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  1. I used a dot of super glue and a pair of clamps for each one and just let them sit for a while. Tey turned out pretty good I think. I was planning on making the U shaped brackets but I'm terrible at soldering so I took the easy way out.
  2. Finally got around to doing a little more work. I got the chain plates installed and the hammock rails. Bowsprit is in the works too.
  3. So with the rebirth of the site I have a new motivation to post my build log instead of just stalking everyone else's. I moved on to wood ships after branching out from plastic ones and got hooked. Since then Ive build the Phantom and the MS Mayflower. The Mayflower as well as Chuck's amazing practicum helped me learn a lot of techniques. And that brings us to...the Niagara! Im mostly done the prerigging stuff and am looking forward to making all the masts. I decided to make the cannon/carronades run out but ropes stored. I also decided to spend half a millennium making all the tackle for
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