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  1. That´s some great info, Chapman. Dankeschön! I´ve been able to track down the print you mentioned (The Mars Private Ship of War/John Chilcot Commander). It´s available for download at the Yale Center of British Art site and in a rediciously high resolution, 3000x3000 px, file size is 23 mb. A fine looking ship, the Mars. Do you know her dimensions? With 22 12-pounders she must have been in the 600 to 700 tons burthen range. Again, very interesting info. Thanks, Druxey!! I noticed the slope, but didn´t know why they did it this way. This ship was a sailing anachronism, a 20 year
  2. Interesting info, frolick, as far as I know she was placed in ordinary in 1790 and finally sold in 1795 after a rather uneventful career. There was a Termagant in active service at the turn of the 18th century, but it is listed as a 18-gun post ship. Could very well be. And at the start of the 1780s, the RN started arming sloops with 12-pounder carronades (Echo class). Maybe they thought a gun deck of 20 6-pounders plus 2 or 4 12-pounder carronades would be more efficient than just a gun deck of 18 or 20 9-pounders?
  3. Hi folks! While searching the NMM-website for interesting projects, I stumbled upon this beauty (and instantly made a price inquiry for a digital copy): http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/82993.html Perfect fusion of french (hull shape) and british shipbuilding, in my opinion. The lines, like the HMS Ceres of 1777, seem to be based on the Dunkirk-built privateer 'Pomona' (1761). The NMM does not explicitly make this connection, but if you look at the body plan and compare the dimensions of the three ships (all have a length-to-breadth ratio of ~ 3.95), it should b
  4. Shouldn´t the ladderways be aft of the mainmast anyway? That was the usual practice on 8-pounder frigates, as far as I know. You could check the NMM for similiar ships: http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/82910.html http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/384024.html http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/82056.html http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/83818.html
  5. That drawing is from the Atlas du Genie Maritime, printed in the middle of the 19th century, if I remember correctly. Do the measurements on the plan correspond to those given here? : http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=17503
  6. Congratulations, Mark, you´ve reached the model building nirvana, the highest state of mind of this hobby
  7. Hi Scott, everything´s done in Blender, as I don´t like breaks like importing/exporting in my workflow Thanks I´ll redo the capstans and forecastle fittings, so there should be more internal stuff to show soon. ------------------ Finished the texture for the ship bell today: The whole text reads 'PANTHERE FECIT 1744' Best regards, Stephan
  8. Sounds like a very interesting project. May I ask why you chose ANCRE plans? Is this just about french vessels? And what is a low-to-mid polycount for a sailing ship? 20k tris? 100k tris? Curious minds and all that...^^ By the way, just had a look at your website, great modelling (the Suprise has a couple of inaccuracies, though), but I really fell in love with your drawings/paintings.You have a very nice style with an unique atmosphere
  9. To answer Anja´s question, the length of gundeck was 84 french feet with a breath of 22 ff. And great choice, gianperro, what a beautiful ship! I love that tumblehome, it makes her look like a curvaceous lady. Keep up the good work
  10. And on it goes...changed the transom and added a couple of things inside Original plan for comparison: Regards, Stephan
  11. Nirvana, Blender´s definitely worth a look (or two ). And thanks for the nice comment, really appreciated! Been working on the head today, here are the latest wip pics: Not happy with the shape of the cathead supporter, gonna do that again, I think.
  12. Don´t worry, a glass with a nice red wine usually isn´t far away when I´m working on this model Especially if parts of the rigging need to be done. Started with the shrouds for the main masts yesterday:
  13. hehe, a nice guy on another modelling forum suggested that I should have some sawdust on my desktop to get the feel and smell of the 'real' thing But no, otherwise there won´t be any sawdust. Maybe a nice stand for the ship with her name on it
  14. Great to see another Blender user here. I hope your 'storms' are over soon and you are able to continue your lovely work!
  15. Ed, Blender really is easy to use if you get used to the interface. It doesn´t take more than a few tutorials and you´re using shortcuts 80% of the time anyway Soooo, summer break´s over, had some quality modelling time this week: Changed a few bits here and there and added the beams for the quarterdeck. 'Humans' are 5'9''. Regards, Stephan
  16. Thanks, Tony, Joe and Daniel More pics to come soon, I´m just a bit busy with two builds now, but I´ll continue the work on the Panthere next weekend. Regards, Stephan
  17. Very impressive, Magnus! The render times must be enormous. What´s the polycount of the model?
  18. Thank you for your kind words, Tony Well, this is one of the big problems with 3D builds, all depends on the program you´re using. As far as I know I´m the only Blender user (rather surprising as it is completely free) here - and the only one who makes modells intended for games, so I didn´t think that my approach would be worth explaining in detail. But if there are other blender user I´ll happily share my modelling techniques, just feel free to ask And now some recent pictures of the modell: Regards, Stephan
  19. And the work goes on. To be honest, I´m a bit daunted by the quality of the other 3D builds here, but oh well... Not sure which type of cathead supporters I should use, Renommee or Comete style?
  20. Whoa...oh my... *speechless* This is probably one of the best models of a wooden ship I´ve ever seen, great work and outstanding attention to detail!
  21. And the work goes on: close up of the planking (treenails and vertical chaulking not added yet): Regards, Stephan
  22. Thanks, igor, much appreciated. The figurhead looks amazing, you´re a sculptris artist
  23. Looks great, igorcap Any chance for close-up of the figurehead and wreaths?
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