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  1. Who cares how thick it is if you can't see it? Having said that, before you dismiss me as a heathen 🤪🙉... Are you a master? Probably not. Do you have excellent planking skills? If so and your planking is perfect, then maybe you won't have problem, but when I plank...no matter how diligent I try to be, I get irregularities. Some planks and some strakes stand slightly prouder than others. If you start off with really thin wood then you might end up sanding a hole in your hull. I like using planks with a little extra meat so you can sand them down to a smooth surface. I really don't like getting much thinner than 3/64ths. If some of your planks are scale 4 or 5 inches thick, but you have a good smooth surface, does it really matter?
  2. MALCO. Cranston, Rhode Island https://www.malcosaw.com/high-speed-steel-saws/jeweler-s-slotting-saws.html Based on Jim's recommendations, I used to get my replacement blades from THURSTON. When they went out of business, somebody recommended MALCO...I believe it was this forum. I see relacement for slitting saw blades, which I use 90% of the time, but not a comparable larger carbide blade. I use thatso seldom, I don't forsee a need for replacement.
  3. Use your exacto knife or equivilent to do the same.
  4. I found the plans in the book to be adequate to build the hull,but I would recommend getting the plans for Model Shipways ARMED VIRGINIA SLOOP for your rigging and sail plan.
  5. I've never been a Craigslist type of guy, but as I prepare to get around to thinking about planning my next project I know my Dremel bolt=to=the=table scroll saw just won't cut the mustard. With the credo "go with quality" as is often espoused here and with this post in mind, I set my sights on Craigslist with the idea of getting a reasonably priced DeWalt. Patience paid off. In addition to many "one project and sold" saws on the market, I saw many "husband bought this many years ago and no longer needs it" saws. In this category I am sure there were many older models that used to be good but are now made overseas. As I said, patience paid off. I paid more than I planned for a used DeWalt...but FAR less that I would have for a Hegner. Thanks for the tip. I recommend to all.
  6. Got wood? I have been thinking about planning to getting around to considering a project that I want to use cherry for. Since Crown Timber closed its door and Chuck stopped selling cherry, I needed another quality, reliable source. I checked out Ocooch based on recommendos from Chuck and others in this thread and others. I am glad I did. They provide a good selection of woods and alot of pre-planned sizes. While most of what I wanted was on their webpage, I needed a size that was not. I contacted the company and Ethan responded quickly. The prices are reasonable and the quality good. I ordered the wood and it was received in a very timely manner. I would strongly support getting Ocooch aboard as a sponsor. Even if that does not pan out, I highly recommend them as a wood source. No affiliation, just a satisfied customer. Thanx Chuck for the recommendation.
  7. What you saw were plugs, not treenails. The deck plank is countersunk then nailed into place. Next, a plug is inserted into the hole to protect the nail. Looking at treenails you see end grain. Plugs you see side grain.
  8. The smallest SYREN has is 18MM. Four for $9. If you can spot a MM difference on 2 objects not directly next to each other, you have better eyes than I.
  9. I agree. My experience with the Dremel drill press is it is wobbly...not good for fine accurate work. Vanda-Lay Industries used to make one (Dremel based drill press/mill) that was quite a bit more accurate. I'm not sure if they are still around. You are faced with a decision; stay with Plan A and it's issues or write it off as a learning experience and go with Plan B, the alternate keel. I recommend going with Plan B. Errors tend to compound as you go along. See what others suggest.
  10. I use the 7700. It is a little bulky than the 8050, but I have no problem with it. The 7300 looks to be a little less bulky. Both are 2 speed. The 7700 runs faster than the 7300 on both speeds, but I have no issue. I would also get the micro chuck.
  11. Cricket, That appears to be a Dremel drill press with some sort of X-Y table attached. If so, where did the X-Y come from?
  12. I am a big fan of Dremel cordless. I have several although not this particular model. It SAYS it gets 3.5 hours on a charge but I have found that these claims are always high. That is why I always get at least one spare battery so when battery 1 goes flat during a project, I can switch out to battery 2 without having to wait for recharge. It appears the battery for this tool is integral to the tool and it is charged as a whole unit. That would be my primary concern. Love the 'headlight'.

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