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  1. Just talked with my boss and I'm going to extend my spring holidays till at least the end of April and self-isolate as much as possible. My gf runs a couple of pharmacies in a rather rural area here, so I really need to limit the risks of of getting her infected at home as much as possible. If she´s getting ill and her stores have to close for a couple weeks would be disastrous, especially as she supplies a retirement home and offers home delivery for a lot of elderly people. On the bright side, lots of time to get into the hobby again, which I'm really looking forward to. Re-reading 'Frigate Commander' at the moment and sorting my ship plan collection.
  2. Just experienced this yesterday, I gave an advice on how to approach a certain area with Blender techniques. Problem is, the thread starter is using 3Dmax >.<
  3. I'd recommend using latices - lot´s of them - for the stern and quarter galleries. Latices turn flat surfaces into nicely curved planes and can be easily modified. Example: Main lattice controlling the stern highlighted yellow Part of the stern in Edit-mode
  4. A reference object in the modelling app works, too, of course. But I take measurements from the plan(s) anyway, if only to check if there are distortions and if the horizontal pixel/feet ratio is the same as the vertical one. And if you already have a pixel/feet ratio, why not use it in the app?
  5. The '50 pixels per feet' probably is just a measurement taken from the original plan in a program like Photoshop or GIMP
  6. @Hubac's Historian Stumbled over this in the Swedish archives today: https://digitaltmuseum.se/011024826857/ritning/media?slide=0 https://digitaltmuseum.se/011024826859/ritning Both are attributed to Compardel, but the ship isn´t the SR. Any ideas which vessel this might be?
  7. Through industrial espionage missions educational trips of their shipwright trainees. These were a part of the very thorough education danish naval engineers received on the way to the top post of fabrikmester (with tasks similiar to the british surveyor). For example, Frantz Hohlenberg travelled to France, England, the Netherlands, Italy and Sweden before he was recalled to Danemark. Um, 'step'? The transition from 'normal' planking/diminishing strakes to the wales?
  8. No planking and the breadth given is breadth moulded. By the way, the numbers on the right side give the distances between station lines.
  9. That's the Virginie-class La Belle Poule, launched in 1802. Not the same ship, hjx. The danish archives hold a copy of the original french body plan of the 1765 LBP, comparing that with the british 'as captured' plan might be worth the effort
  10. Sure there were. I'd suggest getting the excellent Frigate Commander. Reading Moore´s diary entries about his relationship with his crew and officers will answer your question :)
  11. Heilung is awesome...my go-to background music when playing Skyrim or Hellblade. Also good for work outs!
  12. Uh, another Blender user, good And very nice and easy to understand tutorial, I'm looking forward to seeing further progress on your Ernestina. My approach usually is a bit different as I'm using textured planes for the draughts, but that´s a matter of taste, I suppose. That´s a swedish sloop built in 1760s, by the way.
  13. Haha, don´t worry, guys, that´s the usual first reaction to 2Cellos. If you haven´t already, check out their Sydney Opera live show, simply amazing! By the way, that´s my favourite, their Californication cover (original by Red Hot Chili Pepers): Turn the volume up - preferably on a good sound system - and enjoy
  14. Well, Floor (and Anette before her) certainly had big shoes to fill, Tarja is pretty much one of kind. More eclectic stuff ^^
  15. @uss frolick Caravane Palace, very good choice! A few music vids from my playlists: Classic and some good old Heavy Metal

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