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  1. I'm following the Vulture build in more of a "when" to do stuff as opposed to "what" to do. My drawings are not great but sometimes I can see something if I know what I'm looking for. I can't see the fixed blocks on the old drawings but McKay did put them on his drawings.
  2. Actually it's very much like the drawing on pg 266-267 of "Scantlings". You can se the forward one(right under where it says "timberheads" is level but the aft two are slanted.
  3. I would like to plank the inside if it works out. If I put the ribbands on when do I fair the outside of the hull. Do I leave that until just before I plank the outside?
  4. I had planned on getting a rigging book, just not yet. This just jumped up at me when I was looking for things I should be doing. I've been kind of following the order of the Vulture build so I don't end up with a big surprise.
  5. What were fixed blocks in the gunnels for? Were they pretty standard? I just spotted them in Dan's Vulture build and if I knew what they were for it might help me figure out where to put them. Edit, I found them on one of my drawings. Duh😕 I'm assuming they are for(what I would call sheets) sheets for the sails. There are three. Two of them are at an angle that would direct the sheet up to the sails(yards) but the forward one is level. Why would that be?
  6. I have the frames all glued up and the inside faired. Is there any reason for not putting the deck clamps in now? I'm thinking they would beef things up for fairing the outside. Anything that should be done first?
  7. OK, it's all glued together. Hope the framing is right. It's too late if it isn't. The inside is very close to fair. Just some minor sanding. I decided to install the gun ports later. Good frame locations are within 1/16" of where the drawing says the ports should be. Is there any reason not to get rid of the elevated jig? It's kind of in the way for marking deck clamp locations. I would replace it with stem and stern post jigs.
  8. Druxey's build looks perfect, thanks. Just to show that I'm not going in blind I did build this lifeboat for the "Cicely" about 15 years ago. It's a proper clinker built. 5" long.
  9. I've ordered May's book. $22 for an $11 book. Thanks for that Alan. 13", that's 1/4" at 1:48. That's a lot of frames on a 5 1/2" boat. I watched Keven Kenny's vid on building lifeboats. I'll read Druxey's build.
  10. Thanks Justin. I can pick a few details from that. The transom looks interesting. I have been toying with using Bounty boats. Capt. George mentions the Bounty incident in his book so I knew they were contemporary.
  11. I have looked at the link that Alan posted. It has stations marked but not frames. Is this one place where they coincide? I must be putting in the wrong search words because " ships boats" got me nowhere.
  12. When Vancouver was exploring the coast. He would anchor the Discovery in one bay and the Chatham in another some miles away and then they would do all the surveying from the boats. There are more nooks and crannies than you can shake a stick at in the inside passage and taking the ships up many of them was not wise. The winds here are very fickle so it would be possible to have a ship stuck in an inlet for days or weeks even. I assumed that the boats would have sails but I'm not sure. Vancouver does talk about having to row for extended periods which made me think it was out of the ordinary.
  13. Thanks Alan. What is "The Establishment"? I'm sure I've heard it mentioned a few times. Never mind, I found it in Wikipedia🙂
  14. I found some info that is helpful that Alan posted on this thread Securing boats - Discussion for a Ship's Deck Furniture, Guns, boats and other Fittings - Model Ship World™ Second post. Just bringing it over here so i can find it again.
  15. I'm looking for info on the boats that The HMS Discovery ay have carried. All I know so far is from Capt. Vancouver's book. In various spot through the book he mentions a launch, a cutter and a yawl. The available deck space is something less that 30'. In my searching I found some really nice drawings of a 26' yawl on Wikipedia but nothing for the other two. Is there any place I can find the likely length of the various boats? Were boats always stored lengthwise? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
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