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  1. The fitting of the seat and rear bulkhead to the rest of the cockpit gave me another small setback! Just as I thought it had all gone far too easy, there was a ping and the joystick went flying out, after a fruitless search, I decided to make one from some wire and a piece of sprue. With the replacement piece fitted, I gave the whole thing a trial run in the fuselage 😰 😊☺I'm calling it a success! The gaps will close up a touch more, and a bit of filler will make good any discrepancies. The wing assembly also fits albeit with a slight gap, but again friend filler will help out. next time it's glue it all together and give the bodywork and coat of primer. Thank you for visiting and commenting, and also for the likes 👍 Cheers
  2. Needle In A Haystack -The Velvelettes
  3. But it is fun, if frustrating at times, and it keeps me occupied 😁😊 Thanks to all for the nice comments😉
  4. Thanks for the tips gents, the flash was on auto🙄. The rest of the troops have been primed, tunics and trousers painted and highlighted, also the skin parts have had one coat. those pesky allies have sewn bear traps everywhere 😁 thanks for your interest and 👍. Cheers Edit : No flash this time😊
  5. Well the seat belts that have been causing me grief have finally capitulated 😅 as can be seen the lower left belt on the back has no detail on it, this is a homemade replacement because the original part went MIA. It may be quite a while before I dip my toes in P/E again🤪😂 Thanks for all the likes, comments and just calling by. Cheers
  6. I decided to start painting the figures to have break from getting the F4U-1A cockpit to fit! thefirst guinea pig, poor fellow drew the short straw for letting me practice. It's been a few years since I painted any figures! Thanks for looking in. Cheers
  7. "Steady now, my lads, let's show them frenchies what we're made of!" Very nice OC!
  8. I still do it to the Admiral or grandkids even though we wear seat belts 🙄
  9. Thanks EG for your faith in my dubious bashing skills, did I mention this is my first major foray into detailed add-ons🙄🤭 Yes the Black Box cockpit is very nice, but I could not find one within a reasonable budget for the life of me at the time!😔 I've been doing some serious sanding and thinning of both fuselage and cockpit tub😊, I'm nearly there with an acceptable fit and putty/filler is on standby! As I'm still wrestling with the P/E seat belts with my eyes going crossed after 10 minutes. That's another advantage of the Black Box offering, it's all resin parts, no curse inducing photoetch😃
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