutter, and the Artesania Latina plans and instructions are minimal when it comes to the rigging and sails. In addition to Lennarth Petersson's book, Rigging Period Fore-and-Aft Craft, I have found the following two books very helpful also: The Gaff Rig Handbook by John Leather Hand, Reef and Sail 2nd Edition, Traditional Sailing skills for Classic Boats by Tom Cunliffe
  2. Fantastic detailing, Grant! The Model Motor Cars "upgrades" are very expensive but the fine details they add seem to be worth it to me. I have no idea when I will attempt to build my model, but I have an idea that it will be the most expensive model I ever build after looking at all the model enhancements offered by them.
  3. Your craftsmanship looks pretty darn good to me. I have way too many hobbies as well and several more interest that have yet to be explored in depth. I'd need another lifetime to do them all justice. I should probable try and pare them down so I could do a few really well. It is true that the older you get, the faster time goes by.
  4. She's going to be quite a showpiece, Don. You have a nice, spacious workspace also. I don't think I could even fit a model this size into my tiny modeling area.
  5. I did all my painting on my Medway Longboat by brush and it looks really good to my eye. The secret for me was painting many very thin coats of Vallejo Model Acrylic Paint. I must have put 15-20 coats on the caprails and benches but these were fairly small areas to cover. It's not as smooth as my airbrush can do but it still very good. I'm currently grappling with a small "disaster" on the hull of my Pen Duick. I tried to adjust the caprail on the port side of the stern and the top plank pushed out a little and left a cracked line in the paint and it is noticeable if you hold t
  6. Even though the first planking won't be visible in the finished model, it is a great opportunity to learn planking skills so that you feel more confident and are able to do a better job on your second planking. The following post by gbarlow is excellent and well worth the time to read it carefully:
  7. I like the color combinations you are painting. It seems like every build has its difficulties no matter how easy or complex the build is. Good idea to redo the paint with an airbrush too. Cheers!
  8. The Amati Sampang is a very interesting model and looks like a nice choice for your second build. I would highly recommend that, at some point, you look at the two new fishing boat models that Chris Watton of Vanguard Models has recently designed. The Lady Eleanor, a fifi, and the Lady Isabella, a zulu, are very interesting models that are historically accurate and are suitable for beginners. The materials are outstanding and the instructions and plans are as good as it gets. James H has made professional build logs here on MSW also that are excellent too. You can take a look here:
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