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  1. Hmmm. Hadn't thought of that. I was thinking the kit supplied blocks didn't look quite right. Perhaps it is because I am so used to seeing 18th century blocks. I guess I need to look at some of Louie da Fly's olde tyme cog paintings and re-evaluate.
  2. I assume you mean IPA=rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) versus the beer.
  3. Clare, They came with the same built-up/laminated blocks as the card version except wood. I am swapping out with SYREN blocks.
  4. Looking good! I had/am having similar issues with using card stock that you noted in your opening post. I will experiment with soaking the parts in varnish. I am not familiar with nitro based varnish.
  5. Cog has been stained. Nothing exciting...same as before except a little darker. While I was waiting for glue and stain to dry over the last week, I started working on the stern castle. The first part consists of a base, 3 complete sides and 1 partial side. The base has a bunch of under-deck structure designed to make it stronger. Unfortunately after everything was in place the base structure started to warp. I tried to straighten it out by misting it and placing a heavy object on it. Once dry, it was straight, but a half hour later was warped aga
  6. Many thanks. You/Chris warned about not installing the tiller before adding the superstructure. I will heed this warning as well. I am using Weldbond to attach the straps/hinges but I am not sure how secure they will be.
  7. I tried to insert just the link, but the whole video loaded. If you click on it just right, you will find various clips of the HARRALD FAIRHAIR at sea.
  8. From one cog-man to another, well done!!! and good luck with your new build. WOOD: I have used cherry for internal framing in the past. It is strong and works well. FRAMES: Attached is a link to the building of the Viking longship HARRALD FAIRHAIR. You may have already seen it. While the longship and cog are not the same, construction appears to be similar. Perhaps it will give you some ideas. Reminder: on a cog the first three strakes (garboard plus 2) are NOT clinker, they are caravel. I look forward to your progress.
  9. Clare, No, the support structures were there. I was just curious as to why we were adding them AFTER the ladder. Once I made the ladder, however, and saw the notches I figured it out.
  10. Progress continues. finishing up small parts of the bow area. Got photobombed by a bug who got onto the model before I starting photographing. Clare---I found you missing parts. I did not like the laminated bitts so I made my own. Next step. Add gudgeons to the stern, then stain the exterior hull. ...ooops, I have to stain the bow support thingies as well.
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