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  1. It's on hold for summer, as there's far too many distractions and Admiralty tasks to be completed, leaving no time for the shipyard☹😉
  2. Most definitely an excellent and detailed build log for an equally excellent model,an absolute joy to follow! Between you and @glbarlow I think everything needed to know has been discussed, tried and tweaked, before being used to great effect. Thank you Derek.
  3. I've not gave up on this, just not had the time or inclination to sit inside, too many distractions, I'll be back when the weather turns. Many thanks for watching 😉 Cheers
  4. The WC could just be a nightstand type of a arrangement, chamber pot, bowl and water ewer, my thoughts 🤔😉
  5. I'm watching you with much interest and waiting to see the internal works😉 You've done great so far OC, the farmhouse roof is very realistic in appearance, but then I've come to expect nothing less from you!😊😉
  6. Caravan Of Love - The Housemartins
  7. Rambling Gambling Willie - Bob Dylan
  8. Good looking ship Sam, your planking and decking are a beautiful colour, positively glowing 😉
  9. I would be surprised if the doors were still in position after the troops occupying the farm were there through the night😉😏 you know what soldiers are like, food and hot tea!!! Just a thought?? The brickwork looks very realistic! You certainly have an aptitude for detail painting OC.
  10. You might also try a very fine sand mixed in the paint for the whitewash, as it will add texture to the stucco parts. I'm sure that you'll do wonders with this farm and it will complement your skillfully painted troops perfectly 😉😀
  11. Great work Glenn, I'm eagerly awaiting the final photoshoot😉 Your Cheerful looks stupendous! Beautiful execution of a well designed model
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