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  1. Due to their fine unterwater lines, french ships of the time had little bouyancy fore and aft. This could explain the 'missing' gun ports. I´m having a little trouble with the bow, the waterline drawing indicates a beakhead bulkhead, but what is the line in the profile (marked with the red arrow) supposed to show? Here´s what Boudriot in 'History Of The French Frigate' says about this: 'There appears to be some hesitation in the depiction of the head of the vessel, so that is impossible to say wether it is round or square. Logically, the former ought to be the case, despite th
  2. Hello Time to start a new build log for an old project of mine, the Panthere, a french 6-pounder frigate. According to Boudriot, she was one the last fregates légères. Built in 1744 in Brest, she was captured in 1745 by the Royal Navy and had a pretty successful career which lasted until 1763. As with the Hvide Orn, I´m using Blender 3D and GIMP. WIP pics (the hull is just the outside planking at the moment): Regards, Stephan
  3. Thanks for the detailed explanation, SketchUpModeller! It looks like your approach is pretty much the same as mine, just with a different program, very interesting. Keep the posts coming
  4. @Yambo I see. In theory, you could do this in Blender, too, but 3D programs with a strong CAD backround like Solidworks would be a better choice, in my opinion. @SketchUpModeller Yes, that´s the plan. She´ll have a complete hull, interior (upper deck and gun deck, cabins), masts, rigging and all the necessary textures. It´s going to be a long journey, but I think the result will be worth it
  5. Thanks for the comments so far @Yambo Yes, you can do this with Blender - or any other advanced 3D application, for that matter. To to this, I´d model a simple plane, apply a solidify modifier to simulate the thickness of the plank and snap it onto the basic hull shape. A very tedious job, but it should work in my opinion. The result would look like a 3D planking extension: http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/81961.html
  6. Hello folks! As the title says, this is a 3D build log about the Hvide Orn, the first 'real' 12-pounder frigate and one of Peter Wessel´s flagships during the Great Northern War. My modelling tool is the latest version of Blender, textures are made with Gimp. Plan (available at orlogsbasen.dk): There´s not much to show so far, but I started with the basic hull shape above the whales: For comparison, here are two of my older projects I´ve also made with Blender: Regards, Stephan
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