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  1. Thank you for traverse board. My dictionary only gives dog-hook which couldn't be right in this context. Interesting to read mtaylor's and Dr PR's first-hand experience of the second board.
  2. Would any forum members know the English names of these objects? The one with the compass rose is called a "renard de navigation" in French and was used to keep track of a ship's route. Whoever was on watch would place a peg in a hole in the section for the corresponding direction. The pegs on strings were used to record speed. The brass (?) board is a "renard de présence" and records which officers are on board. "Renard" means fox. Apparently the "renard de navigation" resembles an old board game called "The fox and the chickens". Thank you.
  3. I wouldn't have been as helpful as G. Delacroix!
  4. Thanks to everyone for the hellos and the links. Have to say I'm amazed by the work you guys (and gals?) do!
  5. Very sorry to arrive "after the battle" and pleased you were able to solve the mystery. I will set my profile to receive PMs. I'll be happy to help with French terms whenever I can.
  6. Hello to all on the forum. I'm a new user, living in Paris, France though originally from England. I'm a translator and am hoping it will be OK for me to ask some questions regarding model-making terminology. Best regards, Sandra
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