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  1. Most of us are our own worst critics. We see the mistakes and little flaws sticking out like a sore thumb. I've pointed out things to my wife that I thought I could have done better and she has always just rolled her eyes and said, "You're the only one who will ever notice that." I painted the hull on my Pen Duick 3 times trying to get the finish I wanted while learning to use my new airbrush. Each time I had to sand it, prime it and repaint it. The most tedious part was the careful masking and painting the 3 colors in the proper sequence one color at a time. It took hours to do it over each time and I still ended up with a small flaw that bugged me but I can't bring myself to completely redo it again. It's actually a beautiful paint job and no one would see the flaw unless they were inspecting the hull close up in one very small area. So I'm happy with it even though I know it's not perfect. As my wife says, "No one will see it but you." Attention to detail and striving for perfection can motivate us to continue to learn and grow our skills but, at some point, it can burden us and drain the joy out of the process too. We each have to find a balance of what is "good enough" for us individually. You may not be 100% happy with your chainplates but you can take pride in your effort and what you have learned. Your next model will be better as a result too.
  2. This is the "whole truth and nothing but the truth!" I've learned this lesson slowly while completing my first two models and I'm currently progressing at a snail's pace on the third.
  3. I'm in the same boat with you, Bug. I've come to the conclusion, that no matter how much you read and study about planking, the only way to get good at it is to utilize some of the outstanding examples in the build logs here and then learn from your mistakes as you go along. I envy those folks who have mastered the process.
  4. 🤣 It took me a moment to get the first one, Allen. Funny stuff!
  5. I like Doc O'Brien's Weathering Powders a lot also. I used them on my Medway Longboat and it made a big difference to my eye.
  6. The Pegasus is such a beautiful ship. I'll be following along and look forward to seeing your progress.
  7. Looks fantastic! Treenailing is one of the most tedious and boring steps in model ship building but worth it in the end. Nice job!
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