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  1. Oh, là, là...good work as always, John! My fingers are itching and Blender is ready
  2. Oh my...that´s beautiful, my compliments to the Unknown Artist™ I hope I can do the drawings justice in 3D.
  3. That gave me a good chuckle, too. Looking forward to work with the next version of the lovely Cornélie, John!
  4. Very interesting posts, trippwj! I´m looking forward to the next installment
  5. I´d love to see some french frigates, too. La Forte or maybe La Virginie. Or a danish one, they built beautiful vessels like Hohlenberg´s 24-pounder frigate Perlen of 1805: Another beauty, Schifter´s Galathea: Launched 1833 and made the first danish circumnavigation of the globe in the years 1846/47.
  6. Finally got the time to do some modelling: Model is still very rough around the edges (literally), but it should give a first impression of the hull shape. Which is, needless to say, very elegant John, any big chance for the plan upcoming or can I continue with the set you gave me?
  7. I feel your pain, John. Bought a new comp one month ago and it took me 2 weeks to set things up...still have a lot of programs to install. But the move was well worth it, boot up phase takes 5 seconds and Blender/Gimp run smooth like silk. I´d suggest some Boccherini or Lully as background music when doing the tedious stuff. Calms me down nicely
  8. John, one question: the red line on your half-breadth is the upper deck, I suppose? I have a little problem with our good old friend, l'estain. I finally have spare time for modelling again after two very busy weeks at work. Feels good
  9. Harris' biography about af Chapman has a very interesting appendix with Chapman´s hand-written calculations for a 70-gun ship, made in 1767. He calculated: - displacement volume (with two methods, integration of the cross-sectional areas at each station and integration of the areas of each waterplane) - location of the centre of bouyancy - centre of flotation - location of the metacentric heigth above the load waterline Well worth a look if one wants to know how they did things back then
  10. She already is a beauty, John, a beautiful french lady. And it looks like this plan is going to be an absolute joy to work with Edit: Looks like the original plan for La Cornélie has been found in the archives...your version is spot on, John! Why Sané is mis-spelled Johné and it has a scale with french and british feet is still a mistery for historians, though.
  11. Thanks for the kind comments! Citoyen John, Cornelie is in the top three of my to-do list, absolument No.1 is the ship in this thread, No. 2 is Cornelie, No. 3 is a snow, also designed by Chapman.
  12. This one: http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/66550.html Very elegant ship
  13. Well observed, she has a pretty sharp bow and a fine run. A bit difficult to see on the pictures, though. Frigates with 24 guns on the upper deck were pretty common in the swedish and danish navy before the 1780s, probably because they preferred shorter - thus cheaper - ships with rather fine lines combined with british construction features. Chapman´s ten ships of the Bellona-class were the first frigates in the swedish navy with a conventional 26-guns setup (they carried 24-pounders, by the way). And the forward-most gun port at the position of the foremast was a typical design f
  14. Started with the fiddly bits..and slapped some colour on it - no proper textures yet, though. The colour scheme is based on the contemporary model (ca. 1780) of the Bellona and the Gustav Adolph. And thanks for the likes, guys!
  15. Hi folks! I started this little project as a simple study on how the body plan would translate into a 3D shape but I liked what I saw so I continued and added further details. It´s by no means finished and there are a lot of things still to do. The draught can be found in D. Harris' highly recommendable biography about the swedish shipwright Frederik af Chapman. It´s part of a series of drafts, ranging from a snow to a 110-gun ship, which have been made by af Chapman in 1798. Out of this series, only three ships were actually launched, a brig, a 74-gun ship and the 24-pounder friga
  16. Never seen the Renommée model from the front or back, but wouldn´t the hull shape give the most obvious hint whether she was designed by Forfait (or one of his 'disciples' like Degay, LeTellier, Gauthier or Pestel) or not? Edit: Hm, here´s the model in question. In picture number four, the hull does indeed look V-shaped, but the absence of any significant tumblehome (unlike Forfait´s Seine- or Gloire-class) makes me think that either Gauthier or Pestel could have been responsible for the design, probably the latter. And Pestel usually gave his frigates bridle ports, as can be seen on h
  17. As far as I know, Mr. Delacroix is currently working on a monograph about L'Eqyptiènne. This is going to be a must-buy
  18. Impressive, indeed! Looks like the plan is coming along nicely, citoyen JohnE
  19. Quite an interesting and helpful line, that. Here´s what it can look like in 3D: Not canted the right way at all areas and too thick but it should be helpful to unterstand the concept. Just noticed this in the first post. Are the 'superior sailing qualities' described in detail?
  20. This is how it looks on the sheer, by the way: It´s for a danish ship but they used french methods at the time. What´s really puzzling is that the red lines are perfectly straight on the waterlines plan. (and sorry for derailing your thread, John)
  21. Me likes. A lot. I´m trying to find a nice project for a 3D model for a while now and the Pallas by Sané is in the top 4. The other are Forfait´s Seine, the Termagant (a Brit, but based on the lines of the french privateer Pomona) and L`Embuscade of 1789 (french, but the design seems to be heavily inspired by F. af Chapman). Will follow your log with great interest, citoyen JohnE!
  22. Sure http://digitaltmuseum.se/search?page=6&query=Ritning,%20Chapman I only searched for Ritning (drawing) and Chapman, you may get better results with a broader set of keywords/options (e.g. just ritning and a period setting of 1750 to 1800) as some drawings may not be tagged with 'Chapman'. Best way to get a high resolution pic is to right-click on the download button and choose 'save target as...' and don´t forget to add the file extension. If you click on the picture itself, you get a smaller version most of the time. For example, Chapman´s drawing of the stern/head of th
  23. So, bit the bullet and ordered the plans. Can´t wait to get the link, feels a bit like Christmas But I can´t help to ask myself why the NMM can´t be a bit more it´s swedish counterpart. They not only offer Chapman´s ANM for free, but a lot of his personal collection also is available for download in high resolution pictures. This includes a very nice plan of the Victory of 1737, the drawings he made during his stay in Brest, draughts of the Wasa and the Bellona class and much, much more. And this is just the Chapman collection. They also have countless draughts of 19th and 20th centur
  24. Michael, you get one 'item' for the price, in my case the body plan with sheer lines. There are two other plans (another body/sheer and the decks), so the whole set would probably cost 150 pounds. As robin and druxey already said, considering the time you´re going to spend with it, it´s a rather small investment. That´s what I´m telling myself (and the lady admiral), at least And I don´t know about the file size, but it should be huge, as the resolution is in the 10000 pixel range. You get an order form after the request and once the payment is done, you´ll receive an email with the downl
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