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  1. Which town? A few years back I drove around that area, hitting Lincoln, Roswell, Fort Sumner and (I think) Tularosa.
  2. Do it right. Remove the planks. Soak the joint{s) with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. It will soften the glue (if you used wood glue). I have done this several times before. If you let the mistake go, it will compound down the road.
  3. Alex, Hey there...welcome to MSW. I missed this. Too busy retiring. As a matter of fact, yes. I have set Cardydog aside and am working slowly on Woodydog. I am at about the point as post #10 here. I set Cardy aside for a reason, which I will hope to reveal withing the next 2 or 3 weeks. It will be easier to show than explain. I am finding it much easier and more pleasurable. I don't know if it is wood versus card or if it is because I have done it already...or both. I am working on building and not documenting, but I should probably start
  4. Chimp, Outstanding for a first build. Pretty darned good for a not-first build. Keep up the great work! Welcome to MSW. ...and a Happy New Year. Give my regards to the folks over at the MATTHEW Trust.
  5. Ruud, Welcome to MSW. Your post resonates with me on many levels. My first ship model also went into the fireplace. If I knew then what I know now I would have disassembled it (using isopropyl alcohol) and made corrections. It still probably would have gone into the fire, but I would have learned by experimentation. Not biting off more than you can chew and working on something that appeals to you is a good realistic approach. Despite how it looks, simple is not always easy but is a good way to get a feel for the basics. When done well, th
  6. I think you mean basswood. Boxwood is not widely available nor would you want to use it as the first layer of planking under walnut...or anything.
  7. As John said, only get what you need, but at this point you don't know what you will need. Also, as your skills grow, what you need grows. What I use for every build: THE OBVIOUS Scalpel or #11 exacto knife yellow wood glue tooth picks to apply the glue Dremel clamps. You can never have too many clamps. Look at the build logs for examples sandpaper: I use 400, 220 and 100 mostly sanding block sanding sticks/wife's emory boards THE NOT SO OBVIOUS Magnification and illumination: Good lighting is a must a
  8. There are a couple good model clubs in your general area. if you are interested. Not much activity due to COVID, but... The Ship Modelers Association (SMA) meets up in Fullerton. The San Diego Ship Modelers Guild meets in San Diego at the San Diego Maritime Museum on the ferry BERKELEY. While in person meetings are on hold, they have been holding meeting virtually for the past 2 months.
  9. 😲 EEEEKK!!!!!! Balsa wood or basswood? If you are planking with balsa hold that thought. Go to a hobby store or Michael's and get some basswood. It may be a bit late now for your current model, but below is what I think they were trying to represent.
  10. A warm welcome to MSW. Where in California do you hail from?
  11. When did bricks come into common use. I guess I never gave it much thought. I like the mold. I could have used that for my PHILADELPHIA cook stove. 3D printing is fascinating. Printer prices are coming down but the other technology involved confounds me; scanners? CAD? A serious investment in resources and learning.
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