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  1. Ken, Stopping by after a long hiatus. This is really looking great!!! As I approach retirement, I plan to dust off my PROVIDENCE and get back to work on it. I will DEFINITELY be looking at your build log from time to time as a reference,
  2. Alas, the fate of many replicas and reproductions. People are willing and energized to fund and build the shiny new ship, but maintaining it is boring and people lose interest.
  3. I have used cherry in the past with much success. SYREN used to carry it, but no longer does. 😢 I got my last batch from Ocooch Hardwoods. https://ocoochhardwoods.com/
  4. I am not sure if I can get the alcohol version here in the People's Republic of California. Amazon will not ship it and Michael's only has the water based version. I may have to get it next time I am in Arizona. Any thoughts?
  5. Substantially thicker? maybe so. I only look at my double edge once a week when I change them out...and I am usually half asleep. I just know the single edge that I posted works great and I keep my fingers. ...and some day I will get back to work on CardyDog.
  6. Clare, Here is what I was talking about. At first I was using a scalpel but it just wasn't cutting the mustard (so to speak). I got 5 pack of these and they work great. They ARE thicker than a normal double edged blade (which I use), but not overly so.
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