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  1. The Power Of The Heart - Peter Gabriel
  2. Are you still planning to have a Borlase Warren figure? I got quite excited as he was born just five miles from where I live and is quite a celebrated fella in Nottingham, England
  3. and welcome to MSW. Very nice models! Looking forward to the next and your build log.
  4. Now I know I said no aftermarket.... well, just been doing a bit of googling and the Aries cockpit looks too good not to have😬😇😊 . Welcome gentlemen, I imagine the popcorn is on its way, Enjoy!!
  5. I picked this up just before our second lockdown. Being a plane from the WW2 Pacific Campaign I couldn't resist. I'm doing it straight out of the box, with no aftermarket. So far I've only just began painting the parts that can be done whilst still on the sprues. I'll get some photos when I start gluing it together.
  6. Not only that but they have to knead you first! Our long deceased cat used to love lying on my chest while I was asleep, a cats face inches from yours when waking up in the night is very disconcerting.
  7. They look the business OC 😉 You'd be lucky to find a table like that one without some serious cash outlay🤔🧐 It'd be fine Mark pushed up to the farmyard wall 😉
  8. I liked the film, gonna have to read the book now!
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