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  1. @glbarlowI did think about ordering some, but then thought why not have a go at making them. Also on the list to try making are cannon barrels, I'll attempt casting my own and when I finally get round to purchasing a Syren Ropewalk, I'll try my hand at rope making. In the meantime a couple of spare hours and a break from block production, I made some of the gun carriage cheeks. Thank you for all your input/advice or just plain interest, it keeps me going. Also thanks for the likes. Cheers 😉
  2. I've not forgotten about this, just struggling to find the time. Thanks for hanging in there🙂
  3. I did too. So really good news you're on the mend. The planks (pear?) look pretty good. I imagine it will be a bit more difficult moving down the hull as I believe French ships had a more pronounced tumblehome? Looking forward to more updates😉
  4. For what it's worth I think you made the right choice, making everything yourself, the sense of achievement is worth the pain of the gone wrongs and try agains! Cheerful is really looking the business and as always a great informative log.
  5. I second this statement, work of art? yes, and we were extremely privileged to watch it come to fruition from the first foundation stone to the last coping stone🙂🙂
  6. Hello and welcome to MSW, you've made a good start. If you haven't already, I'd advise you to start a build log, you will find there will be plenty of people ready with advice to help with problems and difficulties. Above all have fun 😉
  7. I'm in Craig, I'm sure you'll do your usual brilliant magic!
  8. Thank you Derek, as it happens I've just had a couple of hours doing just that, with a grand total of 5 blocks. Once I got into a rhythm I found it quite calming, but I think 5 at a time is maybe my limit as the ends of my fingers are thinner 😁
  9. Bienvenue to MSW Mic, I look forward to seeing a build log for whichever one you choose, bonne chance!!
  10. A very nice model Craig, the dark blue gloss finish looks perfect with the chrome!
  11. Welcome to MSW Jas! All great advice above, so have fun 🙂
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