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  1. Likewise, I want to give big kudos to Jack for his carving set. I received it today and I’m just blown away by the detail and quality…. Pictures really don’t do it justice; they need to be seen in person to be fully appreciated! Anyway, thank you Jack and Chuck for all your effort with this project! -Waldemar
  2. Thanks Jeff…. I’ve been involved with many other hobbies, which helps, but I wouldn’t even attempt this project if it wasn’t for all the great examples provided by so many experienced builders in their build logs.
  3. I’m using couple of right-angle steel plates to make sure the bulkheads are parallel to the keel. Also, since some of the plywood bulkheads are a little warped, I decided to glue some square reinforcement pieces between the bulkheads. This should also add quite a bit off rigidity for the fairing process.
  4. With the keel glued up and bulkheads cut out and sanded its time to start the main build.
  5. I have Proxxon mini tablesaw that I’m quite content with. I’m able to achieve accurate cuts and with its variable speed settings, it’s proving to be a very useful disk sander. To accomplish that, I’m using the 80-tooth blade with required blade adapter and a self-adhesive sanding disk.
  6. I’m using Alaskan Cedar for my build. I’ve cut out the keel and bulkhead pieces and will gluing them up them up on piece of MDF board, covered by 1/4” plexiglass on top with the plan sandwiched in the middle.
  7. I’m still working on finishing my first wooden model ship, so I was hesitant to undertake such an ambitious project as this. However, seeing the great mentorship that Chuck and others have been providing, I figured I couldn’t pass up on such a great learning opportunity. Anyway, I don’t anticipate my work to be anywhere near the level of some of the master builders on here but if in the end, I end up with a ship that looks the part of a Frigate, I will be quite content. Needles to say, any and all constructive comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Cheers, -Walde
  8. Hi Jack, I indeed have purchased the Winchelsea plans, sub-kit,etc., and will be starting the build log soon. Please let me know your PayPal address when the boxwood carving set is ready. Thanks, -Waldemar
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