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  1. Very nice work you have created! To me your model looks as the real deal! Man, you are doing well!!! John
  2. As always good man Mark, I thank you so very much!!! You are a continual source of inspiration and creativity for me! Thank you!
  3. Hey folks! I was wondering if paper model ships are a legitimate source of interest to anyone as I am planning on giving this a try. Meticulous work so I am not very certain as to what I’m getting into but to me they are quite impressive! Has anyone ever crafted one? I like the idea how clean they look in appearance! Unique creativity and craftsmanship. Please let me know. Thank you. 


  4. Well friends my build is slowly sitting aside for now. One thing I will mention is my greatest ambition aside from modeling is 2D and 3D CAD design of famous boats, yachts, and ships. I am working on a design for a Venice Gondola Venitienne. Tough work on the body section but my profile and half breadths are looking well enough to work with. Can anyone assist and advise the body section or is this allowed to even ask??? If so I can post what I have and be assisted. Looking forward to advice. Then back on the Lifeboat. Thank you dearly friends!!! John
  5. What a beautiful work of art, design, and engineering you are crafting! Your build thus far is awesome! Congrats! John
  6. This model will be static for sure! I have plans for the next model, just have not decided the vessel I will build. Interested in 19th century paddle warships of Admiral Perry’s era.
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